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All about

And I know it's right again

Just like before its right again

Cant you say you've never met reality

And to say it's just aint right

You get insomnia at the thought of me< ...

4ft Fingers

All Down Hill from Here

I think of all the good points, but they're out weighed by the bad

Thinking that in 50 years I'll be greay and going mad.

The thought of old timers disease, or dying at night because I fre ...

4ft Fingers


If you want me come and get me

running from reflections of me in you

i sometimes think that you're from a u.f.o

but when it gets here let me know

If I fall please don't ...

4ft Fingers

Bright Side

I must admit life don't always go

the way you'd like

Stuck in a never ending circle

But it all comes back to you

So remember to look at the bright side to.

Even if I don' ...

4ft Fingers

Broken Bones

O.K. so today I'll try again

crash and burn just like yesterday

please don't let me die

I slammed on the cross bar and I don't know why

Just as the world is getting me d ...

4ft Fingers

Burn the Bridges

You might as well just burn it to the ground

the damage is done, and yes you've won.

I can't believe, just what you're saying

Is there any just corse for all your praying

4ft Fingers


Bouncin' down the road

They're always catching out the guys

Big ones, small ones, saggy ones, pert ones

We try so hard to avert our eyes

We marvel at their beauty

And gir ...

4ft Fingers

Carpe Diem

They were words that meant the world

A fragile thought that could be shattered

Cling to me for a new direction, the world

A drug of my addiction

I can't blame you don't say you ...

4ft Fingers

Coffee Grinder

My mate lives above a chipshop

Drink more beers, but then he forgot

I live at flat 22

Down and out on Maple Avenue

And I know I've got to be on time

It's already a ...

4ft Fingers


Before I went out I'd never seen the day

But now I got out regret what I say

But now I got out I can't find my way

I'll be there if that's o.k.

Before I went out I'd nev ...

4ft Fingers


Some people never change

And that's who you are

Left her side for a day

But returned to her side

Your jealous taunts at life

May s-come to you

To tell you otherwise ...

4ft Fingers

Doubt It

Don't believe in fairy tales

Don't believe in a thing called love

Don't believe it any way

Nothing ever goes my way

Well not today anyway

Should I believe the tabl ...

4ft Fingers


It's not like me, to think of you

especially alone, and singing drunken tunes

I'm the one, at the bottom of the barrel

to drunk to hear, the children's Christmas carols

it was ...

4ft Fingers

Emergency Manoeuvre

Tuck your head between your knees

I love you and we'll always be together

There's not much left to say

And words can't help us now

But squeeze my hand my dear

And ...

4ft Fingers

Eye for an Eye

We give our life's to conventional means

But the hand out's are poor, stamped on are all hopes and dreams

And justices scales are over weighted

With no such thing as justice any more ...

4ft Fingers

Fake I.D.

Busted up fucking up

Drinking all my wages up

All I need is fake i.d

Can you help me find some

fake i.d, fake i.d

that's what I need is fake i.d

I bus ...

4ft Fingers

Goodbye, Good Luck

We'd been together for so long

almost fright from the start

became a bullshit unit and become one

so close to me you actually broke my heart

But thank you and good bye

4ft Fingers

Hit Me

As she's there trying to find the time

To listen to him on the other line

It's going to cost how much I heard her say

What the hell will plastic be o.k.

I'll kiss myself ...

4ft Fingers

Hopeless Romantic

Well I've seen through the eyes of others

And I not that good with my ex lovers

Talk it down 'n' through and through

What should I do I asked your friend

When I'm eating with y ...

4ft Fingers

In My Shoes

I'm fed up with expressing my appreciation

Cas every time I lose my concentration

it's been like this for several years

and every morning that I awake

I fight the temptation fo ...

4ft Fingers

Killing Time

Killing time with you is nothing new

Listen to you dribble on without a fucking clue

All my friends are away

So I'll hang with you just for today

I'm just killing time w ...

4ft Fingers

Last Man Standing

Despite what i'm told I'll

Walk against the crowds

I don't care what you think of me

Because you're the scum of society

And when i'm dejected

I'll rise unaffected

< ...

4ft Fingers

Learn To Survive

I don't know what I've been told

I was shoved into this fucked up world

can you help me out

then I'll tell you chats it all about

I'm stood out here all alone

all I want ...

4ft Fingers

My Song

Sometimes I wanna go home, but not home alone

Calling all my single friends on the telephone

I know for sure when i get a few drinks down me

I'll be doing crazy shit for everyone to ...

4ft Fingers

One For The Road

Something just a while ago told me I should go

Never thought it would have come to this

Didn't see his fist, must've missed

Drinkin' all night well that twat was pissed


4ft Fingers

One Night Stand

So drunk I could hardly see

Then you came to talk to me

I couldn't hear the words

You said

Then we ended up .in bed

So drunk I could hardly see

I don't want ...

4ft Fingers

One Way

people think that I have gone insane

just because I use my real name


stepped off the boat this morning

this place is anything but boring

I'm in a brand new ...

4ft Fingers


If life was a picture drawn by you

you painted it by numbers like everything you do

I will pick myself back and brush myself back down

defying gravity by keeping your feet off the gr ...

4ft Fingers

Proud to Know You

A solid wall to lean against

I'm so glad I have you as a friend

Never a bad word to say

Even if I'd fucked up your day

Sorry for mistreating you back then

And from ...

4ft Fingers

Sense Of Direction

Did you ever have something

that you wanted to say

never had the guts to speak your mind

and have it any other way

I don't know I was told and this is sound advice

get a ...

4ft Fingers

Slowly Sinking

If I had a choice I'd say

fuck parliament off from today

we are the ones who say the government's a joke

I hope all the MP's choke

I don't want to be

part of this ...

4ft Fingers


Do you think that we'll ever just be more than just friends

And get to hold more than just each others hands

And you know your close to me

Be sooner that you see.

I can' ...

4ft Fingers

Walk Away

Take a minute to think

Sit down and pour yourself a drink

You know what is ahead it isn't easy has to be said.

Even though it wasn't anything but perfect

You wouldn't gi ...

4ft Fingers

Working Hero

Excuse me sir may I shake your hand

Would you like to know our plan

I don't want to work hear any more

This job is a stress and a bore

I am used and abused

I am ju ...

4ft Fingers

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