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You are the one
I can feel it inside my bones
In the long run
You'll finally feel it's so
You say you don't know
If you honestly want my love

I'm gonna hunt until I get you
And w ...

Sunrise Avenue

Afraid of the Midnight

Don't be afraid of the midnight, baby

Don't go running scared.

Don't be afraid of the midnight, baby

You're not the only one - out there.

Coming run that lonely time.

Running up and do ...

Sunrise Avenue

All Because of You

Like the clouds I'm flying and I'm...
Things weren't going my way

I was feeling down all the time

You held me through the pain

Stood by me in the rain

So today I'm free

Feeling f ...

Sunrise Avenue

Angels on a Rampage

It's late too late to keep this level up much longer

We've got to turn it off or turn it down

So why do we do this?

Why do we do these things we don't wanna do at all?

Why do we do thi ...

Sunrise Avenue


I got this feeling

I'm lost somehow

I'm sailing all the seas

I'm feeling holy

You make me alive
By driving on the wrong side
I just feel I'm really losing my mind
We're in the moon ...

Sunrise Avenue

Birds And Bees

I'm looking at you through my window

I have no one, I want you so

My heaven is upside down right now

I want you, I want you, I do

I am looking at you as you walk by

My heart beats fast ...

Sunrise Avenue

Bye Bye

She was sugar and salt we all wanted

And one of those queens you need to get

And I got her to go out with me

I took her dancing

In the smoke I believed she’s all mine
I was sure ( ...

Sunrise Avenue

Choose to be me

I was raised by this town
To believe the words they put inside me
They made me hide
Inside their loving arms around me

I turned away
I choose the path that I believe in
I stand tod ...

Sunrise Avenue

Damn Silence

Please, let me in

Feel the pulse inside

Race the speed of the beat

Take а chance with me

A way towards something

No one knows what's to come

And I don't know the right tracks for ...

Sunrise Avenue


I know the light ain’t always upon me
Sometimes the night takes me inside it
Destiny, destiny

Gimme something I’ve been wanting
Take my feelings to the sky
Gimme something, I’ve been ...

Sunrise Avenue


You woke up to hate your life again
Feeling it's all been said and seen today
Woke up to fake your smile again
You're not the one; you're not the one

You feel bittersweet when others win ...

Sunrise Avenue

Don't Cry

Please don't say that
Don't say you need to turn around
Keep moving baby
Forget the heartake
Forget the way it brought you down
And made you scared
I give you a reason to live in the mo ...

Sunrise Avenue

Dream Like a Child

Nearly third of my height

You smile and make all wrong right

You believe the world's right here

To hear the big one's whisper
They try to make you smarter

But you pretend ...

Sunrise Avenue

Fail Again

Hey man I can see you standing tall on your feet again.

There were those dark days but you're far over them.

Say can you remember all the mess far behind you?

They were all so sure you' ...

Sunrise Avenue

Fairytale Gone Bad

This is the end you know
Lady, the plans we had went all wrong
We ain't nothing but fight and shout and tears
We got to a point I can't stand

I've had it to the limit; I can't be your ma ...

Sunrise Avenue

Fight 'Til Dying

I see the look in your eyes

I know it's time to rise

Hey babe I know you

I know we will be fine

I feel the beat in your heart
It makes me strong tonight
Hey babe, you know me

Yo ...

Sunrise Avenue

Forever Yours

There are times I can leave my heart wide open

There are days believe I can heal wounds on me

There are times I could come to you and hurt you
I could easily bring your tears

I could sen ...

Sunrise Avenue

Girl Like You

You're a pretty face with the dirty mind

and you know that pretty well.

It's only natural, just like the rest of them -

I fell under your spell.
The queen of city lights is on a hunt to ...

Sunrise Avenue


I've been running far away from love

I've been trying to rise above
Thought I'd be cooler with no one

And I thought it would be easy

I thought it's easy
There was not a warning sign on ...

Sunrise Avenue

Heal Me

This is something I can't hide

Can't throw it away

This is something I can't fake

They know you're away

They know how to break me

They know you're far away

If this sadness tak ...

Sunrise Avenue

Hollywood Hills

Now this is not the time
Теперь здесь нет ни времени,
Or the place for the broken hearted,
'Cause this is the end of the rainbow,

Where no one can be too sad.

No I don't wanna leave,


Sunrise Avenue


I see all the cities like a TV-show

They all look the same through a dirty window

Another one down, anonymous town

I'm moving but I'm standing still

And I'm going nowhere, going nowhere ...

Sunrise Avenue

I Don't Dance

I don't wanna grow up
I don't wanna see sex and the city
Lust for a minute
I don't wanna do that
I don't wanna let go on floor tonight

And I can't hear nothing but beats and sounds
That don' ...

Sunrise Avenue

I Gotta Go

I gotta run,
I gotta hide,
I can feel them close behind.
I'm not gonna be feeding them no more.

I gotta move,
stay in the dark,
I gotta lead astray those sharks,
the grass is green where I'm ...

Sunrise Avenue

If I Fall

I call the strikes of lightning

I'm sick and tired of waiting

For the bells to play my end

I'm high above the ground now

I ended up here somehow

Reaching for something else
If I ...

Sunrise Avenue

Into the Blue

Here we are deep in the darkness

Wearing midnight air

You close your eyes and feel my breath

Embracing through your hair

By the bed, the silver moon on you
Makes me fade away into ...

Sunrise Avenue

It Ain't the Way

I know a way to something much better

Hold it inside me

I know a fairytale that's longer

Than anyone will read

I know a way to something much higher / Keep it inside me

I know the ...

Sunrise Avenue

Keep Dreaming

You've been crying
Like there ain't nothing for you
I've seen you lose all you can

You've seen signs that say
The game is over now
You fear you lose in the end

And it's easier for them ...

Sunrise Avenue

Kiss And Run

Feels like the world has let me down

Feels as if I'm ready to drown.

It's 3 am, I lie awake

Thinking about my great escape.

I'm fine with all that I have left.
I try to breathe ...

Sunrise Avenue

Kiss Goodbye

This is the final morning
and that is all we have,
these are the lines that I have left.
We tried to make it baby,
we tried it more than bad.
End of the lifeline,
nothing to refine.

We've see ...

Sunrise Avenue


I find it too hard to win

Back on the ground again

I feel like giving in

But you're my second wind

Don't you ever tire

Facing all my fires

I don't need no one but you right now

So ...

Sunrise Avenue

Little Bit Love

Here we are to find something

Here we are to make a move

And I just need a little bit

I just need a little bit love

You just need a little bit love

I don't need a crown on my head, ...

Sunrise Avenue

Make It Go Away

You know the guy, he found a girl, he graduated
Living for his family day and night
Until the night he made himself deactivated
Running far away with that someone

Well, it’s unfair
They ma ...

Sunrise Avenue

Monk Bay

I'm not moving too fast

Want to stay in the past

On these endless streets with your smell

This was once you and me

I was in totally
My fingers can still feel your hair

I keep on moving ...

Sunrise Avenue

My Girl Is Mine

Little steps follow me all through my life
Little smile, little sunshine
I think no one could be better than her

Little boys with their toys try to get her heart
Little boys won't get far
They ...

Sunrise Avenue

Not Again

I've been trying to love myself for real
I've been trying not to feel what I feel
I've been trying to be a bit less mistaken

It was real the feeling I had for you
And you told me how you need me ...

Sunrise Avenue

Nothing Is Over

Don't turn away

There's still time

A tiny moment

Don't let go today

We can still shine

We are not broken

Scares to see that we are

A step a way

The one to take us

o ...

Sunrise Avenue


You say the ride is over

You want to leave the road behind

Till the day you walked away

You made the world be all mine

I'll be cool 'though it gets colder and colder

I'll be fine cause ...

Sunrise Avenue

Out of Tune

This is the moment that I should just say S.E.I.S.

This is the moment I know I chose the wrong way

Another round of the shots

Can't believe my eyes

Another dose of the stuff messing up my ...

Sunrise Avenue

Rising Sun

Look at the rising sun
Look at the game we're in everyone
Heaven is open for us tonight
Look at the road behind
Look at the miles we've walked, you and I
Heaven is open for us again

And it tak ...

Sunrise Avenue


Cold is the night I see you go
Into the night to find your Romeo
It’s a pity finding someone
Won’t bring it all to you right now

Enter the slowly crying game
Enter the fear it’s all taken ...

Sunrise Avenue


You need time alone to love me
You need the space to have me
And you know that I've been trying to stay aside

You really like to own me
To show my friends you're my queen
You play the game ...

Sunrise Avenue

Sail Away With Me

There's a hundred love boats all around me
And they all make the waves too high
There's a heavy burden on my shoulders
And it slowly pulls me down

I just have no one to sail with me
I just have ...

Sunrise Avenue

Sex & Cigarettes

Bad girls wanna get sex and cigarettes,
they think they have a thousand lives
to waste them all as they want.
I don't wanna go there, no.

Good girls wanna have handsome suit men,
they hope that ...

Sunrise Avenue

Somebody Help Me

I need to see you right now,
you blow me away,
there's really something here.

I need to hold you tight now,
I want you in that way,
I really think you feel the same.

We spent the night in my ...

Sunrise Avenue

Somebody Will Find You Someday

It is ok
To run to the fields and look for anything
All the daffodils are pretty anyway
It is all right
To envy the birds flying heart to heart singing
All the songs about their happy nestin ...

Sunrise Avenue

Something Sweet

Come to me close to me
Park here beside me
Come to me leave the rest far behind
Give me a moment
I need to say something
Give me a moment
I need to say something sweet

Can you feel all the sa ...

Sunrise Avenue

Stormy End

Please bring me another tequila,
I don't need a sober day just yet.
I don't wanna try to get up,
there's a dark cloud over my head.

I don't need another umbrella,
I'm already wet from head to t ...

Sunrise Avenue

Sunny Day

Hey, I really need a sunny day
Hey, I need some heat to come my way
Stuck in my room so lonely
All the fun seems far away
Does anybody hear me scream?

Hey, I really need a sunny day
Hey, I nee ...

Sunrise Avenue

The Right One

I don't want you around me today, I just said,
'cause I need air I don't wanna share my life with you this way.

I didn't need to believe that we are something more,
you were just you and we weren ...

Sunrise Avenue

The Whole Story

It?s been hard to come to you lately
It?s been easier to stay away
And I can?t feel the heat
Not the one that we would need
There is something wrong
There?s a wall in between

Wait, we ...

Sunrise Avenue

Time Has Come

Bathe me with the spotlights

Tell me I'm the one tonight
I'd like to be cool

I'm playing with you again

Their faces on the screen

Only some time in between

I dream that it's true

Sunrise Avenue

Unholy Ground

I knew the minute you got close enough that I was in trouble

About to be eaten up by a calamity

I might not survive
You're gonna leave me, leave me bleeding

And begging for mercy, for r ...

Sunrise Avenue

Welcome to My Life

This is not really me

You're an angel not asking who I am

You understand

That is not really you

You look at me as if I'm something more

Well dream on
Welcome to my life
You see it is ...

Sunrise Avenue

What I Like about You

Some days you know it's too hard to look on the bright side

Some days you wanna run from it all, then hide

Sometimes you feel like all that you need is a short break

Some days you feel alone ...

Sunrise Avenue


Dream on you boys

I know it feels cold around now

But we will raise our voices someday

Leave the past behind

And smile for what is here now
We will be as one all the way
On the way ...

Sunrise Avenue

You Can Never Be Ready


Our hearts get broken

But keep them open,

‘Cause when it comes,

You can never be ready.
Let it all out

And dive

Deep in,

Don't worry,
Go all the way,

No fear,

Do ...

Sunrise Avenue

You Gave the Rain

I want to be just like you

when you're dancing in the rain,

Your clothes are wet,

you're feeling cold,

But you're acting all the same
Drops on you down

to the ground they f ...

Sunrise Avenue

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