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A Message You Can Send

A quarter for a payphone-call to Houston
I see that writing on the wall
She's down and out again

Momma, will you still be her friend?
Momma, would you take her back again?

She's got no o ...

Нил Кэсал

All Directions

It's always cold on top of this mountain
There's always some new hill to climb
There's always someone else to leave behind

I never knew what it meant to struggle
I never knew how it felt to ...

Нил Кэсал

All The Luck in The World

You see the choice in front of you
And though it's hard to make
You feel you will come through

You feel how everyone has changed
But they know who you are
And they're watching what you do

Нил Кэсал

Angels on Hold

When they come for you
Don't let them take your heart
If you forget what's true
Just remember thateverything has its start
Everything has its start

Now, take a look at these hands
Fields ...

Нил Кэсал


It's 3 o'clock in the morning and we're still here
And everybody has been talking
About what went down this year, Annabelle
Annabelle, I wish you well

I hitched a ride to the desert to see u ...

Нил Кэсал

Best to Believe

Everybody's leaving, they're going far away
They're taking nothing that might remind them of today
They're sweeping out the ashes and singing to the breeze
They only know that they're best to be ...

Нил Кэсал

Bird In Hand

I haven't seen your face
In such a long, long time
We were wondering when you might come around
Was it all about money?
Was it just about time?
But we realized just what you're all about


Нил Кэсал

Break Even

Hanging round the diner
Just trying to break even
Standing on a corner
Just waiting to collect all of the moneythat you owe me
Hello honey, how have you been

Well, I didn't know that you'd ...

Нил Кэсал

Cincinnati Motel

Every time I see you walking my way, I just hide
'Cause I don't really feel like talking about old times
Although I still remember it well,
The night that we burned our last bridge
In that Cin ...

Нил Кэсал

Day In The Sun

Everybody knows a little bit of something
Everybody's got the time to make it last
Even if tomorrow's looking like a day dream
It ain't enough to slowly watch it pass
Oh yeah

'Cause you wi ...

Нил Кэсал

Death Of A Dream

I thought I'd learned my lesson
I thought i had it all
I never thought I had find myself with my back against the wall

I'm waiting in a corner
For a chance to make my move
To come as far a ...

Нил Кэсал


I left you on the debris
At the Sunday morning market
You were sorting thorough the odds and ends
You was looking for a bargain

I heard your footsteps at the front door
And that old famili ...

Нил Кэсал

Detroit Or Buffalo

People expect you to fall
Hit that same old wall
Really they don't want to help at all
They talk behind your back today
They shake their heads and say
Well I always knew that the boy would c ...

Нил Кэсал

Down A Strange Street

I don't even know what gets you off anymore
I used to think I knew you well but now I'm not so sure
Any second now you'll be up and out that door
What's your hurry, you've got nothing to leave f ...

Нил Кэсал

Eddy & Diamonds

Let's just say I've got my soul set
I'm finding things out
Too many seem to have forgotten
This is a mighty small town

Eddy and Diamonds
Threw caution farther to the wind
Then all the cu ...

Нил Кэсал

Feel No Pain

Come and see me later on
You know where I'll be
In the shade out by the barn
Where no one can see me
Come and lay down in the sun
Another blue sky
And tell me that you'll be the one
To m ...

Нил Кэсал

Free To Go

It must have something to do
With letting go
You must have something to say
To me

You are free to go
You are free to go
You are free to go

There was danger in your blood
Even then

Нил Кэсал

Freeway To The Canyon

All along you knew that you would be coming back again
All along you told me that you would always be my friend
All along, all along you knew where you could find me
If you took the freeway t ...

Нил Кэсал

Grand Island

There's nothing stopping you from writing this all down
You can't ask why, you just have to believe
There's nothing I can do, you're so far from me now
If I look back at all that history I see

Нил Кэсал

Hands on The Plow

There is nothing I can say to you now
Of all the years that passed away
With your hands on the plow

Can't you see that they're gone
Can't you see that they're gone

20 long years down the ...

Нил Кэсал

I Will Weep no More

The freeway is filling upas the sun is coming up
And I, I will weep no more
And my love was filling up
Her flesh formed a cup
And I, I will weep no more

And everything that lays in scatter ...

Нил Кэсал

Leaving Traces

Turn the lights on, softly shining
And leave that woman where she lay
Make your plans there in the darkness
You've lived to work another day

I remember the stories that you told me
And I r ...

Нил Кэсал

Maybe California

He spent his life like a dollar
He lived it fast and lived it free
And he took his time until he found one
Farther than all our eyes could see

Maybe someday,
Maybe somewhere I'll see you

Нил Кэсал

Moving On Without You

If you come to some troubled end
I can't welcome you back again
I guess it's safe to say you're on your own now

If there was something more to say
You know that I would find a way
But I ca ...

Нил Кэсал

Name in Vain

They were supposedto be having such a good time
The flowers were there
But the guests had not yet arrived

But they prayed for you anyway
And they tried not to use his name in vain

My eye ...

Нил Кэсал

One Last Time

I couldn't charm you if I tried
Without a warning from above
So go and leave me far behind,
My love

I'll try to heed the things you said
Even if I have to fall
I know we're gonna wind up ...

Нил Кэсал

Open Ground

To work like the devil for your pay
Was the old song that he used to sing
Before the waking hours
Rolled out across the open ground

Now I see him through the window
At a table drinking his ...

Нил Кэсал

Pilot's Song

All the time you'd spent alone in your room
With all the dreams you'd set aside
They've all come back again and none to soon
And some might say just in time

But do you really need someone

Нил Кэсал

Remember What It's Like

Maybe it's too early to talk about this
But I can't wait
It's easy to act like you just don't exist
Or that it's too late

Let me be your friend again
Let yourself really feel again
Feel ...

Нил Кэсал

Sleeping Pills In Stereo

I've been waiting for a face to change
All I do is just sleep all day
All I do is just sleep all day

The world keeps spinning as the daylight fades
I wonder why you have to be this way
I w ...

Нил Кэсал

Sunday River

Sunday river, rolling around
Down the vine and past the house
Where were you, love, off to find
An end to this story
But can you rely on time

Can you remember when you were there
And tim ...

Нил Кэсал


Swept me off my feet
I stepped inot the street

I never thought something that could take so long
Could be
Something that made me feel that went so wrong
You see

Su ...

Нил Кэсал

These Days With You

These days with you have come to pass
We've seen some dreams and we've tried hard to make them last
We've learned a lot along our way
So in simple words, I will try to say

That I love you

Нил Кэсал

To Look For You

Waiting for someone to come to my door
To help me remember why I'm here
A face from a picture left on my floor
Has told me this story so unclear

To look for you
To follow through somehow

Нил Кэсал

Too Far To Fall

When I'm all alone
I don't wonder why
I don't think of anyone

I just put my records on
I don't even try
To get through to anyone

Feeling good, feeling bad
Feeling nothing at all
If ...

Нил Кэсал

Too Much To Ask

Can you remember the way it used to be?
Rest stops and break down lanes and rain, were all we would need
To call it a day
We didn't much to say
To explain a way
They're opening doors for me ...

Нил Кэсал

Travelling After Dark

I'm travelling after dark
I'm running down the road
Straight into the heart
Of a place I've never known
I'm looking for a sign
Guided by the stars
But until I see your light
I'm just tra ...

Нил Кэсал

Virginia Dare

You were here, now you're gone
Hoping just to find some place where you belong
Let me know before too long
How the world's been treating you
And if you've finally heard that song
To make you ...

Нил Кэсал

You Don't See Me Crying

You tell me that you're so sad and blue
But I don't see you crying
It can't be that bad for you
If I don't see you crying

You're falling too fast
Finding out the hard way it's tough to mak ...

Нил Кэсал

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