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Билл  Берри Билл БерриАмериканский музыкант, мультиинструменталист

Ages of You

Postcard stowaway within

Pristine indigo without

Banded attoman as such

Sofa seated one too much

All along the range all along the range

Ages of you

Train pulls over hanging bridge ...

Билл Берри

All the Right Friends

I know you say

Maybe some day

I need never be alone

I know I say

It's the right way

But you'll never be the one

I've been so alone now
For a long long, long time

I don' ...

Билл Берри

Bad Day

A public service announcement followed me home the other day.

I paid it nevermind. Go Away.

Shits so thick you could stir it with a stick-free Teflon whitewashed presidency.

We're sick of bei ...

Билл Берри


Come on aboard, I promise you you won't hurt the horse

We treat him well, we feed him well

There's lots of room for you on the bandwagon,

The road may be rough, the weather may forget us

B ...

Билл Берри

Can't Get There from Here

When the world is a monster

Bad to swallow you whole

Kick the clay that holds the teeth in

Throw your trolls out the door

If you're needing inspiration

Philomath is where I go by dawn ...

Билл Берри


Smack, crack, bushwhacked

Tie another one to the racks, baby

Hey kids, Rock and Roll

Nobody tells you where to go, baby

What if I ride, what if you walk

What if you rock around th ...

Билл Берри

Everybody Hurts

The whole sond goes like this. Play the root of the chord first
then the 4th 5th and 6th srings follow and then back up.

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone

When ...

Билл Берри

Radio Free Europe

Decide yourself, if radio's gonna stay.

Reason, it could polish up the Grey.

put that, put that, put that in your wall.

Doubt this is a country at all.
Raving station ....Decide yourself


Билл Берри

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