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Well we've all heard the sermon seen

The preachers or worshipped the stage

Heard the new manifesto? It's all questions no solutions at all

Well, you're out on your own now, always ...



Lock up your children the axeman is coming

Lock up your children the axeman is coming

Lock up your children the axeman is running

Lock up your children he's here!

H ...


Battery Humans

Welcome to Cell Block 427 it's 10 o'clock at night

Can you see the rows of bodies twitching in their sleep

And if you're hungry, if you fancy a bite

The guards will be obliged to ...


Beginning Of The End

What will you do when your properties gone?

When the finger on the triggers your one and only son?

When the money in your pocket cannot buy even bread?

The city has crumbled, the ...



Sing to your sisters, your brothers are dead

The army retreated, the soldiers have fled

The carcass of nations lies out on the plain

For many to question but none to explain


Chain Reaction

Rise into the light, and set a flame to the night

We must destroy the institution of fear

Every shadow of doubt, grind it out!

There is a vision now becoming so clear


Coming Home

I just buried a friend

He had come to the end

But I can't help feeling that it needn't have been

Caught in the flak

There was no turning back

So he gave up his life ...



And in our ignorance we let them take control

And in their wisdom they decreed that we should bow

Their grips extending to encompass all the world

The cages open to accomo ...


Drink And Be Merry

Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die

It's better to laugh than it is to cry

My cup runneth over with blood and not wine

The last was the flood, it's fire this time

< ...


Fallen From Grace

The wind of change transformed the plains into the desert

And on the lower levels demons scream delight

Places of worship have ceased to serve the purpose

The age of reason took a ...


Fear Of God

You say that you hear voices, I premsume that is correct?

And you say that all the bad boys end their wicked days in hell?

Well if it wasn't for the collar that you wear around your neck ...



Meatwagon come, borne on the rays of the morning sun

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

A silver express through the valley of death

A cruise over land, to turn the fertil ...



You're standing on a hill, looking down at the city

Thinking 'bout your life and your bottle of pills

They released you from the hospital, you're cured!

So this is how freedom fee ...


Last Will And Testament

The parchment of my flesh must break

The winter winds my soul doth take

And all beneath the heavens lies in peace

A world will form and fade away

The crystal dawn of the fi ...


Nobodys Driving

I awoke in a sweat from the American Dream

They were loading the bomb bay of the iron bird

Giving their blood to the Doomsday Machine

I screamed into the wind my goodbye to the world ...



Progress? That's just regression

Technology? That's nothing new

"Advance!" you scream insanely

"Advance"? From this to what?


An ...



It's a race against time

And there's nowhere to hide

So they look for the sign

In the sky


No sanctuary

But its all a mistake




Earth to ashes, buildings to dust

A radioactive burning crust

The meek shall inherit all that is left

Inherit the Earth, a living death

From the cradle to the grave ...


Spoils Of Victory

Look to the north, look to the east, look to the west and south

On all horizons storm clouds loom and roll across the sky

The river bursts its banks and vomits soil into the mouth



Sunshine Ward

Roses are red. sometimes violets are blue but we're always puking on cider

and glue

People say that we're twisted, you know it's not true, we just get so bad

when there's fuck all ...


The Church Is For Sinners

The pulpits standing empty, the congregations left

Because to qualify for piety they had to pass a test

[Q:]</i> How much "roughly" is your god worth to you?

[Q:]& ...


The Darkest Hour

My friend the time has come for us to say goodbye

So with these parting words I bid you farewell

It seems the life we led was just a shameful lie

What does the future hold? Well o ...


The Power Remains

Out in the marshland and deep in the woods

Something stirs from the past to live once again

Do you believe that there is life

In all that they told us was dead?

[Ch ...


Time Bomb

Took me some time to understand the man

He is a fist in the back of my brain

Don't you know we're doing all that we can

The look in his eyes is no look of the sane




The cold outside lays waste to life. Suspends the process of decay.

Alone without a friend suffer as night becomes the death of day.

[CHORUS:]</i> Winter

Thi ...


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