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1229 Sheffield

Another day of deflating your face into tears.
I shook your mood with the game and a bottle of beer.
The day I fell off of the wagon you threw up your hands in disgust.
Once again you just get t ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

A Million Things

There's a million things I'd like to say
But if you'll stay I'll try to hold 'em back a little.
And a million things I'd like to hear before you disappear
And then you raise your voice a little. ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

And Then We Fell

When the bough broke we were crossing America
You with your stories and me hanging on
Your hands on the wheel and your hair out the window
It's counterfeit color danced in the September air
Wh ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

And Then You Went Away

I've been living in here long enough,
Reminds of when times were tough.
'Cause I still think about you every day,
It's like you never really went away.

There were no signs, there were no war ...

Брайан Вандер Арк


I used to be a big star, depending on who you ask
Made a million friends in minutes, but the minutes didn't last
The melody escapes me, your brightness all around
You're the reason that the ligh ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Fit To Be Tied

With lovers in wait, who were teh lucky ones
Left outside the scene
You know what I mean, they were the fortunate
Forgotten in your in between

No leash, no lead and no tether
With the cons ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Hollywood Ending

The freaks are on the boulevard,
They dream and make believe.
Some will go try to forget
But most forget to leave.

I don't believe in miracles
But I still love this place.
And I should ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

I Went With The Road

Heading west on a back road
'Cause I couldn't face the dawn
The tollway would've saved time
But I was down to my last dime
I just went with the road that I was on

Thank you for the ride sh ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Lily White Way

I need inspiration, I'm so disconnected
I look to the streets, but they're so disinfected
I wish that I came from an edgier place
With taxis and transients up in my face

Where you write what ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Little Man

Hold on for dear life little man, little man
You'll be living with the cards that you've been dealt
You can hold the world in your hands, little man
But you'll never know the pain your mother fe ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Love So Deep

I've been here forever
In an instant replay
And all the familiar faces
And familiar places
Just don't look the same
Yeah, I've been here forever
But I was born yesterday
There's so many ...

Брайан Вандер Арк


Right turn,
The neighborhood
Is pretty quiet for a weekday.
Left turn,
The same one way
To work almost everyday.

Pass by the high school,
A memory rerun
When I was seventeen
Cou ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Monday Morning Girl

You thought you could survive a life alone
Love was not a stranger, and you could recognize the dangers
And soon you found yourself surrounded by these walls

Then there was the day he came alo ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Optimism's Glow

I've always been so hard
Hard to impress, harder to please, hard to hold on to
You're easier than me
Easy to love, easy to please, easy to cling to

And here we are, as dim as morning stars d ...

Брайан Вандер Арк


Rise, my love,
Be the one that you are.
Surprise, my love,
I love everything that you are.

You are the lows,
You are the highs,
You're the fears and the pain,
And rest assured we ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Second Hand

You feel like yesterday, all tattered and worn away
And you say you don't care if I leave ya back there.
When you were open wide and let everyone inside
And they left you one by one
When the d ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Someone Like You

Who's the very muse
For the first drawings
In a cave?
Who inspired the requiem
That sent him to his grave?

I bet it was someone,
I bet it was someone,
Someone like you.

The recip ...

Брайан Вандер Арк


I partied hard
On the first tier
But I burned
A lot of bridges
And then
I'm a photograph
That was torn in half
And I'll never be
Invited again.

But hey, it's okay,
I don't care, ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

To The Front Row Junkies

A fifteen minute warning,
Brings another belly full of butterflies.
I'm just a child of Jesus,
A stage for my confessions.

And those who come to witness,
Have joints they hide among the ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

We Were Never The Same

God saved the queen, but he left you a dream
With your brave stuffed in bellies of ships that drifted in

The gate to the west was wide open
This promised land seemed an infinite land
And we ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

When I'm Gone

Another question
Hangs in midair.
There's an answer,
I know it's out there.

Will anyone be aware
When confetti falls on my empty chair?
Like a one, two punch,
A surprise attack come ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

Written And Erased

As soon as something's popular
It's written and erased.
Still I'm watching, I want more though
I have seen it all before where
Bullies hang with pretty boys
Who pick up girls in corduroys

Брайан Вандер Арк

You'll Be The Death Of Me

I used to know you incomplete
Saving souls of men like me
In a town that sees things
In black and white
A young girl was a yellow light
The almighty kicked up the dust
And it settled on th ...

Брайан Вандер Арк

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