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A Little Too Late

[They say], I'm a little too young to understand
But it's a little too late to hold my hand
You know I never subscribe to yes sir, no sir
Gonna learn, gonna love, gonna take my chance

It's a ...

Дельта Гудрем

A Year Ago Today

Another year older
A little bit stronger
A little bit wiser than
A year ago today

Looking over my shoulder
I was so much younger then
Oh I can't believe what happened
A year ago today ...

Дельта Гудрем

Almost Here

Brian: Did I hear you right?
'Cause I thought you said
"Let's think it over"
You have been my life
And I never planned growing old without you

Shadows bleeding through the light
Where the ...

Дельта Гудрем

Almost Here (Featuring Brian McFadden)

Brian: Did I hear you right?
'Cause I thought you said
"Let's think it over"
You have been my life
And I never planned growing old without you

Shadows bleeding through the light
Where ...

Дельта Гудрем

Be strong

Are you swimming upstream, in oceanns of blue?
Do you feel like your sinking?
Are you sick of the rain, after all you've been through
Well I know what you're thinking.
When you can't take it ...

Дельта Гудрем

Born To Try

Doing everything that I believe in
Going by the rules that I've been taught
More understanding of what's around me
And protected from the walls of love

All that you see is me
And all I trul ...

Дельта Гудрем


i won't hurt you
i'll protect you
i won't let the rain fall down
i'll always be around

and baby i will understand if sometimes
you just want to spread your wings and fly
and let your c ...

Дельта Гудрем


Looking for a different space
Searching for my inner place
Out of patience out of balance out of time
Out of breath out of focus these shapes in my mind

Who is this face I see
Why is thi ...

Дельта Гудрем

Electric Storm

Fighting for no reward
Cold in the rain I'm tossing and turning your words ever burning my heart
Love's an electric storm of pleasure and pain w
here thunder and lightening are crashing
And s ...

Дельта Гудрем

Extraordinary Day

Change, like secrets in the wind I hear the whispers madame butterfly
Spread your precious wings I watch you fly away

I know, I can't change fate of that July the 8th and it was never the same

Дельта Гудрем


I don't want to be broken
I want to be laughing on a Saturday night
Surrounded by strangers who don’t have a clue
That I'm struggling to find the light

I don’t want to be ope ...

Дельта Гудрем


Six thoughts at once I can't focus on one
Seven days a week but my life has just begun
So caught in emotion and I'm overcome
As I'm falling down I come undone

Sometimes I feel like I'm alo ...

Дельта Гудрем

Hear me calling

World is calling, patience falling
Distant dreams and thoughts of you
Time is wasted, far off places
Wish I could fly and be with you

No more time for sentimental thoughts in my head
D ...

Дельта Гудрем

How A Dream Looks

Hey I wonder
How a dream looks
From the surface
Of the sea
If it’s closer
Ought to be there

We can sail around the world
You and me baby
Come on and make me
We can sail around the w ...

Дельта Гудрем

I Don't Care

That boy is working you, be careful what you do,
They say he's nothing but trouble with an attitude.
Well, meaning interventions, my friends with good intentions,
Say, "if you don't walk away, ...

Дельта Гудрем

In My Own Time

So much is happening to me.
So much that I can't even see.
So many words of wisdom that I am trying to be.
Catch me if I should fall.
And even more so while I'm standing tall.

My head is ...

Дельта Гудрем

Last Night On Earth

It's the last night on earth before the great divide
My hands are shaking time was never on our side
And there's no such thing as a beautiful goodbye
As an ordinary day I prayed for you a th ...

Дельта Гудрем


I see you everyday
I guess we walk the same way
To wherever we're going
Every morning and every night
Do you smile to be polite
No way of knowing
I can't explain it
But I'm not compl ...

Дельта Гудрем

Lost For Words

Lost for words in our world that
Does it know
What you mean to say
Doesn't come out so

Lost for words in our world that
Does it know
What you mean to say
Doesn't come out so

Life is su ...

Дельта Гудрем

Lost Without You

I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes
A little righteous and too proud
I just want to find a way to compromise
Cos I believe that we can work things out

I thought I had all the answers

Дельта Гудрем


What is it? love
What is it? love
What is love?

Loving somebody, loving someone you care for
Love is true, you fell like me
Do you believe? Do you believe in love?
Do you believe ...

Дельта Гудрем


Oohh you rubbed me up the wrong way
Oohh it was something that you didn't say
Gotta get it back gotta get it back gotta get it back
Or we might just regret it

We seem to have a knack for ...

Дельта Гудрем

Mistaken Identity

The girl in the chair with the long golden hair
Well that used to be me
A flirtatious smile, unpredictably wild
Always trying to please

I was always walking one step ahead
Or so I though ...

Дельта Гудрем

My Big Mistake

amazing fairytale that had come true
Mr reliable romantic was you
blinded misguided in the arms of love
just 'cause it suited the both of us

then it all went wrong
i'm the one to blam ...

Дельта Гудрем

Nobody Listened

I am in one of those dreams
Where you just keep on falling
Noone hears you calling

All that you saw was my smile
But it's been dark for awhile
And the days have gone cold
No more sle ...

Дельта Гудрем

Not Me, Not I

You mixed me up for someone
Who'd fall apart without you
Yeah you broke my heart for the first time
But I'll get over that too
It's hard to find the reasons
Who can see the rhyme?
I gu ...

Дельта Гудрем

Out of the Blue

A new beginning
A new chapter of my life
Started the day
When I thought
It could be my last
My eyes were wide shut but I, I hadn't given up
Just thought I'd be walking the world alone ...

Дельта Гудрем


I smile
You say I take your breathe away
You say you love me and you make
All the right promises to break

And when I turn around you're always there
Like that's the proof you really care ...

Дельта Гудрем

Right There Waiting

Right There Waiting
Hey, what’s the silence for?
Lost in the herd that hides your eyes,
Did you mean to run from me?
From the dreams, we have waited for,

I want you to take me there,

Дельта Гудрем

Running Away

I close my eyes and make a wish for
Inner peace and tranquillity inside
My mind I feel it's changing
Breaking down the defences of my heart
It's like a new adventure
And this is my life ...

Дельта Гудрем


Just like the glorious northern star you guided me
Shining a light of pure tranquility
To a secret place where no-one else could go
Free to reveal the things I never show

Strong like a sym ...

Дельта Гудрем


Moaning in the moment in my head
as you walk me and it's all so clear
cos I can see a time when you and I
will step out on my dreams
and it's all so real

Is there anyway to s ...

Дельта Гудрем

Silence Be Heard

Let my silence be heard
Is this what I got?
Oh Oh, oh, ooh, ooh, yeah

It was late October
And the stars were up at night
I looked around but couldn't see the truth in you but I
Kept my ...

Дельта Гудрем

The Analyst

Prepare yourself to meet a girl who can not sleep
Dividing every question 'til the questions are complete
Every twisted tongue she studies everyone
she won't leave any stone unturned the ni ...

Дельта Гудрем

This Is Not Me


What happened?
Why didn't I listen to myself
I thought I'd know how to handle it
But I didn't

So confused
Where I stand
Do I stand alone
With each individual

This is not ...

Дельта Гудрем

Throw It Away

fly by frankie thinks he's superman
like a child at the wheel of a rocket
he comes round here with a license to love
but i don't know where he got it
i trusted you offered everything
but ...

Дельта Гудрем

Together We Are One

Here we are
Sharing our lives
We made it through
The good and bad times
And still we stand
With hope in our hearts
No matter what
We will play our part
And now we've come so far
On ...

Дельта Гудрем


Visualise winning
It’s all in the mind
If your head is spinning
Find a way
To make it fly

I can really feel your pain
It eats into my soul

We can make this together
You mu ...

Дельта Гудрем

Will You Fall For Me

Woo oooh
Yeah ah

My head's full of thought
Thoughts of you
And I'm distracted so easy
Thinking what to do
So unsure, so unfamiliar
Am I wrong to think that something could happen

Дельта Гудрем

with lyrics, video clip and discussion">Innocent Eyes

Verse 1
Do you remember when you where 7?
And the only thing that you wanted to do
Was show your mum that you could play the piano
Ten years have passed
And the one thing that will last
Is ...

Дельта Гудрем

You are my rock

No one can buy true love in their life
We all need someone on standby
The night drew long you kept me strong
Now I can thank you in this song

You are my rock, you touch my soul
You broug ...

Дельта Гудрем

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