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A Love That Can't Be Sold

i never thought you'd leave
i never thought you'd go
i always knew you cared
you never left me scared
now all of this has changed
i can see it in your face
a love that can't be sold

Milk Hotel

A&e Melody

You can deny all your addictions

De de de (mumbling)
Doobi do (mumbling)
Lala la la (mumbling)

That's how the melody goes, it's on tape so I won't forget it
Because I'm ...

Milk Hotel

Angel Eyes

Angel eyes
You will sleep tonight
But do not be surprised
When you're not waking

You gave away your soul
And the rest, they stole
But now it's your own life that you are taking.

And ...

Milk Hotel

April 1st

Home – where you can hold your hands together all you please
Won’t erase the tender tidings you endured
You’re just another family member on their knees
Just a social work statistic out the door ...

Milk Hotel

April 8Th

'Crawl across towards your window
I'm calling softly from the street
Always a lonely widow,
Half-awake and sleeping on my feet.
I'm of age but have no children,
No quarter phone booth calls ...

Milk Hotel

Arms So Real

Folded in to arms, so real (or I hold it into arms so real)
There is something that we can't feel
Life's not horrible all the time

Smokes and cups and words of rhyme
Dripping ceiling, lemon- ...

Milk Hotel


Shadows on my wall
They creep and crawl in burning white
They dream of waterfalls
Catching slow bright streams of light.

And life can be so weird
Bucket full of fear
But it's alright
I ...

Milk Hotel

Bucket (Organ Version)

Shadows on my wall
They creep and crawl on through the night
They dream of waterfalls
Catching small, bright streams of light

Life can be so weird
A bucket full of tears
But it's all rig ...

Milk Hotel

Candy Coated Dream

A candy coated dream
With parks and trees and figurines
And her arms wrapped 'round my sleeve
With tiny steps and eyes of green;
Toy guitar that's out of tune
Eyes fixed on morning time cart ...

Milk Hotel

Circle Of Friends

Greet all your friends and they say hello
They tie all your ends until they tie
Yourself in again into something whole
Something secure and lost inside

I imply I'm away

All of the forces ...

Milk Hotel


For I am an engine
And I'm rolling on
The world is all bending and breaking from me
For sweetness alone who flew out through the window
And landed back home in a garden of green
You're a rid ...

Milk Hotel

Everything Is

Growing sleepy as the rain falls
As children draped in flowers form a chain
They sing a song with jelly jars and bird calls
As night falls into dust and it's day again

I'm not afraid of ...

Milk Hotel

Ferris Wheel On Fire

Well now first of all
We became what we always had feared
Every engine holds
All their oils on fire appeared
They finally broke through
And on your shoulder
This weight has been placed upo ...

Milk Hotel

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