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Anger's Door

Part of your hatred that looms today
little pieces of yesterday
of what you'd like wished away
little bits of yesterday
the haunting spirits caress
feeling clawing rips your flesh
of what you ...

Seven Witches

Apocalyptic Dreams

Nightmares are creeping into my sleep
Showing the future becoming obsolete
Events predicted the coming tide
Prepare yourself to take one hell of a ride
Maddened, malicious march in the streets

Seven Witches


Deep within the oceans depths lies a sight
you must behold
Time and time again the tale is told
A super race of human kind light years beyond us all
then disaster made the greatest city fall


Seven Witches


My blood it turns to cold
As I open my eyes
I can see for the very first time
Your vast ocean of lies
I've given all
In a blind leap of faith
But hope is contricting
Your truths are restricti ...

Seven Witches


She can be dark as night and ageless as the void...
A gentle breeze or winter storm

Her eyes like crystal pools are gazing through my soul
I can't pull myself away

Ride on air / Embrace th ...

Seven Witches


In an age of wonder where magic was so real
Knights stood brave with honor brandishing their steel
As we heed our call to arms the message comes so clear
To protect the land we love we must never ...

Seven Witches

Can't Find My Way

Looking for a sign
Of how this all unfurls
Trying to do what's right
In this crazy world
Searching for the truth
Hiding from the pain
I know the answer's there
It's calling out my name

Ca ...

Seven Witches

City Of Lost Souls

Strange emptiness crawls slowly through my soul
I feel the ghost of this place past – the air grows cold
Now I've reached it, my lone destination
Why have these forces led me to this place for so ...

Seven Witches

Cries Of The Living

Where have you left us
What are we to do
This place of such madness
If we only knew
How could you betray us
Lived your beckoning
Only to find we'd see the reckoning

It's the cries of the l ...

Seven Witches

Dance With The Dead

You have a heart of steel and a soul of fire
A distorted point of view
You were chasing a dream reaching for the stars
But you never followed through

Prepare yourself to take the fall
You'll ...

Seven Witches

Dying Embers

Awaken the beast born of sin now it rages
The curse that we bring has been dormant for ages
Ripping and tearing the flesh from its victims
Begging and pleading for God to forgive them
Immortal i ...

Seven Witches

Eyes Of An Angel

When you set your souls apart
is it something that you can't go without go without.
Take a chance, a chance to see where life will lead a mystery, a mystery

Never rush someday love will find y ...

Seven Witches

Fever In The City

A calling came on that cold black day
That brought the plague that took their hopes away
Creeping through the streets gnawing mankind
A trail of death was all it left behind
Horrid eyes watched ...

Seven Witches

If You Were God

If you had the upper hand
No retribution,anything in command
Would you be the hand that feeds
Or ethnic cleanser, be the holy creed
Crimes of passion or crimes of hate
To whom do we owe this sa ...

Seven Witches

In A Small Child's Room

Awake I have been so alone
Afraid to close my eyes
I'm waiting for the dawn

Alone in my shadowed room
Sitting here all by myself
Morning will be here soon – morning
will be here soon

In ...

Seven Witches


We were hearing voices of the ages
tempting minions of the night,
the dark fortress rises above
casting shadows to overcome.

Haunted by reflections
of the lost souls who cry tonight,
beggin ...

Seven Witches

Jacob Act II – Voice Of Jacob

When you look into his eyes
(sensing haunting deja-vu)
Do you see yourself inside
(a child, reflections of me)
Are your questions finally asked
(Jacob run, run, Jacob run)

The voices keep h ...

Seven Witches

Jacob Act IV – Haunting Dreams

Every time I shut my eyes
I see that haunting face in my mind
Why do you torment my soul
See I'm trapped all alone
Is Jacob the chosen one
Angel of mercy
Living on, on the run

Shifting dre ...

Seven Witches

Jacob Act VI – Circles

Staring out the window
Looking at the sun
Birds fly high in the glare
Slowly the morning comes
Never knew the reasons
Why this cannot end
Trapped with inner feelings
You're the chosen one


Seven Witches

Jacob Act VII – The Prophet Is You

He's the one you dreamed of
A child with stoned face
Visions of clueness
Dreams of endless days
He's the one you've searched for
The one who holds the key
An angel of mercy you thought you'd n ...

Seven Witches


Take a gun and kill them all
Watch the pain inside them when they fall
Have no fear, you are God
Johnny controls the tornment for one and all

I'm the one you dream of
Dark hatred that they s ...

Seven Witches

Last Horizon

The great beyond will call on you when time is drawing near
It all seems just like a dream, your final days are here
The final chapter's written, the story has to end
You see your saga passing by ...

Seven Witches

Mental Messiah

God, God in his own mind
Savior, savior he's not
Lord, Lord of corruption
Fools follow his plot
False prophet among us
Master of deceivers
Spawning his tormentors
Blind, his true believers

Seven Witches

Metal Asylum

Judas Priest, The Maiden Band
Brought us to the promised land
Led Balloon, the Sabbath Boys
Cranked it up with metal toys
Thin Lizzy, Diamond Head
Ripped so hard it woke the dead
Metal Asylum ...

Seven Witches

Metal Tyrant

He decapitates the night,
resilient powers burning bright,
it's coming round you can't see
metal tyrant slashing free.
Kill mowing down the line
for crying out loud of all mankind,
time to mes ...

Seven Witches

Natures Wrath

Rumbling in earth's core is a hellish revenge
River of fire flowing to burn and singe
As the fear runs through your heart
You see your world ripped apart

700 years of standing still
Activity ...

Seven Witches

Nightmare (The Devil Inside)

I've got this feeling and it just won't go
Some dark intention in my mind you know
I walk these streets with madness on my mind
Stay far away and don't you look behind

Cold dreary morning got ...

Seven Witches

No Man's Land

Banished to this place for a crime not committed
Alone I walk in fear of this forbidden zone
I feel a darkened force surrounding me
In solitude and pain I've wandered endlessly

Oh take this n ...

Seven Witches


All you feel, you feel it, it's all around,
watching you faulter, the eyes you burn,
said what you way, you said your peace
I don't want to hear it!!

The pain that you feel,
I hope it's brin ...

Seven Witches

Passage To The Other Side

Looking staring facing the world beyond
Seeking, searching where your soul has gone
I want to know where we go
When our bodies leave our soul
I wanna see what you see when you're staring back at ...

Seven Witches


What is your salvation,
what keeps you alive,
is it good intentions
that get tossed aside?

Rise up lazareth miracles believe,
they say that Jesus saves
but he hasn't gotten to me.
Prize to ...

Seven Witches

Scarlet Tears

It's getting closer to the point where I might hide myself away
It's getting deeper, this wound you've inflicted upon me
Poison memories among scarlet tears
The blood runs cold now as I face my f ...

Seven Witches

Seven Witches

Into darkened visions
My past still haunting me
The seven witches are calling
Why don't they set me free

The hour approaches midnight, heed
the call of darkness
Twisted trees cast shadows a ...

Seven Witches

The Answer

How many times must I go through this pain?
So Many loved one slost with nothing gained
Sometimes I feel like I can't go on
Where do we go when we move to the great beyond?
It really seems so ha ...

Seven Witches

The Fires Below

A modern dream, world higher powers
To create hordes of demolition
Sinister minds working hours
Designing escapes aviation

So insanely
Making history
Revealed mystery

Countd ...

Seven Witches

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

He rides the night like a shadowy bat
He seeks his next victim a crazed maniac
His steed is a demon equine made of hate
When you hear his gallop it shall be too late!

Beware! Beware the headl ...

Seven Witches

The Question

Where is it that our souls are laid to rest?
Is there life after death, an afterlife, where we reunite
with our family and friends?
Do we go to a place far better
than where we are now?
Do we ...

Seven Witches

The Second War In Heaven

Holy soldiers united by hatred are turning against their king
resorting to war to avenge their betrayal
heavens in turmoil again
For eons they've waited the time is now ripe
the battle will sure ...

Seven Witches

Warmth Of Winter

The winds are blowing a change in time,
another season passing by,
true test of who will stay or die,
so cold but life inside.

You feel her
she's crawling nearer the warmth of winter.
She's ...

Seven Witches

We Are The Coven

We are the ones that you come to discover
You shall witness the truth
Bathed in moonlight we praise the earth mother
Soon you shall have your proof

We are the ones who rejoice the earth's pow ...

Seven Witches

Witching Hour

Born on the darkest night of evil scenery
Torn from the womb of a bitch of blackened witchery
Bottled souls will smash to bits in this magic celebration
Cauldrons boil with the stench of flesh in ...

Seven Witches

Xiled To Infinity And One

Now you're walking by the lake
thinking of the millions who are crying.
For heavens sakes
now you're exiled to infinity.

Can't you feel the tension
as it burns me up inside,
it's just a fee ...

Seven Witches

Year Of The Witch

Time calls to fight for their lives
We'll make a change in the world
The spirits alive
Take them, take them away
Far from this shame
Through years they've been led astray

Year of the witch

Seven Witches

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