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Кевин Лабри Кевин ЛабриКанадский певец и поэт-песенник, солист американской прогрессив-метал-группы 'Dream Theater'.


Don't want to lie to you
Don't want to cause you pain
But it's all I ever do
And it's driving me insane

So how much deeper will I sink
So how much further will I dare to go
I've gone so ...

Кевин Лабри

Asylum City

Your mother always wanted you to live that truth
And now that you've turned away from honesty, you lose
How can you justify the reasons you missed out?
And you're just living in a place that's d ...

Кевин Лабри


The way you look at me
Is not the same
I tried so hard to tell you
I'm to blame
So hold on tight
I'll make things right
You'll see
Just Believe in me

Perfect in every way
Is what y ...

Кевин Лабри

Coming Home

Feels like rain
Closing in on me again
Can't deny
Angry skies are falling
So farewell
Wish there was some other way
Can't undo, There's no use in trying
I hope that they will understand

Кевин Лабри


Father watch me fall
Witness my mistakes
I have lost it all
I'm about to break

Before the sound of dawn
I turned my back on you
The life in me was gone
My consciousness withdrew

Fe ...

Кевин Лабри


I've spent some time
In and out of the rain
It was beautiful
The way you walked into my life

That my love is yours
You're oh, so far away
But I need you here
To feel you by my si ...

Кевин Лабри


The air's so thick
It blurs my vision
I can't think straight
In this condition
This dim lit hall
Is stretching further
Not knowing
What I might discover

Through a door half open
A ...

Кевин Лабри


I got her call last night
Let me know she had a good time
There was something, it just feels right
I wish it may, I hope that it might

Tired of bumming the streets alone
No relationships o ...

Кевин Лабри


You see it - I'm in it
One man freak show

Walk by me - Excite me
Moving real slow

Can't accept it, a comical parade
Can't accept it, part of the charade

Just hangin' by a thin thread ...

Кевин Лабри


You see it - I'm in it
One man freak show

Walk by me - Excite me
Moving real slow

Can't accept it, a comical parade
Can't accept it, part of the charade

Just hangin' by a thin thread ...

Кевин Лабри

I Need You

Caged in
With all the crackheads
Facing my fears all rolled up into one
Seems like forever
It's only the first day
Guess hell has begun

Can't find a way out

My head

Кевин Лабри

I'll Never Fall In Love Again

You'll never see the tears I cry
You'll never feel my heart in pain
You'll never know the reasons why
I'll never fall in love again You can stare into mens' eyes
And give them love that's a pa ...

Кевин Лабри


Look in the mirror
Does it look familiar
Cannot put my finger
Why he kinda looks like me

Used to like hooking up with you
After waking first thing I'd do
One sided sensation
Watching m ...

Кевин Лабри

Jekyll Or Hyde

Rehabilitated me
You want me to lie
Free to go out on the streets
My fears in overdrive

I'll stick out as if I'm an alien
Just like that kid that never quite fit in
A fish in a bowl is w ...

Кевин Лабри

Just Watch Me

I've realized the errors of my ways
I've come to terms that I've gone astray
I'm far from perfect

I know that I have let you down
But that will change this time around
I'll earn your respe ...

Кевин Лабри


Sometime after five
I don't know what I've done
But I put my car in drive
And I'm blinded by the sun

In my rearview mirror
The colors start to fade
My past just disappears
And I am so ...

Кевин Лабри


I can't be
Here not a...
One moment longer

My skin feels
It's crawling
Actions appalling

To keep us quiet

The streets will riot

Who ...

Кевин Лабри

My Time

Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah!
In a life of dreams
I sense reality
By living your fantasy
Not much time left for me
Well I'm know it's true
When I'm looking at you
Trapped in someone else's mi ...

Кевин Лабри

Never Let Me Go

Is it any wonder
You're still knocking at my door
I'm living on the run now
I thought you're shadow was no more

Turning up the radio
I sill hear you call my name
What do you want, a sere ...

Кевин Лабри

One Last Time

Whoa Honey-do
I guess you really knew your game
Makes things easier
Knowing if you feel the same

Thinkin' of a cool line
I wanted you to know my kind
I feel love's in the air
Hopin' yo ...

Кевин Лабри

One More Time (Static Impulse - 2010)

I tried to pretend that you were fine
And all was okay now
But I couldn't ignore the rapid decline
That's taken you somehow
I watched it slowly take over you
It left you so hopeless
There ...

Кевин Лабри

Over The Edge

I can't make it out
Was she looking my way
Checking to my right
But no one fit the part
She's messing with my head
But who am I to say

Shy boy his head in the sand
No risk of rejection ...

Кевин Лабри


Ahh, ahh, ahh
Lead me to the oceans white sands
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Where I can catch myself
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Let the water cool and soothe me
Ahh, ahh, ahh
A steady rhythm flows

I cannot den ...

Кевин Лабри

Rough Boys

Don't waste time by complaining
They live like most others
Wouldn't dare
Sliding like snakes through the alleys
They're raising hell everywhere

Fighting so hard survive

One of the boys ...

Кевин Лабри

Saved By Love

You know how I feel about you
You know I can't live without you
There are no hands I need to lead my mind
When I feel your heart is with me
Your side is all beneath me
Without your love to g ...

Кевин Лабри

Slightly Out Of Reach

Working so hard
What are you getting out of this
Commitment, have many nice things
But there's no time to take a rest
And you're spent

In the moment, you never seem to be
That time will ...

Кевин Лабри


I lay awake
I'm feeling weak
Not sure I can go on
Please take me far
There's nothing I can give
All I had is gone

Buildings fell
Stealing people's dreams
A way of life
Guess we don ...

Кевин Лабри


A masquerade
The spotlights glare
Exquisite fads to view
Your every move
Fixated eyes on you

The camera waits as you prepare
It comes so easily
Once borrowed shoes
Now high society

Кевин Лабри

This Is War

Tell me what are you trying to prove
Spreading lies spinning stories
What gain do you get from all of this
Is it fame is it glory

Don't try to be someone that you're not
'Cause you know I' ...

Кевин Лабри


Seems that we've lost our innocence
The pulpit the teachers
Have warned us

Blindly accepting
Their words as truth
And taking advantage of our trust

Don't expect an answer
Can't help ...

Кевин Лабри


Give me all the now that I can borrow
Let me have this moment for a while
This storm will be here at this time tomorrow
And I'll have just a memory of her smile

And I'll be left to wonder

Кевин Лабри

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