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A Lack Of Understanding

It's only been a year
But it feels like a lifetime here
How's it been for you?
Does it feel like a lifetime too?
What would you do now in light of it all?
I don't regret it in spite of it al ...

The Vaccines

Aftershave Ocean

You have been struggling to see actuality, actually it doesn't surprise me.
And you were in WOV, frozen to the core and I'm not wearing anything awful.

But you are pulling the wool over, wouldn' ...

The Vaccines

All In Vain

Well you can't hold a gun to my head, no you can't hold a gun to my head,
Because baby I would just refuse, baby I would just refuse.

All in vain, all in vain. Well you don't know how I feel an ...

The Vaccines

All In White

Break me on the thirty-seventh hour
Tout me, doubt me, show me all of your power
I will watch you rise on my back from the ground
Friend or foe?
I don't know
Do you like what you've found?

The Vaccines

Bad Mood

Better to be ready if you rattle my cage,
Oh I should loosen up some, baby I know.
But I get angrier with age,
Better to be ready if you rattle my cage.

Oh you look disappointed in me,

The Vaccines

Blow It Up

Ok, I could live without it
Were you ever my age? No I doubt it
A Native American feather
Degenerates look better in leather

Blow it up

Trippin' out is fun on the weekend
But you don't ...

The Vaccines

Family Friend

They've all got their opinions but then what do they know
If you can't go back, where the hell do you go?
Does everybody really feel as high as a kite?
Well I don't really know if they do but th ...

The Vaccines

I Always Knew

Down, down in my bones, somewhere I'd never have known, right at the back
Of my head.

It hit me like a beam of light, hit me like a hook of the right and I could
Have fell to the floor.

' ...

The Vaccines

If You Wanna

I don't want to wake up in the morning
But I've got to face the day
That's what all the friends I do not like as much as you say

I don't want to do things independently
But I can't make you ...

The Vaccines

Lonely World

I knew who you were, it was perfectly obvious
I was uncomfortable playing it cool
But I feel like I have always known you
I kept you close and I thought you would question it
Young in the nigh ...

The Vaccines

No Hope

Oh I could bore you with the truth
About an uneventful youth
Or you could get that rap from someone else
And I could make an observation
If you are the voice of a generation
But I'm too self ...

The Vaccines

Somebody Else's Child

I'm alright, why'd you ask?
I'm uptight, I guess, let it pass
I've never had much in common with you

You brought me up, gentle and mild
But I'm somebody else's, somebody else's child

Ful ...

The Vaccines

Teenage Icon

Oh look at me so ordinary no mystery with no great capability but
I could make out as if I had it
But you know god I'm so obvious and I should let it go oh I don't know

I'm no teenage ...

The Vaccines

Under Your Thumb

Hanging out some
Underneath European sun
Hanging out under your thumb
Under it, second to none

I don't mind about taking it slow
I’m perfectly aware of what I’m yet to know
Mutually assu ...

The Vaccines


If at some point we all succumb
For goodness sake let us be young
Because time gets harder to outrun
And I'm nobody, I'm not done
With a cool cool breeze and dirty knees
I rest on childhood ...

The Vaccines

Wolf Pack

You've seen the world
What did it look like?
You took a plane
I'll take a push bike
Run with the wolves
Calling all the wolf pack
When did you go and when did you get back?

I don't eve ...

The Vaccines

Wreckin' Bar

Pretty girl, wreckin' bar,
Ra ra ra ra yeah you are!
Growin' up, I'm twice the man,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah I am!

The angels gave F. Scott Fitzgerald,
The evening news and the morning he ...

The Vaccines

Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

Pretty girl, wrecking' bar
Ra ra ra ra yeah you are
Growing up, I'm twice the man
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I am

The angel's game, F Scott Fitzgerald
The evening news and the morning herald ...

The Vaccines

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