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I can't go along with it
You can say just what you like
But you still did it
You backtrack and change your act
At a hundred likes a minute
But fool as I am I won't go along with it

Am I ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Diamond To Stone

Second guessing, never learn my lessons,
Always chasing after, what somebody else had stole,
When you took your chances, I wasn't burnt to ashes,
And your broken promises have left you out in ...

Ребекка Фергюсон


Ok so I call about a thousand times
I wait outside and I join the line
With a million girls that are just like me ooh

I got you're name saved on my screen
It says how much that you love me ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Fighting Suspicions

Isn't it amazing what a lonely heart will have you do
Just when you think you're getting wiser
Somebody comes along, and you're stuck like glue
Isn't it amazing what a lonely heart will have you ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Glitter & Gold

How good or bad, happy or sad
Does it have to get?
Losing yourself, no cry for help
You don't think you need it

And old friends are just a chore,
But now you need them more than ever befo ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Mr. Bright Eyes

Hey Mr Bright Eyes
Where you been all my life?
I've been daydreaming bout you
I cannot deny what feels so true

Am I my serious maybe it's true
Can't believe that I just let myself go

Ребекка Фергюсон

Nothing's Real But Love

Standing in a line
Wonder why it don't move
Tryna get a hand
Watching people break the rules
Maybe the man in charge, doesn't like my face
But then this world's not always good

And nothi ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Run Free

I used to know a girl, who had a dream
Her head full of ambition, her heart filled with pain
Walking the same walk, seeing the same faces
Wishing she could, trade places

Maybe I could fly aw ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Shoulder To Shoulder

Cos I feel safe when your near me
And I can hold you completely
Though you constantly hurt me

And we fight
And we cry
And we tell the same lies about Love
And we cling to each other s ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Teach Me How To Be Loved

One foot onto the ice
I hold my breath
And try to believe
Can I look at you at different eyes?
Like the girl that I was, when I was 17

The falling Empires,
The shattered glass
The wic ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

Too Good To Lose

Hey when you get tired
When you're waiting for a train
When nothing's exciting you
I'm probably thinking about you then
Every time you cross my mind
You're like a prayer, a precious sign ...

Ребекка Фергюсон

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