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Oh, it's so funny to be seeing you after so long, girl
By the way you look I understand that you are not impressed
I heard you let that little friend of mine
Take off your party dress

I'm no ...

Бутч Уокер

Be Good Until Then

Always know the road you're riding on
Always know the words to your baby's song
Try to make the most of Friday nights when they come

Maybe turn a stranger to a friend
Never break a heart tha ...

Бутч Уокер


I don't know, I don't care
If I see you, everywhere
It's gonna hurt, either way
When he looks at other girls when you look away
Don't wash your hair, it's too early
Don't wash your mind if i ...

Бутч Уокер


hey little party girl
where do you wanna go
i didn’t come from your scene
so many people i should know
like every door guy in this city
only lets you in cuz you’re pretty
and the boutique ...

Бутч Уокер

Canadian Ten

Sunshine, you heal as much as you hurt
With regret in my veins and blood on my shirt
Sure must have had myself a personal best
It takes filling my lungs up with smoke
To get things off my ches ...

Бутч Уокер

Coca-Cola Open Up


Well hello is this thing on
Is anybody listening
A brand new day has begun

The first thing that I want do
Make sure that you feel it too
So Im not the only one

Бутч Уокер


Sitting with the dog
Trying to clear the fog of a
Memory of the last time
That i saw her face
50 yrs of time an accident
Would take my mind and shortly
After take the wife
Away from me

Бутч Уокер

Don't Move

Good morning sunlight
As I get used to you
It's all gonna be all right
I did all I can do
And as I'm waiting for those eyes
To say what's on your mind
I finally think I've found the words ...

Бутч Уокер

Don't You Think Someone Should Take You Home

Her hair is like a crow's nest, she's got glitter in her eye
Her smile is like a jack-o'-lantern trying not to cry
She's been living, been living pretty hard
Since her old man up and died a year ...

Бутч Уокер

Fixed Gears And Broken Hearts

Hey Tina how's it goin'
With your brand new job
Workin' down in the city at the bicycle shop
I hear another guy caught your eye
That's what your brother said

He's got a fixed gear bike and ...

Бутч Уокер

Here Comes The...

Here comes the heartache, the move out date
Excuses for my friends
Here comes the reasons I have to justify
It was better in the end

Here comes the last time I'm gonna kiss you
The first n ...

Бутч Уокер

Hot Girls In Good Moods

I got a girl that lives at the mall
She dances on the dark side of the disco ball
Drives a silver mercedes
Made in the 80s
Swears and stares at the buckhead ladies
She straddles me lovely

Бутч Уокер

House Of Cards

This house of cards you've built
Has finally fallen down
Expect me to come scrape
Your ego off the ground

Cause everybody talks
Everybody talks
And I can tell
That you can tell
What ...

Бутч Уокер

I Just Want You To Want This Again

I sat up front 'cause you wanted the back.
I touched your leg through the vinyl seat crack.
Of my best friends' Camaro
Hoping this trip never ends.

You said to call and I watched as you left ...

Бутч Уокер

If (Jennie's Song)

All alone in your dirty chair, washin' all your dirty hair,
And you're wonderin' how long till they come for you
Watch the lines form on your face and down the block all the people chase just what ...

Бутч Уокер

Into The Black

I walk around in circles, just like a dog with vertigo,
As I go insane.
The sun shines all around me, on the world, and everybody with somebody,
while I'm in the rain.

'Cause it's you that ...

Бутч Уокер


Joan moved away to Colorado
Said she found God and a boyfriend as well.
One that won't hit her or make her feel shallow
There's a lot to learn about Joan

Before I moved in Joan had a fling w ...

Бутч Уокер

Just Be Good Until Then

Always know the road you're riding on
Always know the words to your baby song
Try to make the most of Friday nights when they come

Maybe turn a stranger to a friend
Never break a heart that' ...

Бутч Уокер

Lights Out

There was a blackout in my heart in the summer of '03
I was walking over bridges
Tryin' to find my way to me
When the problem was restored
I can't describe the damage done
This would be the ...

Бутч Уокер

Maybe It's Just Me

Maybe it's just me, but you seem finally happy
I don't think I've seen your face just glow
Like a neon sign and maybe we should be alone for ever after,
Cause even thought the nights are long

Бутч Уокер


You say hello, inside I'm screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind
I'm sleeping next to you
You drive away from my car crash of a heart
And I don't know
But you gave me the best mi ...

Бутч Уокер

My Way

So you grew up in a town where everybody's all the same.
Like a city full of zombies going by the same name.
Saying 'Eat this', 'Wear that,' Think ya know just where it's at,
When everybody' ...

Бутч Уокер

Open Happiness

Well hello is this thing on?
Is anybody listening?
A brand new day has begun

The first thing that I want do
Make sure that you feel it too
So I'm not the only one

C'mon and lift me up ...

Бутч Уокер

Passed Your Place, Saw Your Car, Thought Of You

Now honey, dry your eyes, get back in the car
There's no need to end it this way
That's what she said when I shot off the head
Of our love on that one Saturday

I've got my share of faults, t ...

Бутч Уокер

Pretty Melody

Do you remember when we met
Liquor drinks and cigarettes
All the boys were takin bets

My credit card so in debt
Bought drinks from you at the bar
Poured them out behind my car
So I could ...

Бутч Уокер

Rock Vocal Power

Hello, and welcome to the instructional audio series of...
With this easy to use, step-by-step audio program,
you too will be able to sing like the pros.
Here, you ...

Бутч Уокер

She Likes Hair Bands

She Likes Hair Bands
On satellite radio
But I was in one
So it's a little too close to home
She can dance like
She's done it for a living before
And I kinda dance like
I've been shot in ...

Бутч Уокер

Ships In A Bottle

Everybody sleeps
But I haven't done that in the last few weeks or so
And yeah, I know the remedy
But they ran out yesterday
I can't re-fill anything
Especially my heart. especially my brain

Бутч Уокер

Since U Been Gone

Here's the thing, we started out friends
It was cool, but it was all pretend
Yeah, yeah
Since you've been gone, gone, gone, gone...

You're dedicated, you took the time
It wasn't long bef ...

Бутч Уокер

So At Last

So at last southern California
Sun sets like a long goodbye
I've been dreaming about it for days
But I don't ask why

I can feel it in my bones
I'm a careless season it started just the oth ...

Бутч Уокер


Can you please, remind me how you feel?
This emptiness is real, I can't bear the thought of it.
and please, remind me how to smile, I lost track after awhile.
Is happiness so hard to get?

Is ...

Бутч Уокер

Stale Line

Seven Hours till the moon sleeps
I Lose my mind as I drive away
Your Cigerettes are in the back seat
I cant bring myself to throw away

All of the film in the camera that took
all the pictu ...

Бутч Уокер

Summer Scarves

Lyin' in the overgrown-up grass in the front yard
Water falling from the sky so warm it feels hard
Trying to figure out just who you really are to me

And the summer scarves are all around me

Бутч Уокер

Take Tomorrow

You got lost, For a while.
You've been trying to find a smile.
You got stood up, then you fell down,
And when you needed , there was no one 'round.
You loved the previews and hate the movie.

Бутч Уокер

Temporary Title

I opened up a can of worms
I could see myself hanging onto.
It's gonna sting, it's gonna burn
I can't win either way.

And over time I will just find a way to lose you after all
Until then ...

Бутч Уокер

Thank-You Note

As she woke up for the final injection
The sickness was hard
When there was no one around
And it spread to her hands
And it spread to her legs
And they felt like the mud from the pond on the ...

Бутч Уокер

That Side Of You

Was it just a little too late to say
Everything I wanted as you walked away
Tell me, does he know how to move you like I do
Is it just an easy way to say you're through
Don't make a ghost out ...

Бутч Уокер

The 3 Kids In Brooklyn

Well I left the town of sinners, redneck priests and meth lab stalls
To find myself a few more just like me
The options pretty skinny and the order's pretty tall
To swim the hippest waters in th ...

Бутч Уокер

They Don't Know What We Know

I got my boarding pass
A tank of gas
Then I'm never coming back
If I could only get out of the bed in this room

You've got the little one
Who's a lot of fun
But your old man, he's a drag ...

Бутч Уокер


Partied at a house 'til four,
came out from a closet door, makeup all over my face.
We just do what people do, how was I to know that you
were gonna turn around and say,
'Somethin's not r ...

Бутч Уокер

Uncomfortably Numb

Detox, Detox where are you?
You coulda saved me from a disaster
What with all these cell phone numbers
It's gonna be weeks cleaning off my dresser

I love it I hate it
I can't live without

Бутч Уокер


Everything is dark
Everybody’s here
All I gotta do is get the words right
When the microphone is near
Shoot off all my thoughts
Maybe make it rhyme
Try to be as honest with myself to them

Бутч Уокер


You said you’d never give in, never pretend
That this is just a chapter for you
What do we do
I feel like this is war on a hill
A Jack and a Jill
Tryin’ to win a battle or two
What we neve ...

Бутч Уокер

You Belong With Me

You're on the phone with your boyfriend,
He's upset,
He's going off about
Something that you said,
'Cause he doesn't get your humor
Like I do.
I'm in my room,
It's a typical Tuesday nigh ...

Бутч Уокер

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