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Beneath The Banner Of The Unholy Satan's Cult

To thirteen nights, i have exorcised my rites, layed a thornwreath on a dust of
Soon the fullmoon's dreariest hours prevail and the seven bridges from the
hellaraised storm,
appearance ...


Black Atmospheric Madness

I raise the chalice abode of the dead.
I'm susceptible to grimness upon the throne of odium.
Black starlighted imperio...
decorated by tears of angels and unholy victory.
Appearances through my ...


Black Harmony

I once walked in shadowland. I heard the howls of a hundred wolves,
how they sung with severed forgotten winds, the shivering twilight anthem.
A rising strom, i first thought, but the caves of dif ...



Inconsistent ideals tend to choke on their vanity, god-given laws to corrupt
our sanity.
Fuck your values, and fuck your salvation, i laugh at inri and cherish

In the evershadowed ...


Chaotic Profane Phenomena

It's time to raise and exorcise the hater of jesus christ.
To punish, to rape, to demolish, there has begun extreme aggression,
to fuck, to breed, to extol the icon of destruction.

Meet thy pe ...


Crimson Halls Of Blood

Eclipse is a key to damnation, darkened domain of evil foundation.
May the vigour of demonic primordial forces reborn on behalf of Satan's

The gates will unfold when the shadows with ...


Crushing Defeat Of The Triune Godhead

I am the broken heart of god, non-desirable child in the masquerade of holy
Proclaimer of the grimmest infernal ontogeny,
so take a step forward into my bacchanal feast,
'cos now im your g ...


Dance In The Air

Mental breakdown
Head explodes
Inner tragedies – inner holes
Hour after hour, day after day
There's nothing left...only reek of misery

On the wide path that leads to hell
You feel your torp ...


Decay Of Christian Empire

Inhuman, mortal incarnate of holy disease
Lethal, venomous smooth spoken psychopathic
Prostitute of the shady and sham neurotic promise
Croaking on your stage of wicked lunacy

With a twisted ...



Only such self-righteous species
Could elevate itself above the beast
While itself without senses nor reason
Functioning with deteriorated remains
Strong in its arrogance
Yet feeble just the sa ...


Devil Messiah

Deep beneath the sun you lie, you are embraced by darksome night.
Here we come to call thy spirit forth.

Let thy presence breathe through me, beget the spawn in sanquine blasphemy.
We perpetua ...


Divinity Under Will

Heads down for the coming apocalypse
The end to impurity spread through the ages
Unveil your fear in the wake of his wrath
Who moves the earth as you lie still
Yes; there I am; one in the crowd


Enthroned By Antichrist

Darkness, plagues and torment.
The shadows of my death, reflect from the chalice of blood...so abyssal.

Gaze through the cursing solution.
Be drift to the enchanting extremeties.
Enter the he ...


Envenomed Suicide Angels

Shades of blackened wings be outlined against remnants of the sun.
And the moon in a silvering blaze arrive with infernal gales.

We are gathered, demonically summoned, by the rites of sacrilegiou ...



The day of eclipse
Brought by baptism of fire
Rebirth of future
Falls from the skies


Reorganizing life
With withering conscience
Throbbing along the heartbeat
Of those feeling ab ...


Glamorama Demystified

'Tis devoured black and white all grey
The miasma of life is clear
As those last flowers wither away
And the faceless man bear the mask of fear...Fear...fear...

Silence once again divided the ...


Heretic Hunt

Hear and listen!
You who sermon on purity
But stand a spectrum away from it
Your trees of false knowledge
Strike root in hearts no more

From analogies you drew religion
From paradoxes you d ...


Human Weed

In the garden of hollow minds
In the cradle of shit
On the land of the hypocrite
In the nest of the sick

Breathing life, taking space
Spreading their rotten seed
Increasing their number in ...


In The Shape Of A Demon

Saviour weak, sanqulnary beneath the hellish mock.
My heart gain strength by the memory of thy agony, distress.
With heaven's plague thou are deceased, with blood of thorns thou are greased,

B ...


Insidious Dream Of Inhuman Fear

Carrion the altar, in the temple of reformer.
Guts of offering...Satan has worshipped in order.
Ancient way to raise the force of evil,
goddamned desecration to ecoke the Devil.

Beware the se ...


Legacy Of Saints In Disguise

One consumed the enlightment from the ground
Others created sensation from mind unbound
Sane turned to saint in delusion
Tuned in with mass hypnosis
Light speed divinity rises from the soil
A r ...


Lost In Reflection

Mirror, tell me why I cannot see
Where is the unjustice, the disharmony
The wrath that burns and twists me
The agony that pulls and makes me bleed

Pain, make me alive
Take me to the last lin ...


Nox Diaboli

Flames – shall feast with your holy flesh
Angels – my angels of envenomed suicide
Dance – and scream under my immortal bless
Sheeps – you shall face your genocide
Beneath the shadow of my Master ...


Of Suns And Flames

The black sheep of cosmology, awake!
From your slumber of molten years
Swollen are thy eyes of hate
Of suns and flames and desert airs

See the hideous beauties in this world
All withering li ...


Parasites Of Submission

Mentally deficient parasites, carrying out a mission
Plagued by a voice, by a world unseen
But your cross, your submission
Far too heavy for any man

How fragile are your convictions
If they ...


Phantasmal Paranoia

When the sun won't shine on you
They are inside you, intoxicating
Bringing the deal from the devil
Your soul will be sold tonight

Drifting at the interstellar oceans
Laconic voice speaking a ...


Prisoner Of Pain

No longer I can take the blame
For the things you've made
No longer I can hide the hate
Now I'll confront my fate
Your words of understanding
How you are forgiving
You say your god is healing



Reveal, whose name we summon in dark.
Stir up the nocturnal dominions, under the ghostly fullmoon.
Persecute the sleeps of thee which decline to confess, the hypocrisy in their

Come f ...


Satanic Ages Overture

Darkness has fallen, burnt the sign to holy flesh.
Denominations of whiteness and sanctuaries will wither away.
The cross shall no longer be in high standing supremacy.
We rise from beneath the n ...



I stand on the shadow of demoralizing cross,
divergent is my path to cryptic beyond dimensions.
My soul was created to deeper values...not to bounding extolled.

I wade in stranger waters, guid ...



A scream-like laughter echoes in your head
As the cross-eyed dancers are capering
They flash by you with twisted smiles
Spinning around in odour, warm, repulsive, sickening

Been following thi ...


Soulless And Broken

You, beacon of sanctimonious righteousness, consolation prize for vulnerable
Primordial vengeance you shall feel, at the end of your days.
The only warmth will be hellfire's sweet blaze.


Symphony Of Infernality

This is the night when the rotting heaven will die.
Demons with the storm arrive frm the winds of fire.
Beyond description is the spreading of cruelty and fear,
Open as my veins are the seven gat ...


The Symptomatic

Sacred absurdities stumble down the catwalk
Silky fabrics of fraud conceal the ugliness
Their sanctity is fiction, their milk is poison
And still admiration weighs upon their shoulders

Never ...


Thy World Inverted

The scissors of sinful lust clip the angelic wings, all the grievance of the
past now culminates.
Rejected is the rotten fruit in the heavenly gardens, and praised are the names
of the fallen one ...



It is time to break down the pedestal of self-denial
You've placed yourselves
Step down from your high ideals
To confront the scum and common within
Keep god close while keeping your distance
R ...


Travesty Of Heavenly Essence

A degrading reflection woken alive
A gruesome portrait of deranged psyches
Granted with possession over its masterminds
Men with broken identities Reconciled

Out of balance yet no resistance


Truth Revealed

Shivering shadow of a man
You'll tumble down, I swear
Avert those bloodshot eyes
Disagreeable and scared
In the depths of your mind
Bound to come through
Something so wrong, won't last for lon ...


Words Of The Prophet

I readthe signs from the eyes of the dead, and saw the seed of still-born
I heard the future from the realms of hell, the symphonies burdened with sorrow.

There would be a Messiah, n ...


Words Of The Prophet

I readthe signs from the eyes of the dead, and saw the seed of still-born tomorrow.

I heard the future from the realms of hell, the symphonies burdened with sorrow.

There would be a ...


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