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A Book Unfinished

You returned the book unfinished about a girl with raven hair
And a gentleman, her lover, who presented her a mare
Which she rode across the country, leaving him to tend the land
Which had turne ...

Iron & Wine

A Boy With A Coin

A boy with a coin he found in the weeds
With bullets and pages of trade magazines
Close to a car that flipped on the turn
When God left the ground to circle the world

A girl with a bird she ...

Iron & Wine

Ab's Song

And if I died at twenty-three
Would you bury me in the sunshine?
Please let me know that you're still mine
Though I'm gone
My love for you is oh-so strong

And when the grass grows over me

Iron & Wine

An Angry Blade

Who left you so?
Who left you so?
Who left you so?

Striking a match for the keyhole
Dark as the evening laid
When he left you all alone

Turning to fade through the sawgrass
Tall as t ...

Iron & Wine

Arms Of A Thief

Mr. Henry and the muscle man, yeah, with shoes on a night there was no road to stand
Like a letter in a stolen purse, she was bored of her weight, she was bored of her words
The daughter of a sold ...

Iron & Wine

Belated Promise Ring

Sunday morning, my Rebecca sleeping in with me again
There's a kid outside the church kicking a can
When the cedar branches twist she turns her collar to the wind
The weather can close the world ...

Iron & Wine

Beyond The Fence

Two flat tires on the Model T
Two birds fightin' for a worm
Faded squares like snowy TV screens
Where your photographs were hung

Keep Old Glory folded on a shelf
In a cabinet full of guns

Iron & Wine

Bird Stealing Bread

Tell me baby tell me
Are you still on the stoop
Watching the windows close
I've not seen seen you lately
On the street, by the beach
Or places we used to go

I've a picture of you
On ou ...

Iron & Wine

Blue Leaves

Strength like a stone, a texture you know
And sewn in your children's quilts you made
Can you be meek, lowered and weak
Possibly tired as to see
Her eyes upon you under blue leaves at night

Iron & Wine

Boy With A Coin

A boy with a coin he found in the weeds
With bullets and pages of trade magazines
Close to a car that flipped on the turn
When God left the ground to circle the world

A girl with a bird she ...

Iron & Wine

Broken Spinning Wheel

Stepping gently down the garden row
Susie she prays but yet nothing grows
Empty driveway and a flagpole tap
Breeze at her back & her hands in her lap
Susie says she'd like to talk
Sinkin ...

Iron & Wine

Burn That Broken Bed

How do you bust the clouds
Press on your back been hanging in the air
I wanna scope you out
I wanna touch your mouth when you're up there

When are you coming back
Bird on a branch will com ...

Iron & Wine


The postman passed me twice now, I have waited an hour
Blue sky churning black now, needled rain with the power
Of magnified abandon, soaking through to my moving
And vivid truth I'm doubting al ...

Iron & Wine

Call Your Boys

Call your boys now that the table's set and shining
No one's seen any of them in many days
Call your boys they shut a buzzard on a Chrysler
And you still taste all that you swallowed before grac ...

Iron & Wine


Almost home when I missed the bottom stair
You were braiding your gray hair
It had grown so long
Since I'd been gone

And the perfect girls by the pool, they would protest
The cross around ...

Iron & Wine

Carried Home

The kettle burned 'cause I left it too long
And we were kissing with the radio on
The cat was choking on a rattlesnake bone
The town had gathered 'round the soldier boy carried home, carried hom ...

Iron & Wine

Chelsea Hotel Number 2

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
You were talking so brave and so smooth
Giving me head on the unmade bed
While the limousine waits in the street
And those were the reasons and that wa ...

Iron & Wine

Cinder And Smoke

Give me your hand
The dog in the garden row is covered in mud
And dragging your mother's clothes
Cinder and smoke
The snake in the basement
Found the juniper shade
The farmhouse is b ...

Iron & Wine

Cold Town

Magazines and paperbacks, the perfect rainy day
Jenny's packed the car by now and probably on her way
Rise and put the kettle on, this feeling calls for tea
Tommy get the telephone, it wouldn't ...

Iron & Wine

Communion Cups And Someone's Coat

Talk of yesterday
And she will show her brothers
Photographed in callous clothes
Say tommorow
And she'll say, 'Come find me on a beach
And there will be no moon.'
But say today
And she ...

Iron & Wine

Cowgirl In The Sand

Hello, cowgirl in the sand
Is this place at your command?
Can I stay here for a while
Can I see your sweet, sweet smile
Old enough now to change your name
When so many love you, is it the sa ...

Iron & Wine

Deads Man's Will

Give this stone to my brother
'cause we found it playing in the barnyard
Many years ago

Give this bone to my father
He'll remember hunting in the hills
When I was 10 years old

May my l ...

Iron & Wine

Dearest Forsaken

To my dearest forsaken
Who the earth now has taken
Empty, the bottle drains no more

It is true that I loved you
Despite the harm that I own you
Wash out the river has you boy

Here on t ...

Iron & Wine


Though our fathers' fathers slept in stolen houses
All that's over now
And our babies never cry
And we can look you in the eye
And say, 'We're not afraid to die'

And yes, our mothers' mo ...

Iron & Wine

Each Coming Night

Will you say when I'm gone away
'My lover came to me and we'd lay
In rooms unfamiliar but until now'

Will you say to them when I'm gone
'I loved your son for his sturdy arms
We bot ...

Iron & Wine

Expecting To Fly

There you stood on the edge of your feather
Expecting to fly
While I laughed, I wondered whether
I could wave goodbye
Knowing that you'd gone
By the summer it was healing
We had said goodb ...

Iron & Wine

Faded From The Winter

Daddy's ghost behind you
Sleeping dog beside you
You're a poem of mystery
You're the prayer inside me

Spoken words like moonlight
You're the voice that I like

Needlework and seedlings

Iron & Wine

Fever Dream

Some days her shape in the doorway
Will speak to me
A bird's wing on the window
Sometimes I'll hear her when she's sleeping
Her fever dream
A language on her face

I want your flowe ...

Iron & Wine

Fistful Of Roses

A fistful of roses ain't the best thing I could do
I called by the clothesline and the fish pond, called out for you
You want an urgent, bent-guitar string kind of man
And you built a bridge now ...

Iron & Wine

Flightless Bird

I was a quick, wet boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your street light eyes
Wide on my plastic toys

Then when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map ...

Iron & Wine

Foot Of The Manger

Awake through the night, and this flood water 'round her
Reminds her of the time
And low country boys, and their bottles without her
Though she's on their minds

Hands in black mud, at the fo ...

Iron & Wine

Foreign Photos

Run to the newsstand, boy,
For a paper.
Here's the change you will owe.
Pass all the smoking girls
And their babies
Where they nurse in the road.

And read me, read
What has taken place ...

Iron & Wine

Free Until They Cut Me Down

When the men take me to the devil tree
I will be free and shining like before
Papa don't tell me what I should've done
She's the one who begged me
'Take me home'

When the wind wraps ...

Iron & Wine

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven

Mary, carry your babe
Bound up tight like lips around a whimper
Your fingers over my face
Blind eyed Samson driven to the temple
And night birds digging until dawn
Freedom hangs like heaven ...

Iron & Wine

Friends They Are Jewels

Dreamless sleep will fall like a deep, poisoned well
On the steeple birds and this red-light hotel
So lay your pistol down, Granny
The company men never came to you
But don’t unknit your brow, ...

Iron & Wine

God Gave A Stone

She belongs back in western Kentucky
Or maybe somewhere in Tennessee
Far from home there's a way to her body
Though she's wind-blown and slightly

Long ago there were plums on the table
Whe ...

Iron & Wine

God Made The Automobile

God made the automobile to pass all the pretty girls
The smoke by the side of the road, the blues lovin' boys in tow
To drive to the end of the day and bow to a borrowed flag
To ride all the bra ...

Iron & Wine

Godless Brother In Love

Godless brother in love
You might as well
Lay down that rose
And fold the flag

She hears money and
Taps that broken freedom bell
See her big children burning rags
By the riverside


Iron & Wine

Gray Stables

Brave lady, i could see you through
The mosses
Laid, shameless in the sun
My lady with her porcelain and her
Face, pleasing everyone

Gray stables and the horses of the
Rig ...

Iron & Wine

Half Moon

Halfway home in the hilltop trees
And all our footprints in the snow
And the evening glow, leaving

Low night noise in the winter time
I wake besides you on the floor
Counting your breathin ...

Iron & Wine

He Lays In The Reins

One more drink tonight as your gray stallion rests
Where he lays in the reins
For all of the speed and the strength he gave

One more kiss tonight from some tall stable girl
She's like grace ...

Iron & Wine

Her Tea Leaves [live]

And come the evening of my day
The dark birds in the tree
And in her garden

I think I'll be there somewhere too
The yarrow by my head
Where are you fallin'

And she will lick her thinn ...

Iron & Wine


He kissed her once as she leaned on the windowsill
She'll never love him but knows that her father will
Her fallen fruit is all rotten in the middle but her
Breast never dries when he's hungry

Iron & Wine

Homeward, These Shoes

Homeward, the new road meanders
Washed out, the old road asks, 'What did I bring?'
Flowers, a verse about springtime
Perchance, in the tree line, she's waiting for me
Homeward, these shoes wor ...

Iron & Wine

House By The Sea

There is a house by the sea
With jealous sisters, they're waiting for me
And one is laid on the floor
And one is changing the locks on the doors
I've been buying their time on my knees
And I ...

Iron & Wine

It's The Same Old Song

You're sweet like a honey bee
But like a honey bee stings
You've gone and left my heart in pain
All you left is our favourite song
The one we danced to all night long
It used to bring sweet ...

Iron & Wine


Who's seen jezebel?
She was born to be the woman i would know
And hold like the breeze
Half as tight as both our eyes closed

Who's seen jezebel?
She went walking where the cedars line the ...

Iron & Wine

John's Glass Eye

John don't see well in the evenings
Because of his one glass eye
That he got just as Martha was leaving
Shot him instead of saying goodbye
Though the door took the brunt of the buckshot
It s ...

Iron & Wine


Day walks out and there's no sound
There's a candle burning by me now
Light enough for to see the things beyond me
Door is wide as a rise on me
So the night comes in and starts to breath
The ...

Iron & Wine

Lion's Mane

Run like a race for family
When you hear like you're alone
The rusted gears of morning
To faceless busy phones
We gladly run in circles
But the shape we meant to make is gone

Love is a t ...

Iron & Wine


'Look at the shadow on our tree;
Seems we'll meet an early dusk.'
Loretta looked up, the grey sky low,
Two-by-two on the bus.

Water and anger in our house,
Though she spoke of rainbows.

Iron & Wine

Loud As Hope

Darling behave, though your boy is gone, or so we’ve heard
I feel you would rise if it was a song who’d say these words
Summer comes with its color all to take your breath away
Winter turns all ...

Iron & Wine

Love And Some Verses

Love is a dress that you made
Long to hide your knees
Love to say this to your face,
'I'll love you only'
For your days and excitement,
What will you keep for to wear?
Someday drawing yo ...

Iron & Wine

Love Is The Foundation

I've seen her as she wakes up in the morning
She reaches out a hand without a word
As her fingers softly fall upon my face
She lights the flame of desire and makes me want her

And love is th ...

Iron & Wine

Love Vigilantes

Oh, I've just come from the land of the sun
From a war that must be won in the name of truth
With our soldiers so brave your freedom we will save
With our rifles and grenades and some help from ...

Iron & Wine

Love You This Hound

Walk on lightly far from sorrow
Walk and meet me, we'll meet tomorrow
Watch me growing, watch me dying
Hear my laughing, my hound a-crying
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh
Walk on lightly, liv ...

Iron & Wine

Lovers Revolution

I came to you, and you to me
And we were tapping on the window of the children when the piggy-bank broke
Pitching quite a fifth
But how the makers of the medicine will always say you’re looking ...

Iron & Wine

Lovesong Of The Buzzard

In the failing light of the afternoon
Lucy in the shade of the dogwood blooms
Yesterday, the solace of a poison fish
Tomorrow I'll be kissing on her blood red lips

And no one is the savior t ...

Iron & Wine

Me And Lazarus

Me and Lazarus, we shoveled all the ashes out
Black bed linens blowing around
Back and forth and up and down
Guess I had nowhere else to go

Me and Lazarus kept bailing out that riverboat
F ...

Iron & Wine

Mothers Of The Rodeo

Mothers of the rodeo
Like anyone who's watched a lover go
And their blood thrown down
Torn and tossed around
Baby, say you'll stay with me
We'll build a bridge across it carefully
Just let ...

Iron & Wine

Muddy Hymnal

We found your name across the chapel door
Carved in cursive with a table fork
Muddy hymnals and some boot marks where you'd been

The shaking preacher told the captain's man
The righteous suf ...

Iron & Wine

My Lady's House

There is light in my lady's house
And there's none but some falling rain
This like a spoken word
She is more than her thousand names

No hands are half as gentle
Or firm as they like to be

Iron & Wine

No Moon

Black dog bit through the keeper’s chain
Small and angry when the Devil came
Sold my soul like a pocket knife
There was no moon, there’ll be no milk as sweet
Tomcat curled on a rabbit cage
B ...

Iron & Wine

On Your Wings

God, there is gold hidden deep in the ground
God, there's a hangman that wants to come around

How we rise when we're born
Like the ravens in the corn
On their wings, on our knees
Crawling ...

Iron & Wine

Our Friends Shine

Yeah, you know this place
And your friends shine around you now
Yeah, you know this place
And their hands make the safest house
That you know, yeah, you know
And the sun's sinkin' slowly dow ...

Iron & Wine

Peace Beneath The City

Here's a prayer for the body buried by the interstate
Mother of a soldier, a tree in a forest up in flames
Black valley, peace beneath the city
Where the women hear the washboard rhythm in their ...

Iron & Wine

Peng! 33

Curiosity far greater than the fear
It felt so simple, so prodigious, at the same time
Incredible things are happening in the world
Magical things are happening in the world
Across the river t ...

Iron & Wine

Place To Be

When I was young, younger than before
I never saw the truth hanging from the door
And now I'm older, see it face to face
And now I'm older, got to get up clean the place

And I was greener, g ...

Iron & Wine


This postcard tells you where we've been
And dirty dreams of pious men
Who wake in fear but sleep again
With what they've done
With what they've done
With all they've done

Some profit d ...

Iron & Wine

Prison On Route 41

There's a prison on Route 41
Home to my father, first cousin, and son
And I visit every weekend
Not with my body but with prayers that I send

I've a reason for my absentee
And no lack of l ...

Iron & Wine

Promise What You Will

Lately she don't care for a warmer breeze
Or shade around the base of the maple trees
Spring was on the mountain we climbed upon
Stopped to see how high and how far we'd gone

I said 'love i ...

Iron & Wine

Radio War

Did the wine make her dream
Of the far distant spring
Or a bed full of hens
Or the ghost of a friend

All the while that she wept
She had a gun by her bed
And a letter he wrote
F ...

Iron & Wine

Red Dust

Dust gets red, and red dust plays
On the wind near Daniel's place
Danny's sick and smaller boy
Rhythm lingers on and on
On and on, on and on

Dust gets dead the sun gone down
Danny's ...

Iron & Wine

Resurrection Fern

In our days we will live like our ghosts will live
Pitching glass at the cornfield crows and folding clothes
Like stubborn boys across the road, we'll keep everything
Grandma's gun and the black ...

Iron & Wine

Sacred Vision

There's no way to temper your thirst
With lasting impressions or pictures of home
There's no way to grow that don't hurt
She growled from the station then hung up the phone

There's no sacred ...

Iron & Wine

Sacrifice Burning

Jane sent her hand and then pulled it away.
She said, 'Here's the alternate proof that I love you.
Two magic children that smile at your name,
A body that pulls like a pack mule to meet you.


Iron & Wine

Sea And The Rhythm

Tonight, we're the sea and the salty breeze
The milk from your breast is on my lips
And lovelier words from your mouth to me
When salty my sweat and fingertips

Our hands they seek the end of ...

Iron & Wine

Serpent Charmer

There's a woman hater with a broken record player
And a dusty compass off to map the country's new behavior
Strange words and we all roll back into the river
Brave boys in the empty coats of men ...

Iron & Wine

Sinning Hands

Midnight, and her eyes
Hide like kittens, new and wet
Mine are sinning hands
On her lying on my bed
The river still may rise
Wild and water take us both
Mine are sinning hands
Take our b ...

Iron & Wine

Sixteen Maybe Less

Beyond the ridge to the left, you asked me what I want
Between the trees and cicadas singing round the pond
I spent an hour with you, should I want anything else?
One grin and wink like the neon ...

Iron & Wine

Sleeping Diagonally

Somehow when you laid here by my side
Somethin' whispered words like rain is falling
Heavy, and she hated, loved to fight
Someone from the sun-cracked sidewalk calling out, “Yoo-hoo”

Hey, uh ...

Iron & Wine

Sodom, South Georgia

Papa died smiling
Wide as the ring of a bell
Gone all star white
Small as a wish in a well
And Sodom, South Georgia
Woke like a tree full of bees
Buried in Christmas
Bows and a bl ...

Iron & Wine

Someday The Waves

Waking before you, i've got a fever and a childish wish
For snow
Seems like a long long time since i spun you to this borrowed radio
You pick a place that's where i'll be
Time like your ch ...

Iron & Wine

Southern Anthem

Just like the way that you ran to wine
When they made the new milk turn
Jesus a friend in the better times
Let your mother's Bible burn
Freedom a fever you suffered through
And the dog drank ...

Iron & Wine

Such Great Heights

I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding sha ...

Iron & Wine

Sunset Soon Forgotten

Be this sunset soon forgotten
Your brothers left here shaved and crazy
We've learned to hide our bottles in the well
And what's worth keeping, sun still sinking
Down and down
Once again ...

Iron & Wine

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