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Packet of cigarettes on the counter

Carrying a government health warning

Still they want the money, still they want the tax

Still they want the money, still they want the tax

X-Ray Spex

Crystal Clear

How do you feel now? I want to know

Clear as crystal, I can see your face

In my glass of water, I can see your face

How do you feel know? I want to know

Does your love burn ...

X-Ray Spex

Dog In Sweden

Iggy says "I wanna be your dog."

But I want you to be a demigod

Look at my bow wow sitting there

Sniffing scratching without a care

Once upon a lifetime peroxide ha ...

X-Ray Spex

Germfree Adolescent

I know your antiseptic

Your deodorant smells nice

I'd like to get to know you

You're deep frozen like the ice


She's a germ free adolescent

X-Ray Spex

Good Time Girl

I don't wanna be? I don't wanna be

A good time girl A good time girl

String you along like I string my pearls

A typical good time girl

A good time girl

A goo ...

X-Ray Spex

Hi Chaperone

You know, you know, you know you know you know

I can't go out alone

Hi chaperone, my chaperone

What you think is all wrong

'Cos you shouldn't treat a girl like a ga ...

X-Ray Spex

I Am a Cliche

I am a cliche I am a cliche

I am a cliche I am a cliche

I am a cliche you've seen before

I am a cliche that lives next door

I am a cliche you know what I mean

I am a ...

X-Ray Spex

I Cant Do Anything

I can't write

And I can't sing

I can't do anything

I can't read

And I can't spell

I can't even get to hell

I can't luv

And I can't hate

I can't ev ...

X-Ray Spex


India, India, India

India, India, clarified butter from the holy cow

India, India, India

I'm a pauper bereft of spiritual vision

Looking for a guru such a decision< ...

X-Ray Spex

Junk Food Junkie

Johnny's got an addiction

He's strung out without conviction

He was raised with a microwave

Sticky trashy fast food slave

He's a junk food junky

He could be ...

X-Ray Spex


My mother the cow who still feeds me now is being tortured

Her son the bull who the fields should plough is being slaughtered

The human child in the womb who is never born for being unwa ...

X-Ray Spex


Did you enjoy the party you went to the other night?

No not really not really, no not really at all

I was bored stiff all night.

Did you find anyone you could talk to?

Anyo ...

X-Ray Spex

Peace Meal

Not much difference 'tween a cow and you

Flesh, blood, bones

She cries like you do

Cries like you do

Yours is the hippest hypocritical point of view

Wake up ...

X-Ray Spex

Prayer For Peace

We got something don't you know it's true?

We got something don't feel it too?

We got something, we got something to do

Not a mushy line that I'm pushing on you

Just anothe ...

X-Ray Spex


Sophia look like a witch

A beautiful witch is she

Sophia look like a witch

Hidden form in the name of chastity

Sophia wears a crucifix

Christ hung round her ...

X-Ray Spex

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