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All The Time In The World

People are always telling me that dreams don't ever come true

But I don't need to lie now baby, and I just think of you

All the time, all the time

So lie on your back and think of En ...

The Nips


Let's go down to the old West End

Where we used to go when you were my girlfriend

Take the 73 to the city

With you sitting there, looking so pretty

I'd take you where you could ...

The Nips


I've decided, this is no place to hang around

Can't get excited, I don't like living in this town

Don't wanna stay here, with all the dead

Everybody's so boring, its late and they're ...

The Nips

Happy Song

Whenever I'm feeling scared now

'cause there's too many nicks in this town

Whenever I get so crazy

'cause everyone's putting me down

Whenever I'm feeling crazy

And everyt ...

The Nips

Hit Parade

I'm gonna go to the party tonight

And do you think my ??? is stuck on right

I don't like punking and I don't like dope

Just give me a blow-job and a lime with coke

And I ...

The Nips


Come on, listen baby

To something that I feel now

Can't stand and it drives me crazy

I want you, and ?it's real now?

Doesn't matter anyway, ?gotta get up? anyway

I ...

The Nips

King Of The Bop

Why do they call me the King of the Bop?

Why do they call me the King of the Bop?

Why do they call me the King of the Bop?

Why do they call me the King of the Bop?

The reason i ...

The Nips

Love To Make You Cry



???, But you won't let me forget you

And every time I try to please you, you just sigh

Baby that is why, I love to make you cry

I love to make you cry

I lov ...

The Nips

Maida Aida

I've been drinkin' and stonin'

And now its time I was rockin' and rollin'

I been down havin' a jack

I'm happy with the blokes in Jerry's flat

Woooo, She's got big knocke ...

The Nips

Nervous Wreck

I'm walking down the street with my head in my hands

Because I haven't got a penny to spare

I've no booze, no beer, no drink, no baby

It's drove me round the bend

I'm in a stat ...

The Nips

Private Eye

My name is Doyle

And I'm a private eye, listen here you fool

A don't give me no alibi

I look in the door, I'm looking at you

All my friends are private eyes, too

You know ...

The Nips

So Pissed Off

The street where I live we don't give a shit

About ??? 70's ???

Spend the whole day ???

So ???

So I'm so pissed off, Fuck all that

So pissed off, Fuck all that

The Nips

Stavordale RD, N5

Wet wallpaper,

Curry stained mattress

Mashed potato, ???

Well I went down shop and I bought a music paper

Put it under my arm, I was gonna read it later

I got on the tube ...

The Nips

Stupid Cow

Got yourself a pair of mohair socks

'cause you saw Johnny Rotten wear 'em on the box

And you learned to do the pogo dance

Cause you heard that it's all the rage in France

I nev ...

The Nips


Well I remember the times you put me down on the floor

Spreading it around like a cheap little whore

But now you've finished with your fancy man

A skinny little runt from Birmingham< ...

The Nips

Venus In Bother Boots (Venus In Bovver Boots)

There she goes a-walking, walking so high

Looking up and down at every guy

Fixing them with a mean-looking eye

A look that'll make ya wanna lay down and die

I don't know ...

The Nips

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