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Fight The Fire Feat. Sue McLaren

Fire, you conduce it
Like a fuse in my heart
Inside, flames consume me
Tearing through every part

Burn me up and set me free tonight
Till there's nothing left to identify
Will I make it ...

Энди Мур

Trespass (feat. Sue McLaren)

I let myself in
Ignored the warnings
I left the keys inside the door

Drew back the curtains
Windows wide open
So you know, you know I'm here.

I blocked the entrance
Tried weeks of ab ...

Энди Мур

Turning Me On (feat. Slimmie)

Turn down, shut up
Shut out my light
Turn out, shut in
Release the quiet
I hear a noise inside my head
It doesn't change the things you said

Turning me on
Turning me on
Turn me aroun ...

Энди Мур

Undeserved feat. Meredith Call

It's a lonely place to move dwell
Remember when you still had your future
No one ever comes out quite the same
They'll never trust themselves again
With anyone
Give no one your faith
Undes ...

Энди Мур

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