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"To Save One's Soul, We Need Nothing More Than Regret,
And This Shall Become The Fall Of Man"

I have cursed thy grace in heavens
For such torments given to my heart
Such pain to pay fo ...


Act I: The Letter

Dear prudence my words can't describe how heavy my burden in these few months has been the rough
sea has delayed our journey back for several days the storm is settling now. And the crew is
hastin ...


Act II: Flame Still Burns

And all the dreams I've ever felt
Failing to reach or comprehend
The essence of you

...And all the times I've feared for you
I've shut the door and passed right through
The flame burns for y ...


Act III: Antracone's Dream

Antracon: Prudence?...Blood! By god...Prudence!
Scoria: Well well...I can see your true nature is to be...somewhat hateful
Antracon: who are you, wraith... What have you done to her?
Scoria: don' ...


Act IV: Lost Is My Name

I am the shameless lust in you
I am the vanity of man
I am forever strength in you
I am the one to lift the hand

I am the jealous tongue, the poison dart
I am the lost one, anger in your hea ...


Act IX: Scoria Arrives

Scoria: Well sir Antracon. She left you like a rotten ship? Eternity...is a long time to bare guilt.
Antracon: How did you get in here? This room is mine!
Scoria: Yours? If you would have defended ...


Act V: The Wraith At The Shore

Prudence: my heart is unyielding I am his but alone yet so full of longing awaits whilst he is gone
Scoria: hark, such a lovely thing. I can grant you etrnal beauty
Prudence: who's there? Who?
Sc ...


Act VI: Heart Unyielding

My heart is unyielding
My dreams are fulfilled
Yet so full of longing
Without him it's stilled
Untouched by all evil
My truelove and I
My hope and my sole will
His sight so divine

My hear ...


Act VII.I: At The Masquerade

C.Tenheim: Enjoining the evening?
Scoria: Count Tenheim. I Presume?
C.Tenheim: At your service my lord...?
Scoria: You may call me Scoria. I' ve been watching you dance with young baroness pruden ...


Act VII.II: False Tidings

Lawes:...Slept with young baroness Prudence.
Hickson: Aye! You watch your mouth gadgie. I cant believe it out off her
Lawes: That's the bleeding bloody honest truth. By god. Mind you. She is the b ...


Act VII.III: At The Inn

Antracon:...I just can not believe it
Hickson: Well that's what i heard. And the gadgie works for the count and all. Well, we better be
off to london sir. If we are going to be there in decent tim ...


Act VIII: Shame Forever Mine

Pain my friend
In solitude
This coldness suits me right
All the pain
I've struck through you
Is the shame forever mine

I felt you in my shiver
I hear you in my dreams
My body numb and lin ...


Act X: Dark Whispers

I will be there when you mock thyself
In the nighttime, when the shadows dance
I will be there when you burn thyself
She betrayed you, coldness tears your soul

Out of the darkness
Ye've lock ...


Act XI: The Murderer

Cinnamon: Want to have some fun sire?
Carla: I'm as fun as it gets
Antracon: You
Carla: Sire?
Antracon: Yes you. Both of you, come here
Cinnamon: Is there anything we may do for you sire?
Antr ...


Act XII: Whiter In Silence

Wither in silence my precious flower
Draining your pith and I devour
Would I crush you in my arms and make you bleed?

I'll hiss my tongue and feast on your ear
Summon the words that you need ...


Act XIII: The Hideaway

Hickson: Over here, miss. Here he is. He wasn't in he's room at the inn last monday, right, and i
went looking for him. I found him here in a poor fettle. I thought i'd better fetch you, miss
prud ...


Act XIV: The Fall

No single kiss, nor touch, nor vow
Dare not say, yet you know how
So fair and tender came to be
Such sickening sight for me to see

My dark wishes and hate unleashed
Dissolution leads me astr ...


Act XV: At The Cabin

Hickson: You both all right?
Prudence: Yes Hickson. Thank you. You may leave us now. My carriage will take you back to town
Hickson: I' d better get going then. Good nite sir. Good nite miss.
Pru ...


Act XVI.I: Anticatharsis

Antracon: Prudence?...What? Blood! By god...Prudence!
Scoria: Well well...I can see yourtrue nature has finally reached you
Antracon: You! you devilish fiend... you're behind this all. its all nig ...


Act XVI: Beyond

Her innocence lay
Shred with a lie
Sweet lips decay
Forever mine
Grandeur of hilt
Do not bear guilt
Eyes wide to see
Your madness in me

In the lanterns pale and sulphur air
My senses fra ...



"It's like throwing oil into my flaming soul,
waking up at nights, alone, with memories of you..."
Don't leave me here
Don't leave me now,
While I'm breaking down
Don't push me away
Don't turn ...


At The Dawn I Wept

At the Dawn I Rose
Just to Behold Her Grace
And I Sighed
Before the Beauty
That Veiled So Tenderly
The Death Inside of Her

And atthe Dawn I Spoke
With Words She Could Not Hear
And Snow, I ...


Autumn Heart

In the Middle of the Darkest Woods
In the Silence of It's Darkling Deeps
Where the Shadows Weep You Embraced Me
And the Time Became Infinity
So Take My Hand Child, Follow Me
We'll Hide the Pain ...



"Cursed be all those, who preach with a high voice for
the benefit of their hordes. For they are the Weakest
in faith, and the darkest within their heart themselves..."

Blindfolded be t ...


Children Of Chaos

Take a close look inside me
Now tell me what do you see
Sunk here below the calm
And I shall take you deep

Waves of madness
As the darkness collides and whirls around me
Core evolving
As t ...


Dead Silent

Your beauty is just a veil for the thrones
Abide in your silence, to be alone

All my hopes are burning
Like a candle in the wind
All my life lust draining
I am weary and strained

Embraci ...


Empress Of The Dark

I hold my world against you all
When waves will sweep ten feet tall
And wind will breathe the poison to our souls
When all the battles have been bled
And rest of tearsrops have been shed
And no ...


Forever Sleep

Angel Who Seduced Me
Angel Who Betrayed Me
Angel Who Offered Me My Cross to Bear
Life Is Full of Agony
Life Is Full of Hate and Pain
Better Off is Child Who'll Never Breath

In Forever Sleep ...



She... to me she's here
She... to me she's real

Within a weft of night
Her laugher still dances
Around the leafless trees

Her drowsy warm glances
Upon the frozen lake
Still lingering
W ...


Grieving Beauty (Remake)

In a deep blue sea of her dwelling grief
She's breathing the pain that flows in her eyes
Like the deepest fear that you've always felt but never shown
And as you cover me with the wings of sorrow ...


Hangman's Lullaby

Laugh, my darling, laugh
Hold your head up now
Just hold me tight
We still have tonight

Sing, my lady, sing
Don't stop humming now
Come close your eyes
Don't want to see his smile

Lit ...


I Bleed For...

"... Alas, do not fear the wounds in my flesh,
but embrace me, for in my heart is the wound that doeth the bleeding..."
Contemptio in nomen tuum
Incendere in infernus
Dance for me your last
Bef ...


Into The Arms Of The Night...

"...and she enterґd into my dreams, as I slumberґd in
my cold loneliness. And fond were her kisses, as I
slippґd from life to mortal dreams...
let me feel her, just one more time..."

S ...


Lament (Remake)

Alone and dressed by night
cold winds were filled with fright
And I, the woeful wonderer, with sin upon my shoulders
Would you show me how to feel, how to hurt and how to bleed
Like the rose tho ...


Maiden Of The Forest

In the Misty Summer night
On the Brightness of It's Breeze
I Saw a Maiden Fair, White
Heard Song Among Her Weeps

Was Not From Tribe of Mine
Couldn't Understand Her Words
Her Eyes, Like Flam ...



"...Let me drown within this river, let me drown in this deep silence...
...Where I will be forever painless"

What painful the chalice
She drank so calmly
There was his arms
Around he ...



Now Look at Me Bleeding
Thine Saviour so Blessed
A Shrine for the Lustful
So Scatheless My Wrists

For No Man I'd Suffer
A Thief, Liar Nor King
Nor Walk Upon Flames
Sing Dirges of Moarn




As We Fell from Grace
Into Infinty
Taunted Was the Night
Dreary Was the Hour

And Here We Lay
Like Broken Arrows
Our Names Forgotten
And the Altarns Torn

Sunk Us Deep into the Soil
Shr ...



"Let those of you who deserted me, drown with
me into the fiery pits of hell"

You took my hand
And we both were falling

You embraced me
And we both were drowning

Did I feel you ...



Was she all you need
Was she all you want
Did you reptile smile
When you hate her cunt
Was she not afraid
Was he not in heat
Did you lure them in?
Let the pain begin!

And now it's time to ...



Slip under my skin and strangle me
Rip open my wrists and set me free
Seed of the serpent feeds upon me
It eats in us all unless we become free

Pour poison in my veins and I'll still be breat ...


The Lusticon

"...in these times, passion hath become more than any
spirit, haunted or divine; flesh hath become the
image; and our lust as the sacrament of it all..."

To feel lust for
For her inno ...


The Propheter Of The Unenthroned

"...And Now, My Son, Open Thine Eyes Wide To Behold.
On Yer Crusade, Thou Have Become Infidel Thyself..."

In the times of my youth
The spirit spoke to me
Pay heed, and hear the truth


The Sinful

"If all of our sins can be redeemed, by the son of man,
Then the chalice can be for filled again, by one, sinful, man"

One, sinful man
One of all unkind
In the times ere gone
Wretched ...


To My Beloved One

"How could I even speak of love, my dear, before
I held ye in the arms of mine?..."

In thy beloved arms
I 'll drown myself to rest
And upon your ivory skin
My dreams will softly drift ...



Was there a time, when I was feeling
The time for shade of hope or fear
Sometimes I wonder, am I breathing
When was it when we were dreaming

When did the sun, stop from shining
Remember when ...


Whatever The Pain

Countless Times I Have Been
Shedding Tears and Bleeding Hate
Countless Times I Have Had
Against My Neck the Poisonous Blade

...Oh Come...
With Me, Betrayed, Banished
Take a Walk with Me...


With Blood Adorned

Oh It Behoved Me
The Hilt in the Night
Though My Heart May Falter
I've Yielded to Fate
Such Peace in Her Slumber
Though She'll Never Wake

Black Swan Rising,
Spreading Wings
Forlorn by the ...


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