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A Deeper Shade of Blue

Walking 'round my floor Lord, and watching out my door

Wondering what am I to do

Crying on my pillow weeping like a willow

Looking at a deeper shade of blue.


This ain't the ...

Дел Маккури

Asheville Turnaround

I've been burning up the blacktop
I've been wearin' out these tires
I've got a rebuilt carburetor
I've got brand new spark plug wires
I've been clutchin and a brakin
I've been up these hills and ...

Дел Маккури

Big O' Moon

Elf: woooo somebody done been to the Walmart

Jeff: Man this is just the stuff i got for Christmas

Elf: Well you cleaned up watcha get?

Jeff: 5 flannel shirts, 4 big mud tires, 3 shot gun shel ...

Дел Маккури

Blown Away And Gone

It seems I'm always lookin' for something I can't find
Love that's true and lasting to ease my troubled mind
Just when I think I found it and new light starts to dawn
Darkness closes in and love is ...

Дел Маккури

Carrie Brown

The first time I saw Carrie Brown
She was so young and fair
A voice like spring rain fallin' down and sunlight in her hair
I'd never seen her face before so I asked all around
Her daddy owns a ...

Дел Маккури

Cheek to Cheek with the Blues

Oh the blues came early this morning

My baby has gone without warning

Now I've got nothing left to lose

Cause I'm cheek to cheek with the blues

Big old steel wall where she lay

And ...

Дел Маккури

Cold Cheater's Heart

It's an old familiar story of a boy and a girl

And a love that went wrong from the start

How Bobby he loved Mary and she thought she loved him

But she found she had a cold cheater's heart


Дел Маккури

Dry My Tears And Move On

If you don't want me
I'll dry my tears and move on
If you don't want me
I'll dry my tears and move on
You treated me just good enough until now
But if you're tired of me
I'll get over you someho ...

Дел Маккури

Eyes That Won't Meet Mine

They say a picture's worth a thousand words
Tonight your silence speaks a thousand pictures
I won't say that you lied to me
We all lie to ourselves, I don't give lectures

Just look at m ...

Дел Маккури

Fathers And Sons

My father had so much to tell me
Things he said I had to know
Don't make my mistakes
There are rules you can't break
But I had to find out on my own

Now when I look at my own sons
I can see wh ...

Дел Маккури

Fire And The Flame

With a throw and a roll
It could take control
And gamble us away
Following the fool
We're sliding in the groove
And I expect that's
Where we'll stay

I'm telling you
It's not a game

Дел Маккури

Henry Walker

We're seeking information
About a man who's living here
His name is Henry Walker
Now don't you fret and fear
His crime is cold blood murder
He's wanted by the law
We'll take him back to face his ...

Дел Маккури

High on a Mountain

As I looked at the valleys down below

They were green just as far as I could see.

As my memory returned, oh how my heart did yearn

for you and the day that used to be.


Дел Маккури

How Long Blues

Long ol' train cruel engineer
They took my baby and left me here
And how long will I keep these lonesome blues

How long how long
Has that evening train been gone
How long how long baby how long ...

Дел Маккури

I Can Hear The Angels Singing

I can hear the angels singing
As I walk this rocky road
While my thoughts
Are all of heaven
And my Savior's Blessed Abode

Oh I can hear the angels singing
I can hear my Savior's voice ...

Дел Маккури

I Never Knew Life

Searching this world for the meaning of life
I opened up an old bible one night
The Word of God moved me to my knees to pray
I stood up a new man the old me had passed away

I never new ...

Дел Маккури

I Still Carry You Around

Sweetheart last night i dreamed of you
You loved me like you used to do
Mornin' come and i woke up and found
I still carry you around

I still carry you around
Everywhere i travel now

Дел Маккури

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

Tonight I'm sad my heart is weary
Wondering if I'm wrong or right
To think about you though you left me
I wonder where you are tonight

The rain is cold and slowly falling
Upon my window pane ...

Дел Маккури

I'll Pretend It's Raining

It don't mean that you're a baby

Cause you cry once in a while

Many time when someone's smiling

There's a tear behind the smile

I'll pretend that all my teardrops

Are just raindrops ...

Дел Маккури

I'm Afraid I Forgot The Feeling

I never thought the day
Would ever come around
When you would do me wrong
And let me down
Now your old memory
Is all that I'm tied to
I'm afraid I forgot the feeling
That I have for you

Chor ...

Дел Маккури

If Here Is Where You Are

Nobody stays in one place very long
They say hello, next thing you know they're gone
Way back in the good old days, folks used to take their time
These days it seems to me
They drop by so they can ...

Дел Маккури

It's Just The Night

Daylight fades the evening darkness falls
Tree's look just creatures
In shadows on the wall
I can see how it might scare
A woman who's out alone
Don't you worry none
Cause I'd walk you home

C ...

Дел Маккури

Keep Her While She's There

Well I learned a long long time ago
That a woman's kind of strange
As long as you tell her the truth
She'll give you anything
But if you break her heart tear it apart
She'll set your world on fir ...

Дел Маккури

Let An Old Racehorse Run

You know I don't do you wrong girl
When I go out sometimes
I'm just looking for answers
I know I ain't gonna find
I just feel like I'm drowning
In this whole crazy scene
I don't want my freedom

Дел Маккури

Lonely Side Of Love

I've been walking on the road
Just taking my poor soul
On path I can't go around
Now since you've walked away
I'm on this ol highway
Every day and I'm sorrow bound

Walking on the lonely side o ...

Дел Маккури

Lonesome Road Blues

I'm going down this road feeling bad
I'm going down this road feeling bad
I'm going down this road feeling bad, lord, lord
And I ain't a-gonna be treated this a-way

I'm down in the jailhouse on ...

Дел Маккури

Long, Lonesome Highway Blues

Bound down that long, lonesome highway just as far as I can go
Til I outrun your memory
I can't go home cause I can't face another day alone
Now that you're gone this ain't no place for me
I w ...

Дел Маккури

Man Can't Live On Bread Alone

The Dow Jones took a dive today
Another bank closes it's doors
A man downtown tried to fly away
From it all on the eighteenth floor
And everything he worshipped
Ain't worth nothing now

He had ...

Дел Маккури

Mill Towns

Heard a voice call down
From the lonesome north
Singin' songs of the work and worth
Hard edged stories from
The hard rock towns
I can picture Saturday night
Tires squealin' from the main street ...

Дел Маккури

Mountain Song

Way up on the mountain
In the sweet southern air
Is where I seem to lose loads I have to bear
Silence of the snow fall and the peacefulness around
I feel so blessed with all that I have found
I f ...

Дел Маккури

My Love Will Not Change

Well, the seasons come
And the Seasons go
And the reason you left
Guess I'll never know
There will ee others yes
I know it's true
But they won't do you
Like I did for your

My love w ...

Дел Маккури

Never Grow Up Boy

I ain't seen 18 in a long time
I ain't seen my baby for a while
But I'll be home by Monday mornin'
After I drive 200 miles

I make my living with a guitar
My job is standing on a stage
I played ...

Дел Маккури

Nothin' Special

You've heard a life of luxury is every girl's dream
Lookin' for a millionaire to build her self esteem
But my interest don't fall in monetary desires
Just a steady dose of passion baby's all I requ ...

Дел Маккури

Old Memories Mean Nothing To Me

Old memories mean nothing to me
They've all gone away from me now
I'm alone in the night it's plain to see
And old memories mean nothing to me

It's the day that I'm thinkin' of
I've forgotten y ...

Дел Маккури

Outlaw's Honeymoon

Come on pretty baby won't you take me by the hand
I thought maybe that I could be your man
And for a while (unknown) we could go in style
Come on we're goin' on an outlaw's honeymoon

I gotta ...

Дел Маккури


I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys
This ain't never been my home
Sometimes the road was rocky long the way, boys
But I was never travelin' alone

We'll meet again on some bright highway

Дел Маккури

Queen Anne's Lace

With every golden curl in place, she's as fine as Queen Anne's lace

And know one could ever fault the way she looks tonight

The man standing by her side shows her off with such eager pride

Se ...

Дел Маккури

Rain & Snow

I married me a wife, she give me trouble all my life
Left me out in the cold rain and snow.

Rain and snow, ooh oh lord
Left me out in the cold rain and snow

She came down the stairs, combing b ...

Дел Маккури

Same Kind Of Crazy

Did you ever meet somebody
That likes all the same things you do
Somebody who can make you
Or break you anytime they want to
I met her at a red light
Love at first sight can this be true
She's g ...

Дел Маккури

She Can't Burn Me Now

I saw her at her table
I was able to look her in the eye
She is dynamite
But I refuse to light the fuse I walk on by
Stronger I no longer call her name
I'm over her somehow
She's the flame I use ...

Дел Маккури

Son of a Ramblin' Man

Have you ever had a thing for a woman
A thing that makes you lose your mind?
Every time I start to think about her
Sends shivers up and down my spine

My daddy was a bit of a rounder
Said these ...

Дел Маккури

Texas Eagle

My Grandaddy was a railroad man
When I was young he took me by the hand
Dragged me to the station at the break of dawn
Said 'boy I got to show you somethin' 'fore it's gone'
She was blue and ...

Дел Маккури

The Bluegrass Country

Lord I'm lonesome for Kentucky
Dixie's darlin', my pride and joy
Yeah I'm lonesome for the bluegrass country
Cause I'm a bluegrass country boy

I see those blue misty mountains in the moonlight

Дел Маккури

The Graveyard Shift

I work the graveyard shift - stay up all night long
You'll wake up someday
And find your good gal gone
If you don't treat your baby right
She'll come see me
Some lonely night

When the su ...

Дел Маккури

The Mountain

I was born on this mountain a long time ago
Before they knocked down the timber and strip-mined the coal
When you rose in the mornin' before it was light
To go down in that dark hole and come back ...

Дел Маккури

Two-Faced Love

Two-faced love, that makes me doubt my mind
Two-faced love, that keeps me paralyzed
Two-faced love, I pace the room at night
Why can't I get you off my mind

Oh I try to dull my feelings down
In ...

Дел Маккури


I never let love come too near me
I sleep all alone in the dark
The truth is I'm runnin' from the fire
That's scorching the dry wood of my heart

Can you hear the thunder in the distance ...

Дел Маккури

Waste Of Good Corn Liquor

I have lost my blue-eyed darling, Now I sit with a broken heart By my cabin in the Carolina hills

Oh I loved a shiner's daughter Loved her true with all my heart Till she fell into her pappy's lik ...

Дел Маккури

When Fall's Comin' Down

Robins have left for the winter
The leaves on the trees are all down
Frost on the window this morning
And the grass in the field is all brown
Well it's been a year since you left me
It seems like ...

Дел Маккури

When It Stops Hurtin'

Well I've seen broken hearts before
And I can tell by lookin' at you
Some sweet little mama took you for a ride and left you standing on the avenue
You suddenly discovered that first time lovers
A ...

Дел Маккури

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

I was standing by my window
On one cold and cloudy day
When I saw that hearse come rolling
For to carry my mother away

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, Lord, by and by
There's a better h ...

Дел Маккури

Zero To Love

Ain't it just my luck
Seen the last mile
In that old truck
Burned more oil than gas anyway
As far as I could see
Was cornfields and golden leaves
And to top it off
The skies were grey

Дел Маккури

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