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A Downside To The Upstairs

It was a fine idea in autumn
On the palest afternoons
Parallelograms of sunshine fell across the room

I woke up and it was winter
With the rain across the roofs
And the weather turned me i ...

The Lucksmiths

A Hiccup In Your Happiness

The start is the hardest part
To step inside and announce a newly broken heart
And Louise, you’re ill at ease
You bite your thumb and tug your skirt below your knees
And it hurts even more tha ...

The Lucksmiths

A Little Distraction

It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
I need a little distraction to come along
A little distraction, and you're the one
It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night

The Lucksmiths


It's only too clear
And I know you hate to state the obvious
But the houses round here
Hold jumble sales and joblessness

I always thought autumn was my favourite time of the year
But I gue ...

The Lucksmiths

Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion

I love you from the heart of my bottom
I love you from the bottom of my soul
I love the soles on your feet
I love you from the foot of the hill
(I promise I will)

I'd sail the driest deser ...

The Lucksmiths

After The After Party

After The After Party
Even the most familiar face
Can disappear without a trace
Amidst a crowd of theatregoers
I had been waiting for a while
My stare mistaken for a smile
Till I found the ...

The Lucksmiths

All The Recipes I've Ever Ruined

This apartment is falling apart
And I can't figure out where to start setting things right
It's been the worst part of a year
Since you turned a cartwheel in here
And said your goodbyes

I ...

The Lucksmiths

Andrew's Pleasure

Andrew's pleasure is a beautiful girlfriend
They both wear sunglasses and hide their faces
Andrew's pleasure is a beautiful girlfriend
Who isn't scared to kiss him in public places
Others say ...

The Lucksmiths

Beach Boys Medley

For five months he was dry
Feb til July
But he found a little song
Wrapped up in a dream
Gave some thought to the rhymes
Put a little work into the chorus line
But it was really just a dre ...

The Lucksmiths

Before The Sun Came Up

I'll never forget the morning we went running around
Before the sun came up
So new to this town
Under the weary light we took a ferry ride
And went over to the island
Stood there silently on ...

The Lucksmiths

Birthday Present For Katrina

Happy birthday dear Katrina
We hope you have a lovely day
Your father and I are oh so proud
In fact there's something he'd like to say
We've watched you grow from a beautiful baby into a beaut ...

The Lucksmiths

Broken Bones

So much for unexpected weather
It's been overcast forever
Since I fell from my sweetheart's clutches
To a springtime spent on crutches

Coffee cups, promises, sure
But I've never broken bon ...

The Lucksmiths


Here's me in 1981
Squinting into a sinking sun
Ankle-deep in the Pacific
In the foreground are my friends
Grinning madly at the lens
They look heliolithic

Again in 1993
A Polaroid you ...

The Lucksmiths


Here are we, with a view of mountains
Staring at the floor for hours on end
There's a world outside that window
And we're looking at linoleum instead

Another sunset passes us by
We used to ...

The Lucksmiths

Cat In Sunshine

You tell me you don't like the way I comb my hair
But there are two of us at this table
Only one of us doesn't care
You're so engrossed in what you read
And you're not really there
Can tell ...

The Lucksmiths

Columns O' Steam

Your dad's proud face is glowing
He recommends we buy goggles and flags
All aboard and don't forget your bags
Let's leave this place behind
And I didn't get you a present
But you don't seem ...

The Lucksmiths

Detective Agency

I was supposed to wait for you
But we'll have to wait and see
Have I been stood up?
Standing for an hour or two
By the detective agency
I wish the walls weren't powder blue
And I bet you'r ...

The Lucksmiths

Don't Come With Me

I'll make you wait around
For all these things to be sent off
If you're with me
I'll traipse you round this town
I've got so many things to take care of

Time goes slow
So slow, so slow

The Lucksmiths

Edward, Sandwich Hand

God he hates the early mornings
And the Monday afternoons
He's already looking bored
He's already looking forward
To Friday evening with his friends
It couldn't come too soon
What a terrib ...

The Lucksmiths

English Murder Mystery

I love her but she loves Agatha Christie
And she's so wrapped up in the English Murder Mystery
I was nowhere near the scene of the crime
I was nowhere around at the time
Someone dropped arseni ...

The Lucksmiths

Even Stevens

I won't lie
I don't like you whispering that way
It's your turn
It's your turn of phrase that gives you away
The games we play

One to you in the afternoon
And one to me in the evening

The Lucksmiths


Written down here, gentle reader
It seems too good to be true
But there’s a girl in Kansas City
With my favourite tattoo
Oh why would I lie to you?

This was in another century

The Lucksmiths

First Cousin

I don't know the difference between you and the weather
You covered me in dust and wet me through
Felt a little nervous when we two were together
Because you were like a storm that I could talk ...

The Lucksmiths

Fridge Magnet Song

It's funny I feel like I felt before
Late at night on the kitchen floor
Staring at the wonderful words on the fridge
Wondering what you meant by your message
It's funny I haven't noticed f ...

The Lucksmiths

Friendless Summer

Today of all days you decided
That you’d drop in uninvited
You were ever so excited
You were never so in love

And this time it’s requited
If I looked less than delighted
I was trying har ...

The Lucksmiths


Today the sun is shining and I feel a million dollars
And I don't need reminding that I own eleven cents
The winter of my discount tent when we first met each other
Became the summer of the s ...

The Lucksmiths

Get Well Now

This is not a greeting card
A two dollar piece of art
It didn't come from the newsagent's shelf
I sat down and made it up myself
It's the least I could do
I'm worried about you

This isn' ...

The Lucksmiths

Goodness Gracious

What a beautiful day for a crushing defeat
What a stupid waste of sunshine
A funeral pace down a favourite street
But I have to come home sometime, I suppose

Don't be hopeful on my behalf

The Lucksmiths

Great Lengths

Remember that New Year’s Eve
We were frightened by a firework?
You could not believe the fuss I made
I should have laughed it off
I should have left it lying
I did not receive much sympathy

The Lucksmiths

Harmonicas And Trams

On a tree-lined route
Looking out on wasteland
Treated to a one-man show on a tram
Just harmonica
No peripherals, no band
Just harmonica, just a man

In another time
You were reaching f ...

The Lucksmiths

How We Met

Late the other night
Our friends already leaving
I saw you step outside
It was cold out there
In the autumn air

I'd hate for you to think
I was keeping tracking all evening
But I trawl ...

The Lucksmiths

I Am About To Sail

I'm going to sea
Don't try to reason with me
I've never wanted anything so much before
And I've wanted this so much
Since so long ago
So I'm going to sea
If you need me you know wher ...

The Lucksmiths

I Can't Believe It's Not Better

Take your time
Or some of mine
I've got more than I know what to do with
It's getting boring
At the wrong end of the morning
Staring myself stupid
Into a turned-off television
Cross-eyed ...

The Lucksmiths

I Don't Want To Walk Around Alone No More

I don’t want to walk around alone no more
In sleepytown, no fun no more
It’s silent till the breeze strips bark from the trees

I don’t want to lie tonight in bed alone
Or light a fire when n ...

The Lucksmiths

Ie, Eg, Etc

Here comes the blow-in again
Blowing kisses from the doorway
Don't just stand there, let him in
We want to hear some of his stories

We're the people that he knows
When there's nowhere else ...

The Lucksmiths

Jewel Thieves

We are happy-go-lucky Johnny-come-latelys
Millionaire beach boys in ten-cent shirts
And our pictures are in all the papers
We stole a stone, for what it's worth

We are jewel thieves
But we ...

The Lucksmiths

Little Athletics

I don't know when it started
But it's worse now than before
We could both be broken hearted
It's so hard to be sure
But what are boyfriends for?

We went from perfect strangers
To less th ...

The Lucksmiths

Little Distraction

It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
I need a little distraction to come along
A little distraction, and you're the one

It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night ...

The Lucksmiths


Far from handsome
Close to ugly
I pull my pants on
I don't look lovely
I wear a singlet underneath my shirt
I tuck it in at all times
And as the plot gets thicker
The hair on top ...

The Lucksmiths


Hi there dear,
I'm on Mars again
Keeping in touch with all my friends
I found a nice place
Why don't you come and visit?
It's not as red as you'd think
From looking at the pictures
And i ...

The Lucksmiths

Midweek Midmorning

You were never one for sleeping late
But oh! the working week can wait
We ought to spend today together
You might be less than overjoyed
Unimpressed and unemployed
But I refuse to waste this ...

The Lucksmiths


I'll put this place behind me soon
For somewhere bright and shiny and new
These streets got smaller the more I grew
It might be trite but it's true

I'm walking home in the early evening
My ...

The Lucksmiths


Press your fingers against the strings
This is where the song begins
Pinch a hair from the tip of your tongue
Close your eyes and fill your lungs
Here is where her neck begins
Feel the blood ...

The Lucksmiths

Now I'm Even Further Away

Alone tonight
I’d rather be by your side
As I drift out to sea
I think I should be in another place
Closer to the lips on your face

But now I’m even further away
Now I’m even further awa ...

The Lucksmiths

Off With His Cardigan!

If I've told him once I've told him a thousand times
But he refuses to listen
He's the perpetrator of some hideous crimes
He's a hopeless fashion victim
I'm less than impressed with the wa ...

The Lucksmiths

Only Angels Have Wings

Heavens above, I could never hate her
She's done nothing wrong
A photograph of Rita Hayworth
A Latin bombshell, an atom bomb

Lovely Rita, America's sweetheart
The girl next door and a whol ...

The Lucksmiths

Pin Cushion

I'm not sure what I should say
Your closest friends are far away
But you know that I live locally
And you can pin your hopes on me

You're not sure how you feel about him
I guess you'll jus ...

The Lucksmiths

Point Being

It was everything you'd hope for at the start of the day
Every feeling you'd want that words would not convey
I heard all my favourite numbers
And all my favourite names

And I could see poin ...

The Lucksmiths


I must admit I find it funny
But I might have known she'd find it dumb
The air hostess and the blow-up dummy
I'm in stitches and she's twiddling her thumbs
She hasn't laughed once

She thin ...

The Lucksmiths

Putt Putt

We've done thousands of things together
Feels like we've been friends forever
But there's on thing I know you've never done
The time has come
I don't care about the weather
I'll meet yo ...

The Lucksmiths

Putting It Off And Putting It Off

Oh, you’d think I would have learned by now
But no — I make the same mistake somehow
Time and time again

I’ve been doing it for days
Putting it off and putting it off
I’ve been doing it fo ...

The Lucksmiths

Remote Control

Twenty-five year old teenager steals every scene
He's got wrinkles in his forehead
He's supposed to be younger than me
He's a rebel with a clause
His contracts guaranteed
He's filthy rich a ...

The Lucksmiths

Requiem For The Punters Club

Have you been drinking?
'Cause it's not too late to start
There's still a week
Before they come and pull the place apart
And I was thinking
I have sorrows to be drowned
Too complete to con ...

The Lucksmiths

Run Spot Run

Accidents will happen
Catastrophes will occur
One hour in your kitchen is boring enough
You locked me in for twenty-four

Catastrophes can happen
Accidents will occur
I was looking for a ...

The Lucksmiths


I walk right past his window when the light is growing dim
He looks away from me and as I glance in at him
He owns one bed, one bookcase and the television
He sits and watches and I'm glad I'm n ...

The Lucksmiths


Breakfast, sat on a Japanese mattress
Getting this happy takes practice
The world would be duller without us
Blacklist anyone who tries to attack this
They can say what they like but the fact ...

The Lucksmiths

Silver Friends

I never thought that it could happen quite so strictly
But strictly speaking we were usually speaking strictly
I returned her library books
And she returned my dirty looks
The hardest thin ...

The Lucksmiths

Sleep Well

We shook hands and parted ways
The sun danced on his eyes
Financial matters were cast aside
I'll sleep well tonight

I had to leave this place behind
See some colour for the first time in m ...

The Lucksmiths


Tuck your head below my breast
I will not love you any less
Give your bravest face a rest
And grate your grief out on my dress
Lower you down next to me lover
I'll wrap you in my cotton ...

The Lucksmiths


Weekends away:
These were the happiest days
Ill with thrill of the chase
They'd take a train
Take off Friday for the coast
In summer they'd go southernmost
Where the sky was swimming pool ...

The Lucksmiths


By the time you read this
I'll be anywhere but here
I really can't believe it's only been a year

I'm trying to tell you how I'm feeling
I hate all this so much
You might be hard of hearing ...

The Lucksmiths

Stayaway Stars

Yeah, you're upset
So am I, so am I
I sometimes forget just how seldom you cry
And thus how much I hate it when you do

Yeah, you're a mess, more or less
So am I
I sometimes forget th ...

The Lucksmiths


You're not yourself
Darling, you appear a little dog-eared
You've got yourself to blame
And you do

So assure me you're OK
But you said that yesterday

One day we'll be poor no more
I' ...

The Lucksmiths

Sunlight In A Jar

We've never been much chop
At all that sensual stuff
One of us always seems to stop
Before the other's had enough
Like a self-help manual that's been written in Braille
It seems the more tha ...

The Lucksmiths

Synchronised Sinking

You don't need to ask me twice
I'm not averse to giving advice
On a barstool basis
Four o'clock sounds fine to me
I'll meet you at the library
There's privacy in public places
Oh, but, rea ...

The Lucksmiths

T-Shirt Weather

Hey Mike, you busy?
All this sunshine’s making me dizzy
Went outside, all my clothes dried
And if I’m babbling, please forgive me
But it’s the first hint of sunshine
For a week or so, I’d sa ...

The Lucksmiths

Tale Of Two Cities

You and I have got a postpak relationship
It's a tale of two cities
I don't know how many self addressed envelopes
Have passed between you and I and Melbourne and Sydney

Two weeks 'till your ...

The Lucksmiths

The Art Of Cooking For Two

One of us is packing things in boxes
The other two are trying to pretend
That the boy she loves is not all that obnoxious
We're hoping that she'll see sense in the end
But I've come to depend

The Lucksmiths

The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Fransisco

Is it April yet?
I forget sometimes how slowly summer passes
You disappeared into Departures
Only half a year ago
It seems like so much more, you know
I went a fortnight without so much as a ...

The Lucksmiths

The Drunkest Man In The World

The drunkest man in the world
Misunderstands what he's overheard
Morose one minute, more toasts the next
He's amazing, he's a mess
Always well dressed
The drunkest man i ...

The Lucksmiths

The Fog Of Trujillo

On the moon tonight, here on our own
You and I, we are the only ones in town
Can’t set up a retirement plan, can’t set up a ceiling fan
But things are starting to turn, things are starting to tu ...

The Lucksmiths

The Forgetting Of Wisdom

A summer's day at my disposal
By way of apology, a proposal
I really should have realised I was wrong, wrong, wrong
Such a long, long, long time ago

It hasn't been all beer and skittles
Th ...

The Lucksmiths

The Golden Age Of Aviation

For argument's sake let's pretend we could stop arguing
Over which of us is wrong and why it isn't you
We're barely awake before your head's up in the clouds again
There's nothing you like more ...

The Lucksmiths

The Great Dividing Range

There's a blanket on a mattress on my sister's floor
There's a bookmark in the atlas that I left you
I know we've been as far apart as this before
But take a look at what we've got to get throug ...

The Lucksmiths

The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things

When my friend comes over
We sit on the sofa
And most of our clothes are other people's
With hairstyles the same as
The rich and the famous
We're certainly no strangers
To pins and needles ...

The Lucksmiths

The Music Next Door

A week went by, and then another
And not a word from you
I remember when a day would be unusual
I saw the spring become the summer
As the spring is wont to do
And I began to find the boredom ...

The Lucksmiths

The Opposite Of Coffee

She gets a haircut every June
On a kitchen chair
Last year it couldn't come too soon
Now she couldn't care
Her mind is otherwise occupied

She sits cross-legged on the floor
In an A-line ...

The Lucksmiths

The Sandringham Line

She's given it some thought
And it's giving her some grief
Could it be she's bored beyond belief?
By the time she says goodbye
She's looking somewhere else
Stifling a sigh and gritting teeth ...

The Lucksmiths

The Shipwreck Coast

Clouds and clifftops close
Grey like all the ghosts
It's cold on the shipwreck coast this morning
You're looking for Lorne
A coat to keep you warm
A scarf to keep me from noticing you're yaw ...

The Lucksmiths

The Tichborne Claimant

Big and fat, here he comes
All his fingers look like thumbs
Mother dearest, look who's here
It's your long-lost loving son

Brush aside your fears
Look: he's got his uncle's ears
So he's ...

The Lucksmiths

The Year Of Driving Languorously

Darling roll the window down
I can't breathe
And I want to feel the northerly down my sleeve
I love a sunburnt elbow pointing to the sea

And, darling, can't you find us something on the radi ...

The Lucksmiths

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Take me out tonight
Where theres music and theres people
And theyre young and alive
Driving in your car
I never never want to go home
Because I havent got one

Take me out tonig ...

The Lucksmiths

Thomas And Martha

Dorchester, August 1856
I'm an old man now and ashamed of this
But I had to be in town for other reasons

I stood in a crowd of three or four thousand
The hood on her head and the rope around ...

The Lucksmiths

Tmrw Vs. YDay

When it's hot the whole town goes to the swimming pool
When it's not the whole town stays inside
Walk past the war memorial
Towards the water slide

And on your left
Is all that's left of t ...

The Lucksmiths

Train Robbers' Wives

Every second Saturday it's off to Wormwood Scrubs
To sit within six inches of the man she loves
The visit's twenty minutes
But it's a whole day on the bus
Presses her fingers to the glass
An ...

The Lucksmiths


Anchors away!
Granted one last summer's day
We watched the sunset silhouette the western suburbs
Across the bay
And when the sky was monochrome
We drained our drinks and headed home
Past b ...

The Lucksmiths


A funny old birthday
I've talked to no-one
Is she counting her loose change
At the edge of the ocean?
It's a while since we've spoken
I want her to phone me
I'm a little lonely
Sh ...

The Lucksmiths


I've made some plans
But it's all up in the air
I made some sandwiches
And I got myself a garden chair
And forty-five balloons
One sunny afternoon

I suppose it's not surprising
I'm thr ...

The Lucksmiths


It was summer when she moved in
And it was winter when she moved out again
And the sky was usually blue
And the single bed was big enough for two

It's funny the things that stay with you
H ...

The Lucksmiths

Welcome Home

Her letter said in three weeks
She'll be coming down from Sydney
And if it wasn't asking too much
Could she spend a few days with me
But it's miserable this time of year
Don't visit, you'll ...

The Lucksmiths

What You'll Miss

In the morning it felt like the world had stopped
And clenched like a giant fist up tight
But then you noticed the dust still dropped
And danced through the bedroom window light

It's the woo ...

The Lucksmiths

William And Mary

Dear Mary, a letter from the grave
You'd better well behave
Don't spend more than you save
Be careful not to...

It's scary - I hope you're sitting down
I know how this must sound
I'm six ...

The Lucksmiths

World Encyclopedia Of Twentieth Century Murder

Around here the roofs are redder
And the houses are closer together
But the people are further apart
And it doesn't ever really get dark

I bury myself in books
I'm very good at murderous l ...

The Lucksmiths

Young And Dumb

The last time I saw you
My guitar had just been stolen out the back of a car
And you were showing The Hemlock the scars of your recent break-up
We went searching all over town
Turned the city ...

The Lucksmiths

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