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Banana Splits

One banana , two banana , three banana , four bananas

playin in the bright warm sun over hill and hiway

the banana buggies go coming out to bring you the banana splits

show one ba ...


Booby Trap



by: the dickies

Estelle is a vampire

She has a novel way of leaving her calling card

Sing along by the camp ...


Curb Job


Gimme a bone

I gotta get away

You better gimme a bone

There'e no way i'm gonna feed your face


I'm gonna give you a curb job< ...


Elevator In The Brain Hotel

George Alexander)

Find yourself on an elevator going high

Find yourself on an elevator headed for the sky

Let the world pass you by

Going up

Find you ...


Fan Mail

(phillips, huffsteter, kaballero)

Dear sirs,

To whom this may concern

There's facts id like to learn

So many things i wanna know

Especially trivial info para ...


Give It Back

(phillips, lee, huffsteter)

One day i was walking to school

I saw these bullies and

They thought they were cool

They put me down and they pushed me around

Th ...


Golden Boys

Pat Smear)

Mother Mary had a son

Whose days were spent on having fun

One day she got a letter

You could make yourself feel better


Mothe ...



she asks him why

why i'm a hairy guy

i'm hairy noon and nighty night night

my hair is a fright

i'm hairy high and low

don't ask me why

coz he don't know

it's ...


House Of Raoul

Leonard Phillips)

Wake me up in the morning 'cause

We're going to the House of Raoul

I'm giving you a warning

Tell me, are you a man or a mouse?

Hous ...


Infidel Zombie

(phillips, lee, kaballero, ainsworth)

Well i've been running for a while

And i know that i'm next in line

She's been gettin trigger happy

And i've heard so far that ...


Just Say Yes

Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee/Buhne)

You say there's someplace that you gotta be

Find peace of mind and serenity

With a little help from modern chemistry

25 dollars can ...


Make It So

Leonard Phillips/Jonathan Melvoin/Stan Lee/Dorman)

Set the controls for the Neutral Zone-make it so

Where no one's gone before is where we'll boldly go

Kunta Kinte's blind ...


Manny, Moe And Jack

(lee, kaballero, wilde)

When your on the road

And your car wont pull that load

And your wheels aren't feeling fine

Well i know of this joint

Where they'll ch ...


Mental Ward

(phillips, club, glib)

Get in your cell

Don't talk back

Get in your cell

Or i'll put you on a rack

Get in your cell

Don't talk back

Get in your ...


Oh Boy!

(Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee)

I feel like a king

I feel like a king

Oh boy! Oh boy!

I feel like a king

I'm eating all my greens

Oh boy! Oh boy!< ...


Poodle Party


I want you tonight

Won't you please come over

I don't like your looks

But then again,i'm not sober

Oh doggy doo

You're the sleazie ...


Pretty Ballerina

Michael Lookofsky)

I had a date with a pretty ballerina

A head so brilliant that it hurt my eyes

I asked her once if she would touch me

Was I surprised yeah




Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee)

I'm drivin' my pickup truck

I'm feelin' mean and I'm getting drunk

I drive all over town

Find a little critter and I run it down

H ...


Shake & Bake

(lee, huffsteter)

Now i got the hook

And now i got the bait

Now i got the bait

So don't slow me down

Now i got a car

And now i gotta girl

Now i ...


Song Of The Dawn

Leonard Phillips)

Wake from your sleep all you weary ones

Who are leary of the night

Look to the east all you dreary ones

Who are waiting for the light


Stuck In A Condo With Marlon Brando

Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee)

I'm stuck inside a condo with Mr. Marlon Brando

He tells me, "Get the butter," sounds just like my mother

He wasn't nice to Connie

His so ...


Toxic Avenger

Leonard Phillips)

Out of the rust and into the sliime

Everybody knows that he's here for mankind

Toxic Avenger

Would you believe-a mouse to a man!

No one fro ...


Tricia Toyota

(phillips, lee, wagon)

I came home one night tuned my t.v. in

My favorite show was about to begin

As i was scanning across the dial

I saw her read the news with del ...


Walk Like An Egg

(lee, wilde)

I'm just a lonley egg

Peel me down

I'm not afraid

What will we do

What will we do

What will we do

Walk like an egg




(phillips, lee)

I got my mat

I'm gonna take a dive

I might get wet

But i'll still be alive

It only cost 3 bones

To prove my masculinity

But whe ...


Welcome To The Diamond Mine

Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee)

Now we go into the diamond mine

Nobody knows what we might find

Leftover licks from Jimmy Page

Parsley, sage, "Rosemary" and thyme



Where Did His Eye Go?

(phillips, lee)

He used to be a star of the stage and screen

But now he only sees half of everything

A funny little man with straight black hair

He lost it in an ac ...


You Drive Me Ape (you Big Gorilla)

(lee, wagon)

You drive me ape

You big gorilla

You drive me ape,ape

I wanna tell ya

Swinging around from every town to town

I swing around and ...



Leonard Phillips/Wagon/Glen Laughlin)

I saw you on the corner yesterday

I couldn't think of anything to say

But you jsut walked right by me

So I felt that I was sta ...


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