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Anything You Want To Be


I'm here for you to see it through
And I dont wanna ever hold you down
You feel your high low goodbye
Someday the story's gunna turn around

Say say say
What you want to

Саймон Кертис


Boy Robot
Simon Curtis

There once was a boy
who was made, not created
He wanted to learn
He wanted to indulge his senses,
to understand pain
But most of all,
He wanted to love
For ...

Саймон Кертис


The villains and the heroes are merging
Everything is blurry
Time is standing still
The sky is switching with the ground
My world is turning upside-down
My sense of judgement seems to be com ...

Саймон Кертис

Chip In Your Head

Put a chip in your head
P-put a chip in your head
We oughta put a chip in your head

Put a chip in your
Put a chip in your

Open up your mind up and let me put it in
Piece of heaven got ...

Саймон Кертис


18 years, faced all of our fears
We took on the world together, I caught all of your tears
You told me back then that our love would never end
You li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ied

Hold me like you did bef ...

Саймон Кертис


Here's to all the people who've been trying to keep me down
Got their fingers in my collar trying to turn me all around
I find it so funny to hear how much they hate
Try to push me to the ground ...

Саймон Кертис


You're up against
The people
Trying to
Take back
Your music
Its like a reclamation
You against the heat
You gotta get
In the zone
You gotta
Get in the zone


Саймон Кертис

Don't Wanna Be Alone

Don't Wanna Be Alone
Simon Curtis

They say that love is a game
only played by the dumbest of fools
That the feeling's elusive
and what can you do with a ruse?
They say that wanting a hea ...

Саймон Кертис


All this time I thought you knew, I thought you were aware
Of how much I would do for you, of just how much I care
All this time you sat here thinking that I wouldn't give
Every bit of life of m ...

Саймон Кертис


This is not the way into my heart, into my head
Into my brain, into none of the above
This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me
This spark of black that I seem to love


Саймон Кертис

How To Start A War

I thought we were meant to be
Thought it'd be you and me
Standing together at the end of the world

I guess that's not what you want
I guess that I should just move on
You tell me how am I ...

Саймон Кертис


I'm so tired of people always saying that I'm a good person, 'cause I'm not
It's like, if they could only see what was in my head

Little boy's coming to his own
He's gotta make them big decisi ...

Саймон Кертис


I can't count all the times that I,
I had to say I'm sorry
for wanting something with a few more bits
than my Atari
Don't play a game, boy
they said it would get old
But sometimes boys lik ...

Саймон Кертис

Let's Go Feel The Music

Let's go feel the music
I'm heading to the floor
I'm climbing straight to the top
I'll keep you wanting more
You'll have to beg me to stop
There's not a question of if I'm the king of my cro ...

Саймон Кертис

Pit Of Vipers

I can almost feel the tick like clockwork
Hearing all the voices in my head each time I go
There's a game they play that I'm not part of
Tearing at the weaknesses and all the faults they know


Саймон Кертис

Soul 4 Sale

Come baby listen there's some things you wanna know
But look at about this loveless I know where was gonna go
Until you let a proof now that can try to show me
Other ways to go about it I alread ...

Саймон Кертис


Do you remember the first time that you
Looked up into the night sky with me
I knew foreer I found that with you
When you're not around
All of my stars fall down

Back to when y ...

Саймон Кертис


Stand up, everybody look alive
Say come on, come on, come on we're gonna get it now
Hands up if you're ready for a fight
Say come on, come on, come on we're gonna win it now

I don't need you ...

Саймон Кертис

The Dark

Sometimes I see some things that I shouldn't see;
Simple patterns that are sitting right in front of me
Try to climb ever higher
Try to get to the sky
And though I've been to the clouds
It's ...

Саймон Кертис

The Dark (Featuring Jay-Z)

Sometimes I see some things that I shouldn't see;
simple patterns that are sitting right in front of me
Try to climb ever higher
try to get to the sky
and though I've been to the clouds
it's ...

Саймон Кертис

The Dark 2: Return To The Dark

Told you sometimes I see things that others won't believe
Fold 'em let 'em hit me raise it baby can't you see
That all of it's illusion the conclusion soon will be
So let out your inner animals ...

Саймон Кертис


And so the boy traveled on,
undeterred, upon his quest
For he now knew
that it was not another's love that would make him real
But the love within his own heart
And with that
He knew that ...

Саймон Кертис

Welcome To Hollywood

I felt this time that we had something
You rolled your eyes like it was nothing new
You only think about you
Put your shades on not to show it
Don't pretend that you don't know its true
You ...

Саймон Кертис

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