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Beautiful New World

In brand new world foresee something, it's an easy drunken heart
Gathered stars in the sky, silence's ringing the night
Autumn relives the charming eyes in a hypnotic season
Silent pool dashes fl ...



Love in moonless night, reaching to the red sky
I don't care, sin & desire, face to face, the sorrow of the world

Don't leave me now, I'm lost in thought, a swivel nightmare
Before the love, c ...



An affliction and coldest breathing
Reflecting this world ungratefully, fighting mistiness
Marching hard on the time of despair in the dark suffocating night

Hopeless ingratitude, emerging des ...


Can't Take

Dust is falling in the peace of mind, complex stars turn over emptiness
Misted emotion comes with sorrowful crying into silence

Never ends a withered heartbreak, the world of heartache
Hard to g ...



Rusted faces, withered body, see the tears run down my dress
Heartless quiet peace, besiege the soul, decadence over my mind

Joyful heart & sadness, separation

My heart has fled away, crisi ...



Allegory in the open sky, cheerlessly, withering naming
The breaking black dawn of mystery,
reach for the red sky with sorrowful misdeed

Stray into a wood, hide in day and come out at night,



Holy eyes in the night, look through the bright sky
Encircle in the twinkling of an eye, chase it around the afterlife

Illusiveness, the cope of night, ambiguously, betrayal of your mind
Passi ...



Rainy night, tears fall down all over the sky, listen to silence
Smoke around, the kind tenderness in the night, leaving daybreak sadly

Peaceful dreamland & serene blue sea, reveal a hidden lon ...



A dream will fall to pieces, fear of overwhelming lightning
Turn over in catastrophe, my heart is burning with dying erosion

See disintegration!

Sea of fire with charming witchcraft, a regr ...



Merciful of matchless generous, that's the serious sentence of killing people
It is body mental suffering, just like instigating all the masses
A kind of silent slaughter here now, the sound that ...



Conceit in storm of heartless, empty danger illusion
Mentally stupefied of body exposed
The furious mind is callused with hatred
Pathetic heartbeat comes to an end
Terrible screaming at night cl ...



Shuttle free from live and death, hold on tangle of image
Endless foretime had buired in dangerous terrain
Night and day break that in turn, throw the plan in disorder
Fearless crossing the sea t ...


Immortal Silence

Hanging on, dizzle confound, The glorious metal wall
Look all around inwardly
Marvelous, strange reverie, mixing the fascination
Fallen and scattered

Remain attracting me, shining through the ...



Across the night shade, molten rock & glacier
How hesitant you were, and the weary eyes
Fall & interweave the weary eyes
Misery & sorrow of silence
All I can see is withering the passing of time ...


In The Air

Windbreak, suddenly scatters away
Gloomy flood-tides keep rise and fall
Tread on ruthless human heart
Sunset in icy polar regions

Propoundly fate is teasing, insipid life's on the way

Lov ...



An ignorant perplexing twist of the misted unreal
Under the seal of repentance, I don't know why?

Heartless cruel destiny made the soul helpless
Finally, can not be classified
The weakening s ...


Is That?

Is that love? I'm wondering... I inquire into unfriended me

Last caress before my eyes, the sorrow comes after me

The empty view of your back leaves me your handwriting
The writing on the w ...


Last Memory

Ruined lamplight, rayless darkness emerges fearsomeness
An unknown future is my destiny
Frantic chasing the unmeasured kingdom of the night
Dread is covering me

Twinkle in turn, a spark of li ...


Light Of The Setting Sun

Sunk into the plan of destiny, fell into changeable hardness
Sadness of your eyes, crack of the wail

Roamer of the shadow fell down into underworld, bottom of swamp

Searching the bottom of ...


Love Hate

Stupidly, error too, wrongdoing don't forgive
Quit body, love & hate, tears will wash shamful blot
Fearless, pretend to moan, fate is sad

Suddenly, fire lotus just burning into darkness
That ...


Majestic Farewell

This time we are persistent & strong, whether conceal feel of renascence
We are careful shadow of lonely, feel the secret fearful majestic farewell

Brightness just shine the holy night, ripple ...


Mind's Sky

Search, endless way, stand alone, slow down footstep
Left alone, eyes pallid, then reveal infinite sadness
At a loss, hold my hands, the deep inside memories of mine

Invading thoughts of peopl ...



Let my mood into wander, misted alone
Draw my breaking heart out, torn apart
I'm stupefied when I look back, who will comprehend?
Searching losing foretime to remember

Unbeknown destiny's com ...


My Heart Is Dying

The hidden sky light, miserable crude abode
Remain in ancient, can't figure right or wrong?

The pallid hardness rest deeply
The tears in your eyes, invisibly disappear

My heart is dying, f ...


No More

Brave courage in solitude, regrets fall down slowly in the air
Immersed in a cheerless lifetime, bury it in my heart
Empty silent deep dark night, arrange my messy thinking
Intoxicate and wear aw ...



Symbol of nature, overspread a pool of blood
Dark night painting canvas, crying the curtain falls

Despite windstorm in sphere, gloomy air-raid
I still intone alone on the verge of destiny




Fancy is boiling in wondering volition,
my heart and soul in lonely imprisonment
Glamour of magic spark light burn off teardrop,
the tearing heart unceasing away

A cheerless speculation leave ...


Pride Of Twilight

Life is rage and surge perpetually, downfall into sea of dark
The frozon body feels so sad secretly, the teardrops' answer

Blazing sun's crying, enternity had faded away

I see the pride of ...



Time had faded away, passing through the vain world
I'm searching for a serious thought no matter who you are
your spirit reminds me again in the depth of my soul

Come alone, life & death, the ...



Metamorphosis of evening haze, calm and steady in tranquility
Wave a farewell to the grey past, no more stray into a pathway
Suddenly realization of fate, abandon profound trepidation
Intricate w ...



Turn into in great disorder, ascendancy reflect
Unreasonable wasteful without fear
Desire expends infinitely, no one can escape
All over bramble nearly abyss of Sheol

Turn over! the darkness ...


Song Of Death

Evil crowd wicked gathering, dark stands still full of sorrow
Gorgon creeps aound a grave, hush of shadow piercingly cold

Marvel of love incompletely, moonlight cold as ice, ice cold painful su ...


Song Of Farewell

Memory dies in darkness, falling down teardrops in your eyes
Pass emotion in wandering, flow in heart of distress

The fall of serious thought

Suddenly defeatd, heartless regret wore out ...


Spring Wind

Riot is acting soundless, a horror monument
In darkness, bury the horizon, ghost fire enrage to hell

Flames of anger keep burning the gloomy road to heaven and Hades
Repeal the back of nameles ...



I forgot distress with a free mind
You never show me any hope between your eyes
Love, peel off gradually
Aspiration deeply!

I'm holding you but shivers pass through me
A mysterious riddle fr ...


The Equal Spirit

Hunting for silent old canebrake, preoccupied riddle and mystery
When foul air's blowing off the destiny
Shivers full of night's evil soul, sell out desire just like a mischance
A vicious massacr ...


The Soul That Never Dies

Don't be wrath, close the age, go through Acheron
The innocent crowd on a line, gathered to the end

Avoid making promises, searching missing spirit
Entreated to win equal justice, but there's ...


Think This World

Dying people chase the fantasy, the satire of foolish mankind
Who is quizing the deceased? who will tread on revenant?

Affected body drunk and dissipate, A miserable life of sorrow
You'll be e ...



The night, imminent alone, grievous blame myself depressingly
Ice flow and cold moon, seem emotionally hurt, retire in sublunary variety

The dying distance nearly dead end in dazzling labyrinth ...


To Leave

Full of scary spindrift, leave me to the unbeknownst
Shining pass through window infinitely

Spatial finish end line, far away from madness
I just feel my wings melt in darkness

To leave, g ...


Vanishing Destruction

Seize the peaceful moonlight, coronation of a pure soul
Nothing in this crazy world's easy to catch
Should I try to chase my destiny?

Sacred world, sorrow that I praise
Heavenly, the burning ...


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