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An Honest Mistake

They don't mean a thing to you
They move right through you
Just like your breath
But sometimes
I still think of you
And I just wanted to
Just wanted you to know
My old friend. ...



Oh Angelina
You are the sun and the moon
Every song I ever sang, I stole it from you
I knew that nothing could tear us apart, I never even gave it a second thought
I was so sure and I was wr ...


Bad Sun

We are lies like the summertime
Like the spring we are such fools
Like fall we are the prophets
Like winter we are cruel

I don't know what's wrong with us
They just made us this way
Th ...



The faces all around me they don't smile they just crack
Waiting for our ship to come but our ships not coming back
We do have time like pennies in a jar
What are we saving for [x2]

There' ...


Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear

Every word from your mouth is a knife in my ear
Every thought in your head is like poison to hear

Like a snake in a suit spitting into the air
With a tongue like a needle and we're shot full ...



Too many fingers, too many thumbs
Something wicked this way comes
The best time I've ever had
Waiting around for something bad
Fearless, fearless, ohh
And I know that's why you love me
F ...


Fistful Of Sand

Every morning I wake up and you are home
But in your eyes I see that I'm alone
You've left me with your body in my arms
But I can't feel you anymore - You are gone

I can touch your skin bu ...


Give In

All I want is everything
Everything that I'll ever be
Everyone that's coming for me
Nothing happens and everything is changed
All I want is everything to stay the same

Will you give in? ...


No Brakes

No brakes this time
I slit the line
But if you want me, it's cool
You can take me for a fool
I could slow down if you want me to
But just for you, just for you, just for you...

Carry m ...


Out Of Line

It's sweet Eliza
Remember me
I'm a liar
But not a cheat, no...
I think it's safe to say
That I got carried away
Eliza, it's fooling anyone

Forgive me if I'm out of line
I can't con ...


Public Service Announcement

All this time I should have known
One of these days you'd follow me home
Mess up my room and proceed to tempt me
And no matter how good I am you learn to resent me

Stop, drop a ...


Rites Of Spring

You’re the women who made me a man
I was down you taught me to stand

I was made up of nothing
You put something inside
You opened my chest
And put that hurt in my eyes
Now I’ve got pai ...


Swollen Summer

Downtown in the shade
Staring at the sunshine in my face
Telling me to come and hide, come and play
I'm telling you the sun never goes away
And all i do is talk, talk, talk all day
I'm lau ...


The Ocean

I climbed up a mountain, and looked off the edge
And all of the lies that I never have led
Is one where I stayed with you, accross the sea
I wonder do you still think of me
I carry your imag ...


The Ring Song

Me and the ocean
Me and the sea
I don't think so
I don't think it was meant to be
Take me off, somewhere cold
Gradually just growing old
And someday maybe make of me an honest man

Ye ...


This Is Not The End

Tell me
Come on tell me what you can
Even as you wait for death your wiser than I am
Tell me what does it mean to exist
I am not a scientist I must believe there's more to this
And I can n ...


Time Won't Let Me Go

Whenever I look back
On the best days of my life
I think I saw them all on T.V.
I am so homesick now for
Someone that I never knew
I am so homesick now for
Someplace I will never be



Tragedy Bound

Tragedy Bound
Looking for clues
I'm starting to suspect she likes abuse
I'm starting to feel like she doesn't feel
Is there anybody in there?

Tragedy Bound
She is a mess
Her daddy wa ...



Everytime you come around
There's a bouquet for me
A corsage of promises
And I am pinned
Like a butterfly on a card
I'm naked and I'm scarred
And you're so perfect to me

Violent ties ...



I've spent my whole life surrounded
and I've spent my whole life alone
I wonder why I never wonder why
The easiest things are so hard
I just want, I just want love
I just want, I just want ...


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