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Микки Экко Микки ЭккоАмериканский музыкант и продюсер звукозаписи, работающий по контракту с 'RCA Records'.

I love you (I always have)

The strangest things
The mocking bird sings of love
Yet stranger still the songs that he trills were born by a dove
Well, I'll say what I mean even if I look foolish

I love you,
I love you ...

Микки Экко


Oh, I'm going to let the future in, the future in-
Take it on; make it on my own.
Oh, into the fire we go again, we go again-
Shake it off before we get too old.
Sweet harmony, send us out wit ...

Микки Экко

One voice (feat. David Guetta)

One light for direction
Through the valley of night
One chance to be heard
And it’s well worth the fight

Uh you better keep your body moving
Don’t wait for a feeling
To finally gro ...

Микки Экко

Pull me down

Oh I heard you were trouble
And you heard I was trouble
But your name is a wave washing over me
No games just a slave to you totally
Cause I don't care about what they say about you virgo
An ...

Микки Экко

Sad eyes

Feelings, airplanes
A thousand miles above the ground

A cage, a cage
Has got you locked away
Locked away, locked away

With your sad eyes on
With your sad eyes on

Sunrise comforts

Микки Экко


Smile, the worst is yet to come
We'll be lucky if we ever see the sun
Got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while
But the future is forgiven so smile

We're trying so hard to get it all r ...

Микки Экко

We must be killers

I woke up, I was stuck in a dream
You were there, you were tearing up everything
And we all know how to fake it baby
And we all know what we've done
We must be killers
Children of the wild o ...

Микки Экко

Who are you really?

o you're feeling tied up to a sense of control
And make decisions that you think are your own
You are a stranger here, why have you come?
Why have you come, lift me higher, let me look at the su ...

Микки Экко

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