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Ahead of the Curve

Another perfect day
They keep pilin’ up
I got happiness that I can maintain
So beginner’s luck

I had shoes to fill
Walkin’ barefoot now
Can’t tell north from south
But no split hair’s ...

Monsters of Folk

Baby Boomer

We gotta stand a little closer
To what it is we're leaning on
Who was it that first said it?
Could it be he could be wrong
About the pilgrims and the natives
Having dinner on the lawn?

I ...

Monsters of Folk

Dear God (Sincerely M. O. F. )

Dear god, I'm trying hard to reach you

Dear god, I see your face in all I do

Sometimes it's so hard to believe in

Good god I know you have your reasons

Dear god I see you move the moun ...

Monsters of Folk


I learned a good way (good way)
I learned a good way (good way)
I learned a good way of saying goodbye

I learned a good way (good way)
I learned a good way (good way)
You taught me everyth ...

Monsters of Folk

Losin' Yo' Head

Coming home alone at night, I'm so scared
Turn on all the lights, check underneath the stairs
Open all the closets, make sure they're no monsters in there
Living in a small house, it's fairly ea ...

Monsters of Folk

Magic Marker

Just because it's not accepted doesn't mean it ain't alright
Just another frozen kid who's tryin' to make it through tonight

Ordinary pens and notebooks ain't no ordinary life
All the freaked ...

Monsters of Folk

Man Named Truth

Don't ever buy nothing from a man named Truth
Don't ever buy nothing from a man named Truth
I'll tell you right now that it ain't no use
Don't ever buy nothing from a man named Truth

Pain wa ...

Monsters of Folk

Map Of The World

There's a map of the world on the wall in your room
Green pins where you want to go
White pins where you've been, there isn't even ten
And you're already feeling old

Pretty faces stare back ...

Monsters of Folk

Say Please

Everyone grows old on the gold coast
It takes a lot of hope to grieve

Everyone gets dark and the worst part
Is the way those thoughts can please you

Personality like a split screen
See y ...

Monsters of Folk


Putting all my power, righteous as a rose
Dynamite the mountain, now I'm walking up the road
Oh, love we made at gun point wasn't love at all
The dancing in the valley, and the moon's the mirror ...

Monsters of Folk

The Right Place

Do you like where you're living?
Do you like what you do?
Do you like what you're seeing . . .
When you're lookin' at you?
Do you like what you're saying . . .
When you open your face?
Do ...

Monsters of Folk

The Sandman, The Brakeman And Me

The Brakeman is letting off some steam
This has to be the slowest train that I have ever seen
And the Sandman's waiting to deliver me my dream
Guess I'll lay my head against my elbow and the win ...

Monsters of Folk

Whole Lotta Losin'

Well, I got a lot, Lord, I got a lotta losing
Friends and heroes packing up and moving
And one of these days I'll be left with nothing
But memories and no time

So I better get, yeah, I bette ...

Monsters of Folk

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