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10 Am automatic

What about the night
Makes you change
From sweet to deranged?
What about my voice
Tells you who
Who's been wrong to you?

You've got pain
Like an addict
I'm leaving you
You ...

The Black Keys

10 lovers

When I hear them use your name
I get all choked up inside
It's not only from the shame
It's like 10 different lovers died
Except you're still just a mile away
But there's nothing left to say ...

The Black Keys

Act nice and gentle

You don’t need no fancy clothes
Where’d you get them, goodness knows?
Just show some civility.
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me.

I don’t need no luxuries,
As long as you are understandi ...

The Black Keys

Aeroplane blues

I'm on an airplane
Close to sea
Going nowhere
I wanna be

Distant lands
Don't know who I am

Eyes are heavy
Mind is shook
Can't feel
Drugs I took

Distant lands
Don't know who ...

The Black Keys

All hands against his own

He found all hands against his own
Found all eyes were looking down
And the sun had left and gone
All his friends could not be found

Don't talk about
Don't think about love
She's not the ...

The Black Keys

All you ever wanted

You're just like time
Except you can feel the shame
All hands on deck, now
The sea is getting rough again
You see me out your window
Even when you close the blinds
And all you ever wanted

The Black Keys

Baddest man alive

The Black Keys:
I could take the pitchfork from the devil
Keep a super suit like I’m incredible
From the deep, blue sea to the dark blue sky
I’m the baddest man alive
I& ...

The Black Keys

Brooklyn bound

Well I hate to leave you, hate to put you down
But that way you love darling, oh I'm Brooklyn bound
I ain't got no money, no house on that hill
But that way you love darling, no give me my ????? ...

The Black Keys

Bullet in the brain

Bullet in the brain.
I prefer than to remain the same.
Bullet in the brain.
I prefer than to remain the same.

Looking back on where we used to be.
Everything was clear, still I refuse ...

The Black Keys


Well I'm busted, yes I'm busted but my heart won't let me die.
If you feel alright darlin'
Wont you come around x2
'round x4
If you love me like I love you please won't you let me know
I'll ...

The Black Keys

Chop and change

An innocent child in new orleans
A simple girl from simple means
Walked the rails
Rode her thumb
She hitched a ride with everyone

The regular, she'd rearrange
The girl knew how to chop a ...

The Black Keys


Well it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
Count down the times I tried make you mine
Cryin' out - Count down the times I tried to - Tried to make you mine
Well my heart goes ...

The Black Keys

Dead and gone

One, two, three, four, one

So long
Why'd you wait him so long?
After every single word is said
I'm feeling dead and gone

Don't you drag me along
If you do, you know I'll follow ...

The Black Keys

Do the rump

Hey now baby - Let's do the rump
Yeah darling - Lets do the rump
Do the rump 'til the broad daylight, broad daylight
Hey now baby - All over again
Yeah darling - All over again
Do the rump - ...

The Black Keys

Everlasting light

Let me be your everlasting light
Sun when there is none
I'm a Shepard for you
And I'll guide you through
Let me be your everlasting light

Let me be your everlasting light
I'll hold and n ...

The Black Keys


Fever, where'd you run to?
Fever, where'd you run to?
Acting right is so routine
Fever, let me live a dream
Fever, I'm a slave to
No one misbehaved too
Fever, they're misunderstood
Would ...

The Black Keys

Gotta get away

I got paid when I was on the road
In a heartbeat, Mama said Mama said
You got a one track mind, but you ain't gonna get all the time
She wasn't lyin'

I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo
Ju ...

The Black Keys

Heavy soul

Hear her calling - come to me
Thought of her wont let me be
Go to the valley, climb the hill
Whatever it takes darling, you know I will
Hey now darling
Heavy soul darling x4
Hear her calli ...

The Black Keys

Howlin' for you



Well now

I must admit
I can't explain
Any of these thoughts
Racing through my brain
It's true
Baby I'm howlin for you


There's something wrong
With ...

The Black Keys

I'll be your man

Need a new love - I'm ready
Want my time - I'm willin' yeah
Cus I'm the one who's gonna show when there's nobody
I'll be your man - Yeah I'll be your man
Times gets tough, oh they get tougher

The Black Keys

In our prime

Pour me down the drain, I disappear
Like every honest thing I used to hear

Like every lover hovers in my mind
We made our mark when we were in our prime
The house it burned, but nothing ther ...

The Black Keys

In time

Where do we go?
And all the people, they sure don't want you to know
They don't want you to know, oh
Livin' in chains, the heart's rearranged
You gotta lure it back, all of the time
Now tell ...

The Black Keys

It's up to you now

You wanted to love, but you didn't know how
That's okay, it's up to you now
It got so bad to where I wouldn't allow
But no more, it's up to you now

Let you go so you could go...
Go to town ...

The Black Keys

Just couldn't tie me down

You let me know
How you've changed
I can't tell
In any way

But a village
Is not a town
Just couldn't tie me down

You sent a message
To my mind
Without reason
Without rhyme


The Black Keys

Just got to be

When it come to pride
And other sinful matters
You're gonna be mislead
Left there in tatters

I got to go because
Something's on my mind
And I won't get better
No matter how hard I try

The Black Keys

Keep me

Keep me clean
Keep me warm
Keep my soul away from harm
Keep the night
Keep the day
Keep the in-between away

Hold that second
Hold the time
Hold that picture in your mind
Hold the s ...

The Black Keys


Said the moon was ours
Said the moon was ours
The hell with the day
The sunlight is always
Gonna take love away
Brings up suspicions
And alibies
But I can see blue
Tear-blinded ...

The Black Keys

Little black submarines

Operator, please,
Put me back on the line

Told my girl I'd be back
Operator, please,
This is wrecking my mind.

Oh, can it be,
The voices calling me?
They get lost and o ...

The Black Keys

Lonely Boy

Well I'm so above you
And it's fine to see
But I came to love you anyway
So you tore my heart out
And I don't mind bleeding
Any old time to keep me waiting
Waiting, waiting


The Black Keys

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna give you up
No matter how you treat me
Never gonna give you up
So don't you think of leavin

Girl you treat me bad
And I know why
I've seen you runnin around
With another gu ...

The Black Keys

Next girl

Well, the look on the cake
It ain't always the taste
My ex-girl she had
Such a beautiful face
I wanted love
But not for myself
But for the girl
So she could love herself

Oh my next g ...

The Black Keys

She said

She said,i know what it's like to be dead
i know what it is to be sad
and shes makin' me feel like i've never been born

I said,who put all though things in your head
things that make me feel ...

The Black Keys

She's long gone


She was made to blow you away and
She don't care what any man say
You can watch her strut
But keep your mouth shut
Or it's...

Well now she's long
Long gone
She's long
Oh no ...

The Black Keys

Sister Live

Wake up
Gonna wake up to nothing
Break up
The break up is coming
When your heart is hollow
Another pill to swallow

Shake up
Got to shake up you're freezing
Make up
I'm gonna make u ...

The Black Keys

Strange times

Kings and sons of God
Travel on their way from here
Calming restless mobs
Easing all of their, all of their fear

Strange times are here
Strange times are here

Statue in the square
Me ...

The Black Keys

The only one

Can't explain
No I cannot contain
You have all my soul
It's all I do
Is baby dream of you
Fallin down
When you're around

You're the only one
You're the only one
I'm so wr ...

The Black Keys

Tighten up

I wanted love
I needed love
Most of all
Most of all
Someone said true love was dead
And I'm bound to fall
Bound to fall for you
Oh what can I do

Take my badge
But my heart remains

The Black Keys

Turn blue

In the dead of the night I start to lose control
But I still carry the weight like I've always done before
It gets so heavy at times but what more can I do
I got to stay on track just like pops ...

The Black Keys

Waiting on words

I'm waiting on words
I'm waiting on the one I've been thinking of
And hoping you heard
I'm waiting on the words

Oh, goodbye
I heard you were leaving
Won't try changing your mind
Goodby ...

The Black Keys

Weight of love

I used to think, darlin', you never did nothin'
But you were always up to somethin'
Always had a run in, yeah
I got to think those days are comin' to get ya
Now no body want to protect yah
T ...

The Black Keys

Year in review

Why you always wanna love the ones who hurt you?
Then break down when they go and desert you
No, oh no
It's so hard to let 'em go
And watch 'em scatter when you start asking questions
Like w ...

The Black Keys

You're the one

When I was 13
My mom said
“Son, you're the one I adore”

Now I'm old and wise
When I see your eyes
You're the one I adore

Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh

Will you be true?
Till life is up

The Black Keys

Your touch

And I want
And you got
So much
Crazy for
Your touch
Your touch
Your touch
Your touch

And I'll be good
Like I should
Waiting and such
I need
Your touch
Your t ...

The Black Keys

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