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Allemande, where have you gone?
Did I know anything about you?
Many moons have come and gone
They wane so easily without you

All along I said we'd be sorry
Sorry, and so we are
But ain't ...

Том Чаплин


I hope all my days
Will be lit by your face
I hope all the years
Will hold tight our promises

I don't wanna be old and sleep alone
An empty house is not a home
I don't wanna be old ...

Том Чаплин


Many's the time I ran with you down
The rainy roads of your old town
Many the lives we lived in each day
And buried altogether
Don't laugh at me
Don't look away

You'll follow me ba ...

Том Чаплин

Bend & Break

When you, when you forget your name
When old faces all look the same
Meet me in the morning when you wake up
Meet me in the morning then you'll wake up
If only I don't bend and break
I' ...

Том Чаплин

Better Than This

Is this what you meant?
Is this
What you dreamed of?
When you were making
Your plans
Shaking the dirt off?
Do you feel like you
And I belong?
(Oh, ah, oh)
Just keep your eyes
On th ...

Том Чаплин

Black Rain

I open my eyes, everything shines
We swim as the breeze blows down the coast
Down on my luck, breathing my last
Dirty your hands, carry me home

Red sky turning round, black rain falling down ...

Том Чаплин

Can't Stop Now

I noticed tonight that the world has been turning
While I've been stuck here dithering around
Well I know I said I'd wait around till you need me
But I have to go, I hate to let you down
B ...

Том Чаплин


Something's crept in under our door
Silent, soaking through the floor
Pinching like a stone in my shoe
Some chemical that's breaking down the glue
That's been binding me to you

Ooh I feel ...

Том Чаплин

Early Winter

You, you know how to get me so low
My heart had a crash when we spoke
I can't fix what you broke
You, you always have a reason
Again and again this feelin'
Why do I give in?
And I always w ...

Том Чаплин


All of my days spent are crashing around, crashing around
All of my years spent are running around, running around
All of my weeks spent are crashing around, crashing around
And ...

Том Чаплин

Enjoy The Silence

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I eve ...

Том Чаплин

Everybody's Changing

You say you wander your own land
But when I think about it
I don't see how you can
You're aching, you're breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
Says everybody's changing
And I ...

Том Чаплин

Fly To Me

Don’t turn your back on me
Conceal and protect me
I need you to stop me
From reeling around
The time’s gonna come
When you no longer need me
But stay by my side ‘til the sun has gone down ...

Том Чаплин

Higher than the sun

[Verse 1]
Turn turn up the song
Takes me higher than the sun
Sing sing from your gut
Sing until we become one
Hold hold onto me
Stay with me until it’s time
‘Cause for tonight
Feels li ...

Том Чаплин

Let It Slide

The same, always the same
Bitter words are all that remind
Of the dream that had taken you in
But all her words were dust in the wind

It's time to draw the line
To draw the fire
Why'd yo ...

Том Чаплин

Nothing In Your Way

A turning tide
Lovers at a great divide
why d'you lie
When I know that you hurt inside?
And why'd you say
It's just another day, nothing in my way
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay
So ...

Том Чаплин

On A Day Like Today

On a day like today
I looked at you and I
Saw something in the way
You stared into the sky
I saw you were sick
And tired of my wrong turns
If you only knew the way I feel
I'd real ...

Том Чаплин

On the Road

Have you been feeling that pull?
And are you hearing that call?
'Cause you've got everything that you need to make a start

I had a dream of my own
Just walking out of my home
And going I d ...

Том Чаплин


I come to
There will be no more drowning
Help, colourless and cowering
You should understand me
When you're understanding

And through all the tears
Should you be alone

Right back, I ...

Том Чаплин

She Has No Time

You think your days are uneventful
And no one ever thinks about you
She goes her own way
She goes her own way
You say your days are ordinary
And no one ever thinks about you
But we'r ...

Том Чаплин

Silenced by the night

In a city like mine there's no point in fighting
I close my eyes, see you and me driving
If I am a river, you are the ocean
Got the radio on, got the wheels in motion

We were silenced by the ...

Том Чаплин

Snowed Under

There's a cold voice on the air
You've been looking everywhere
For someone to understand your hopes and fears
Well, I've thought about that for many long years

So I walk through Mansers Shaw ...

Том Чаплин

Somewhere Only We Know

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete
Oh simple thing where have you gone
I ...

Том Чаплин


I hold you in my hands
A little animal
And only some dumb idiot
Would let you go
But if I'm one thing
Then that's the one thing
I should know
Can anybody find their home
Out of ...

Том Чаплин


I hold you in my hands
A little animal
And only some dumb idiot
Would let you go
But if I'm one thing
Then that's the one thing
I should know
Can anybody find their home
Out of everyo ...

Том Чаплин

This Is The Last Time

This is the last time
That I will say these words
I remember the first time
The first of many lies
Sweep it into the corner
Or hide it under the bed
Say these things they go away

Том Чаплин

Time To Go

Now, picturing a scene
Seen it all before
We drink, we drink a little much
Drink a little more
To shake off the nerves and
To take off the edge and
Now is there any way back home?

Seen ...

Том Чаплин

To The End Of The Earth

Down in the old town
When my mind is wandering
Round empty hallways
When will I be one again

You're just making it harder for yourself
Making it easy for everyone else
Making it easy for ...

Том Чаплин

Try Again

I fell asleep on a late night train
I missed my stop and I went round again
Why would I want to see you now?
To fix it up, make it up somehow
Baby I'll try again, try again
Baby I die every ...

Том Чаплин

Untitled 1

A house on fire
A wall of stone
A door that once was opened
An empty face and empty bones
Who ate your heart?
You're cold inside
You're not the one I hoped for
I'll see you on the ...

Том Чаплин

Walnut Tree

Once there was a great storm,
Pushed my head beneath the waves,
I was gone.

Underneath the walnut tree,
Where you said you'd wait for me,
And I waited a long, long time

I waited a lo ...

Том Чаплин

We Might As Well Be Strangers

I don't know your face no more
Or feel your touch that I adore
I don't know your face no more
It's just a place I'm looking for
We might as well be strangers in another town
We might as ...

Том Чаплин

White Christmas

The sun's been hiding
The streets are grey
The rain has been falling down
Seems everyone wears a frown
For Christmas in London Town

It reminds me each time I roam
I'm longing to be back ...

Том Чаплин

Won't be broken

I’ve got a feeling in my gut there’s more than this
More than I’ve heard and more than you’re telling
One day we’re gonna burst right outta here
Get out of this town, not know where we’re headin ...

Том Чаплин

You Are Young

Fearful child, have faith in brighter days
Stay until this darkness fades away
Lie still beside me
I'll hold you now, I'll hold you forever

Winter's hand will freeze your heart again
Doors ...

Том Чаплин

Your Eyes Open

Well it's a lonely road that you have chosen
Morning comes and you don't want to know me anymore
And it's a long time since your heart was frozen
Morning comes and you don't want to know me a ...

Том Чаплин

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