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A Way Of Life

The colour of your eyes has faded,
They're not as brown as I remember them as a child
Oh why wasn't I a real child?
Why did I have to run before my morning came around?

You were looking for ...

The Concreres

As Four

I was held by a woman known as the holder
And I'll stay in her arms for the rest of my days

She told me she had something,
Something sacred to give me
And she asked for me to open my mind, s ...

The Concreres

Back For Good

I guess now it's time for me to give up
I feel it's time
Got a picture of you beside me
Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup
Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dre ...

The Concreres


I know it's been a long time
Since I heard from you baby,
But Wasn't he the one who said he'd stay forever?

And you know it's been a long time
Since you walked beside your baby,
But wasn't ...

The Concreres

Change In The Weather

There's a change in the weather
Heard it's coming soon
There's a change in the weather
Hope this gets to you
Here's to everyone, sing along

There's a change in the weather
Don't know whe ...

The Concreres


when I'm out, when I'm out, when I'm out,
when I'm out of love.
chicofriend, chicofriend, chicofriend
will be around.
he will ease, he will ease, he will ease
he will ease my mind.
fill my ...

The Concreres

Diana Ross

we're listening to diana ross,
she sang her song about lovehangover, lovehangover.
swing n' sway she leads our way, leads our way
leads our way into a lovehangover, a lovehangover.
I didnt know wh ...

The Concreres


You don't seem to grasp your own importance
You misbehave in almost every chapter
You take your rescue in some written fiction
While your own book could use a better plotline

The font should be ...

The Concreres

Foreign Country

he was reaching for my treasure
as I held it high
standing on a stool twelwe feet high
had it made in foreign country
way out east
one on one we all must meet
bend them 'till they bleed
thats a ...

The Concreres

Lady December

lady december my heart is all yours
it beats like a drum
I've never asked you
but do you wear loads, when it goes far below
you lay down your cloak of snow and it spreads all over
lend me you han ...

The Concreres

Lonely As Can Be

there he goes again following idle hands
begging them to lead him astray
as far as they may.
you're lonely as can be
known as a friend of me
there he goes again
and then he's gone again
while I ...

The Concreres

Lovin' Kind

she needed lovin in the morning
he kept asking her why
to be held and comfort
in her bravest time
instead he gave her a feeling
she should run n' hide
without knowing direction or cause
if you ...

The Concreres

Miss You

I've been hanging out so long
I've been waiting on your call
Lord, I miss you

I've been sleeping all alone
I've been hanging by the phone
Want to kiss you

I've been haunted in my sleep
You' ...

The Concreres

New Friend

I called you, she answered.
got strangled on the way.
she gave you the phone, said it was for you.
didnt know, didnt know, didnt know,
didnt know you got yourself a new friend.
if you need a frie ...

The Concreres

On the RADIO

I must say it was love from the start
when you gave me a tune to sing
But I guess you'll never know
'cause some things are meant
to stay unrevealed

I heard a song on the radio
and it was sung ...

The Concreres

Say Something New

what a strange thing to say
as you pass me on your way out.
and all the things I had in mind for you and me.
say something new, something new.
what a strange thing to do
as you passed me
on your ...

The Concreres

Song for the Songs

He has a voice you can't stop listening to
'cause it touches like a lover
Then the strings come in and ask you not to mind
as he says farewell to Caroline

I loved a crazy man from Mexico
Becaus ...

The Concreres


Our sunbeams will have a rough year this year
trying to shine you through 'n' through
Yes I've got all the mirrors it'll take
Don't you worry
you won't get burned

Spend some time in the shade w ...

The Concreres

The Warrior

I remember you, bird of my heart
flew in from the west
your chest so red n' strong
have you been to war, have you been to war
lay you battleaxe down
and come around for me
final nest for you, bi ...

The Concreres


Yesterday I lost me a memory
I kept too long for no good reason
They seem to hang around to greet the future
And what goes around will come around most likely

Can I go with you tomorrow
I just ...

The Concreres

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