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Act Right

I'm going, going back, back to the Bay
Rest in peace Mac Dre, all I do is talk yay

In the club got them bottles on replay
Tryina break a record like a DJ
That's a hundred fifty bottles in on ...

Йо Готти

After I Fuck Ya Bitch - (Remix)

After I fuck your bitch
Then I'mma tell you bout it
If you a trick ass nigga
You'll be fuck up about it
I hope you don't start
No fuckin' beef about it
Or I'll take her name and ...

Йо Готти


I am
As it is this street classic nigga

Streets talk
Reason to doubt a nigga
Reason to doubt a nigga, uh
Reason to doubt a nigga
Uh, reason to add a nigga
Reason to clap a nigga

Li ...

Йо Готти

Cold Blood

Started from the ground
Building to the sky now
Watch it fall down
How you gon' survive now?
Yeah, it's cold blood in a nigga
The streets left no love in a nigga

No love in a nig ...

Йо Готти


They compare me to the rappers out the south
Who outdated other ones who had a couple hits, but barely even made it.
When they doubt me and they out me, make me stronger, make me face it,
But I ...

Йо Готти

Disqualified ft. Wale

You disqualified Shawty, you disqualified
You disqualified Shawty, you disqualified
Straight thirst, you disqualified
Fake purse, you disqualified
Damn you friend chloe, the magic got it hard

Йо Готти

Full Time

[Yo Gotti]
You niggaz over there part time grindin and shinin and shit
This ya boy Yo Gotti yea
Get ya motherfuckin weight up sucker
Real hustler's don't need no sleep

[Chorus x3]
I'm a ...

Йо Готти

Gangsta Party

(Come on and get up...oh...party...yeah) *Repeated in background throughout song*

[Yo Gotti speaking with ad-libs]
This ya boy Yo Gotti
Street Tunes Productions
We gon' ask everybody to stan ...

Йо Готти

Go Girl

[Hook]Go girl, a go girl
Top notch?
She go go live
She go go silly yo
I tell her bring it back
She go go get it
She a go girl, a go girl
All night putting on a show girl
She go go live ...

Йо Готти


I pull up in my cutlass hat cocked handling business
Fresh up out of court and I'm right back on my grizzly
I be on my grizzly, I be on my grizzly
Ball like the playoffs Aston Martin take off, t ...

Йо Готти

Harder feat Rick Ross

I'm hard, i'ma hard hard

Ok the beat go hard but i go hard
I can bow drug dealer but i'm smart
..i don't lose i could all of charge
But them bitches make the ..look in my heart
King of my ...

Йо Готти

Have Mercy

Have mercy on me, put curses on me
Them niggas in the hood, they ain't working without me
I'm yo to the g, tt to the dot
Paranoiac, schizophrenic, you move, you getting shot
It's just a differ ...

Йо Готти

Hustling All My Life

I been hustlin' all my life,
All I know is sell white, (live from the kitchen)
Know is sell white, All I know is sell white. (Yo Gotti! )
Young Blood on the green but I'd rather sell white, (tha ...

Йо Готти

I Got Dem

Already, kno what I'm sayin this Birdman and this how it's goin down, that little youngin Yo Gotti I certifed him stamped approval, you feel me?, Energy or I see like nigga it must be they got us fuck ...

Йо Готти

I Got Them

Already, kno what I'm sayin this Birdman and this how its goin down, that little youngin Yo Gotti I certifed him stamped approval, you feel me?,Energy or i see like nigga it must be they got us fucked ...

Йо Готти

I'on Like Them

The pussy the rappers
I am a real nigger
I ain't like them
Nothing like them

Straight out of... counter pound of weed
... the gun on purple... niggers wanna kill me bang bang
... I am re ...

Йо Готти


Hey hey picture me performing in an orpheon
A... living in the orphenat
What my future home onyl god knows
As while I stay and play it up

Count on me count on me...
Tryin upside d ...

Йо Готти

King Shit

Oh this a hit nigger
With no words only
I got a gold chain
No way did it boy
I'm dream chasing but I ain't fulfill it boy
And she say how you did it boy?
This a hit and Imma make you feel ...

Йо Готти

Lay It Down

Lay it down, lay it down
Get low, lay it down, lay it down
This is a motherfucking stickup right now
Bang bang pow pow!

Lay it down, lay it down
Pussy nigga lay it down, lay it down
This ...

Йо Готти

LeBron James

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Big wheels on my Phantom got me seein crooked
3 birds for a show, nigger gonna book it
I'm LeBron James, you a fuckin rookie
You prolly want a ticket
Imma go and bo ...

Йо Готти

Lets Vibe Remix

Yo Gotti, Pleasure P, lets do it...

Yo Gotti:
Shawty ride or die here for sober or high she know just what to do to help a gangsta get by shawty know I like head she aint trippin at all she go d ...

Йо Готти


[Yo Gotti]
3 - 8 - 1 - 2 - 7
shady vista, segshaw lane
my ghetto game, where it all started for gotti
little summin', running around (?) and naughty
asking for dollars from n ...

Йо Готти

Memphis Walk

We Ain't Blowing On Shyt But That Purp So Get Ya Walk On Nigga Get Ya Walk On [x2]

Blow A Whole Lotta Green Sip A Whole Lotta Purp
Tryna Spend Some Money You Can Hit Me On My Chirp

Йо Готти


Yeah we gettin' money nigga
We gettin' money nigga
We the best
It's DJ Khaled doing that
Big dog Pit Bull, Terror Squad and Yo Gotti
Rick Ross (Ross) Listen...

Take me to Miami tonight ...

Йо Готти

MrTell It

[Chorus: x2]
Mr. Tell It gone do yo thang (do yo thang)
Mr. Tell It present yo game (sent yo game)
Mr. Tell It gone head and squeal (head and squeal)
Can you see that my hoe ain't going
I th ...

Йо Готти

On Da Grind

[Talking: Yo Gotti]

I'm a North Memphis Survivor...Survivor

I'm a North Memphis Survivor...I'm a young nigga, money and power

I'm a North Memphis Survivor...Survivor

I'm a Nort ...

Йо Готти

Pure Cocaine


Pure cocaine, pure cocaine [x2]
All I ever served out in these streets is pure cocaine

[Chorus x2]

[Yo gotti]

Remember me coca'ina you like my best friend,
When I was down ...

Йо Готти

Red White Blue

Red White Blue Lyrics

Columbians, mexicans, even got some word from the dominicans
Americans, they are not free
... shit, my country...
Red, white and blue, red white and blue
Cripple bloo ...

Йо Готти

Respect That You Earn

I call it thirst drop, Shawty, oh!
And you know, theyO
For me personal that feels likeO to respect
I ainit wrong for thinking that as I am wrong for thinking this!

On me to buy you aO but is ...

Йо Готти


[Verse 1]
My home boy rico, fell in love wit kesha
Full time freak bitch part time teacher
Me and kesha cool cuzz I use to fuck tammy
That's her lil sista just moved to miami
Kesha was the d ...

Йо Готти

Sell My Dope

Look here, you know what I mean, I done did alot of
shit in my life, Yo Gotti, street raised street paid...

I'ma sell my dope can't trust no bitch
Pop my wheel break bre ...

Йо Готти


Yea yea mane, this D-Nero mane
Representin them I&E Blockburners mane
Y'all know what time it is mane
Gotta grind before you shine mane
This not a game mane

[Chorus: repeat ...

Йо Готти


Denial, finally my turn
So if you play wit fire you know you gone get burned
My life is in denial, finally my turn
So if you play wit fire, you know you gone get burned
I'm a pimp sla ...

Йо Готти

Sold Out

Pulled up at the show
Half a brick of blow
12 pack of goose, quarter pound of dro
This b*tch is sold out (4x)

We do it for the goons
Sellin' out the club
Fish scale tour
Ain ...

Йо Готти

Standing In The Kitchen

(Intro Music Playing and Gotti humming)
Ay, you know what time it is nigga
Aw yeah, it's cookin' time homeboy

Da Da Da Da Da Da Daa Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da Daa Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da ...

Йо Готти

That's Not Yo B H

...yea this some personal shit here nigga!
I'ma take it there...

You can kiss her, You can hug her
You can tell her that you love her to her face bro'
But that bitch ain ...

Йо Готти

That's What's Up

It's been a long time cumin n'
A lot of dope runnin
Hustling tryna dodge des cases
You niggas been telling n
Da streets been beggin
So I had to go back 2 Da basics (INE)

[Vers ...

Йо Готти

They Don't Want It

Um huh ooo nananna they don't want it with us

[Yo Gotti:]
Record label who nigga I do my own thang cocaine 5 nigga I'm in my own lane
Running round with shooters young niggas they in ...

Йо Готти

Throw Ya Sets Up

Chea..Aye Put One In They Head..2x

This that club shit straight
Thug shit this that beat a nigga ass in the club shit (check(
Jays laced up (check) game faced up (check)
Bang bang nigga nigg ...

Йо Готти

Toss The Bitch

You went and bought that bitch
Flossed that bitch
But you lost that bitch
Cuz we tossed that bitch
Bought that bitch
Flossed that bitch
But you lost that bitch
Cuz we tossed that bitch, ...

Йо Готти


Aye you know im cocaine crazy right ?
These niggas go
White dis , white dat
(quit fucking with me , white everything)
A lil bitch i fuck with talk bout she want white cat .
You know dis my c ...

Йо Готти

Tupac Back

Call it a freestyle right.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Style here ain't free though nigga.
Shit here cost guap.
Ha. Yeeah. Yeeah.
Ay you know who back nigga white on white Phantom nigga. Know wh ...

Йо Готти

U A Gangsta Right?

Since 50 Dropped Wanksta Erbody A Gangsta(This Ya Boy Yo Gotti)
Since 50 Dropped Wanksta Erbody A Gangsta(Gangsta)
Yeah, You Put On Ya Gangsta Image Nigga But You Know You Aint Gangsta(Gangsta)

Йо Готти

U Understand

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I got them choppas you understand
Fuckin' around with us we burn ya block up you understand
Fuck what cha' heard got them birds you understand
Coming shawt with us yeen sca ...

Йо Готти

Women Lie Men Lie

Women Lie, Men Lie
Women Lie, Men Lie
Women Lie, Men Lie
The numbers don't lie

[Yo Gotti:]
Ay, step up in the party and them bad b-tches be on me,
I be sippin on Patro ...

Йо Готти

World War Three

Hook: It's a World War Three, nigga
Fuckin' wit me, nigga
My niggas wit it, wit it, I&E, nigga
World War Three nigga,
Fuckin' wit me, nigga
My niggas wit it, wit it, WB bitch

It's a ...

Йо Готти

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