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Chicane Destination

Approach chicane destination

Chaos or automation

Gathering forces coast to coast

Trusting allies watching hosts

Mark them early see them young

Modern clear cut fighting g ...



Im going crazy

You don?t make it easy

Don?t you give a beggar a chance

Dry on the outside

Wetter on the inside

It aint exactly romance

Feelin like a fumble

Bi ...


Direct Action Briefing

I?m not saying

Tierd of playing

My word against your word

Who?s that talking

Talk talk talking

My ways not your ways

Oh I?m so tierd of sitting here



We?ve heard it all before

We?ve learning to ignore

You must confess this awful mess

Is?nt just a bore

It?s more than we could bear

But you don?t really care

Kiss of ...


Fun Thing

Fun thing

You're a little play toy

Oy oy oy

And fun thing

You're so easy

Cut loose run wild

You little wild thing

Cut loose run wild


Me And My Desire

This is me and my desire

Taking all that I require

Such a pretty sight to see

And there?s nothing left for me

Well you know it?s wery funny

And I don?t have much money


My Streets Stinks

Narrow minds are everywhere

Someday its going to show

Follow anything at all

Belive all theyre told

My streets stinks

The world stinks too

And if you walked ...


Nasty Nasty

Nasty nasty walk the streets at night

Nasty nasty loocking for a fight

Nasty nasty you?re the reason why

Nasty nasty made somebody cry

What the hell is wrong with you


No Pity


Not much time to stay alive

Try the hard way take a dive

Got a new one call it sue

Wont be long now coming through

Have your own way I don?t care

This is my ...


Pick It Up

Deliberate intentions ger written on walls

Get your cheap free advice on radio calls

I wanna wear clothes that I care about

The shirts that I shoose

Let?s give them something t ...


Quite Dissapointing


I go where I want and I do as I please

Got the freedom to choose

Who I?m going to use

Don?t spy on me ain?t living for free

What?s your adress D: H: S. S.


Titanic (My Over) Reaction

Going round on the circle line

Trying to find a way out

People stare like they?ve seen a ghost

You know it leaves me in doubt

What I say and the way I dress

It?s got noth ...


Your Number Is My Number

I?ve got a new disguise

Loock into my eyes

There is something tou don?t know

I want to show you

Try another plan

Decieve me if you can

Everywhere you go you?ll find ...


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