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3 AM

It started with the whispers here I guess
Outside my house at 3 AM
Consider this your last chance now it seems
You're choking on each word you said to me

So write these words down
'Cuz I k ...

The Friday Night Boys

Better Than You

On the front step your heart starts sinking
You look in to his eyes but I know what he’s thinking
Maybe now, he’s gonna find out
The truth about you is you were trouble to begin with

Talk to ...

The Friday Night Boys

Can't Take That Away

Easy to keep quiet, but to say that this is killing me ...
Sorry for thousands of tears you have spent with me, but something was missing
And I regret it now, pushing you.
I know you do not beli ...

The Friday Night Boys

Celebrity Life

Magazines and movie screens
Still in her mind she's seventeen
Now her life has turned into make believe

Her social status lingers
She's slipping through my fingers
And It's too late
I ca ...

The Friday Night Boys

Chasing A Rock Star

I bet you think it's the last time.
Your head is spinning and you wonder why.
He's not missing you.
But don't take my word, do what you want to.

You're chasing a rockstar,
But where will ...

The Friday Night Boys

Finding Me Out

Park my car right across from her house last night
Climb the tree just to see if she'd turn on the lights
Slipped and fell to the ground
I'm not sure
But I think she saw me driving away
I th ...

The Friday Night Boys

Girl You Blow My Mind

We're out of time, and I don't know what to think about
We've lost control, but you'll never know
Mixed up between one with the other
This girl is too much

There's plenty of time to sit and ...

The Friday Night Boys

Give It Up

So give it up, Woah,
I guess it's overdue I'm over you
Give it up, Woah,
But I know your untrue
So I'll never give it up to you

She can't resist
Too blind to see
I know his girlfriend' ...

The Friday Night Boys

High School

Well from the waist down,
You don't turn around
Your body takes turns,
Like the words, like the words,
That are falling from my mouth,
My jaw dropped down
My mind starts spinning,
Starts ...

The Friday Night Boys


It's no big deal
I wanted you but you don't feel the same
I'm over you
I'll tell myself til I forget your name
That I'm the best that you'll never have
It's a shame that I can't face that

The Friday Night Boys

Lights Out

We'll turn this car right back around,
She is no where to be found,
Crazy girls just walk right in around
Woah Oh, Woah Oh

I played her game for long enough
To see how crazy she would be ...

The Friday Night Boys

Molly Makeout

Let me tell you about this girl I know,
Molly makeout whoa oh oh.
Up and down,
It's rising action,
Molly makeout satisfaction.
Easy to please, get on your knees,
Your wasting time.

Mol ...

The Friday Night Boys

Sorry I Stole Yo Gurl

Here we are again
Baby can't you see we can't go on
Like this whenever,
I guess friends don't mean friends forever
If you, want this,
You better know cuz you really got something
I know, y ...

The Friday Night Boys


You walk into the room and I
I, I-I, I, I, I-I, I.
I wanna tell ya, tell ya, but I just can't speak.
This shouldn't be so difficult.
Why-y. why-y-y-y-y-y,
Tell me why I see you and I just ca ...

The Friday Night Boys

Suicide Sunday

I woke up sweating to a sinking sun
The front doors open and the TVs on
And I still can't remember
So tell me where we were
And what we did last night
Were there really fireworks up in the s ...

The Friday Night Boys

Superman (Save You)

I'm sure,
I'm sure you can't get over,
Get over this
The fire's burning in your eyes
I'm only keeping you alive

If I promise you,
Promise to never let go
Would you come back to me agai ...

The Friday Night Boys

That's What She Said

In her room the lights go out
I wonder if she'll just let this go now
Just lock the door, and fall back down
Her body shakes so nervously
Take my hand and lets just leave this party
I see he ...

The Friday Night Boys

The First Time (Natalie's Song)

CAlm down
Pull yourself together
IT'll be alright
Regret is so completely useless
But I can't go back
But if she wanted me to stay
How could I go?
I should have known it was the first ti ...

The Friday Night Boys

There's Still Time

If you know, just what you're doing
Sorry I couldn't get you through this
You want to know if this could work out somehow
(I could care less about you now)
In too deep, but only friends
She ...

The Friday Night Boys

Thursday Night Pregame

Whoa just take it back baby, take it back, back baby tonight
Whoa you got to turn around, turn around, walk right out the door

So don't come back
Don't even try
Staring at your phone alone t ...

The Friday Night Boys

Unforget You

Why you calling me again
You trying to act all innocent
I ripped yoru pictures all to shreds
You said that it was over
You said that it was over
I can't unforget you
If I tried
I threw i ...

The Friday Night Boys

You do, you don't

The first time I wont regret
One look into your eyes and Ill never forget
But youre not about to jump right into
This tonight
Wondering just what to do
Every single second in the room with y ...

The Friday Night Boys

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