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 Abysmal Torment Abysmal TormentМальтийская дэт-метал группа

Addicted to Smothered Throats

Rising from the torpor of stale water
Reminiscent fragments of memories
Pierce my consciousness as shards of glass
Slowly forced through living meat
Reflecting images taught forever erased
H ...

Abysmal Torment

Battered into Nothingness

The time elapsed now
As I turn my back
At the dark season
That's just gone by
I lay my feet on
The scorched ground and
Slowly walk on
Through the endless grey
Stretching beyond the ble ...

Abysmal Torment

Befouled with Zest

Hate for the worms diluted in blank emotion
Carved away from mind in utter abjection
Let them swarm while they're gnawed by life
Bursting with dread living by the knife
Overflowing disgust ecl ...

Abysmal Torment

Colony of Maggots

We’re one sunlit eve away from the storm
One caressing kiss away from the fist
One promising tomorrow away from sorrow
One steady step away from the slippery edge
One laughter filled breath aw ...

Abysmal Torment

Death Bound Conundrum

Images force-fed to masses countless in number
Having no meaning but innate desolation
Society's cowering remnants forced asunder
cast through eyes veiled with obstruction
Subconscious wars w ...

Abysmal Torment


Supine in dormant likeness waiting
A husk of unaware of the havoc within
Cells are bursting in a chain reaction
decay is their only finite function

Flesh to liquid than rarified to vapors

Abysmal Torment

Epoch of Methodic Carnage

Amid the recurring batter of weapons
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Muffled, but unmistakable sound
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Human cries from the far edge of reason
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
M ...

Abysmal Torment

Flayed, Dismembered and Feasted Upon

Weep as your broken eyes gaze into mine
While I shift my fingers through your hair
Pull you back to me, whisper hate into your ear
Smashing your face against the wall
Red bleed your controled ...

Abysmal Torment

Gratification Through Castration

A shrouded cult brought to life by its lechery
Fumbling hordes striving for self butchery
Perversity soars beyond human debauchery
The ultimate drug becomes inflicted misery
Senseless gluttons ...

Abysmal Torment

Lurid Iniquity

Far away from civilization
In a desert were he dragged them
from which there is no escape
Some of them are still alive
For hours there he sits
watching this bloody orgy of human shit
He la ...

Abysmal Torment


Visions of ivory smiles fill thy fantasy
Tight confines in the midst mouldy graves
Existence, the slumbering deathlike rest
Before the awakening on a higher plane

Waiting amongst the dead

Abysmal Torment

Relapse into Sickness

Once within the chaotic maze I'm lost forlorn
Crushed in dejection by a whole host of possibilities
I followed whispers suffocating in the gloom
Gurgling like blood through a slit throat
I fol ...

Abysmal Torment

Scorched Beneath Flaming Wings

In due time when lastly I become Death
Death will be the seed from which I grow
Animated by ardent conflagration
I am all you so heatedly strove for

Now filled with regret wail in desperatio ...

Abysmal Torment

Supreme Tyrant in Putrescence

Standing on the nameless graves
of victims slain just to please me
Tortured craving death as mercy
Mangled so my whims be served
Their life I claimed, stalked and reaped,
Living they belonge ...

Abysmal Torment

Wretched Stagnant Blood

Soaking wet in rancid fetor
Initiation of pointless life
Fighting through lose tissue
To impregnate the lungs with air
Unborn killing the mother to seek life
Womb inner walls reduced to shre ...

Abysmal Torment

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