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A Lovely Day Tomorrow

We've been away for so long now
Found out life's coming back somehow
Over Bohemia and Moravia
We came from very far away
And while we kept on saying
In our contaminated paradise
It'll be a l ...

British Sea Power

A Wooden Horse

When wooden horses were in use
I would have built one
And left it for you

Yeah but I wanted to know
Yeah I wanted to know
How much are you?
How much are you?
How much are you?
How much ar ...

British Sea Power

Apologies to Insect Life

Oh Fyodor you are the most attractive man
Oh Fyodor you are the most attractive man I know,
Your Russian heart is strong and has been bleeding for too long

Oh my lassie, it's like bad acid
I ...

British Sea Power

Be Gone

Be gone
Be gone
Be gone your olden ways, be gone
Don't be afraid of anyone
Like seasons, just move on

Aorta liver ventricles
And other winter vehicles
From indigo to crystalline
Yo ...

British Sea Power


Welcoming the cool rain in of the astounding dawn
Watch the birds hovering over Narrow Moor
In deeper lines of deeper sleep, into the Tumuli
All the pretty machinery under the sky
For you have d ...

British Sea Power


Carry on inside of your heart
Under the brine you won't notice the dark
Can stone and steel and horses heels ever explain the way you feel
From Scapa flow to Rotherhithe, I felt the lapping of ...

British Sea Power

Childhood Memories

Jesus the weather was so good today
But I believe a change is on the way
And a little electricity won't hurt
And no a little electricity won't hurt
Especially when we're all out of gas
And co ...

British Sea Power


Fakir sat down on his carpet, mysteriously grumbling
The crowd began to throw him money, and angrily snarling
He was like a mummy, and he stood up when
He picked up the money, and sat down agai ...

British Sea Power

Favours in the Beetroot Fields

Who's a little Caesar
Taking all the world
Who's a little Caesar
Breaking all the records
Who's a little Caesar
Who's a little Caesar
Who's a little Caesar
Taking all the world
The univer ...

British Sea Power

Fear of Drowning

Jesus fucking Christ, oh god no!

From the moment that you realise
Most of this isn't real
To the moment that you decide
Shall we go out tonight
And we'll swim from these island shores
Till ...

British Sea Power

How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?

I'm leaving here
Getting out of this place
Leaving here
Getting out of this place
Only certain kinds of people
Can take these things

Get up in the morning
I'm paying my bills
Watching a st ...

British Sea Power

It Ended On An Oily Stage

Everything you said was true
Everything you did was you
Everything I started with there
Ended on an oily stage
Where I wrote elegiac stanzas for you
I hope and pray they come true

We found G ...

British Sea Power


Lately you seem like another language
Are you in trouble, are you in trouble again
And you know how they say
The past is a foreign country
How can we go there
How can we go where we once went ...

British Sea Power

Like A Honeycomb

Maiden aunt or brother
On the masonary, and there are others
Like you, beheaded lover
In the cemetery
Seems rather sad to me
Oh seems rather sad to me
Oh amour centenary
Available f ...

British Sea Power

No Red Indian

In a place where no one knows
I secede whilst next door low and behold
A girl is waiting pleasantly placing
Animals through my hair and hers
I have no complaints to restrain me
The ship has g ...

British Sea Power

North Hanging Rock

Drape yourself in greenery
Become part of the scenery
Ever since time immemorial
It's all stored up in chemicals
Witness the demolition of boy in prime condition
Into the dust, we will descen ...

British Sea Power

Please Stand Up

Take me somewhere quiet please
These motorway exit gates
Are calling to me dearly
And I need a place to go

And even numbers on a timetable
Arrivals and departures and
Those places, names

British Sea Power

Remember Me

Do you worry about your health
Do you watch it slowly change
And when you listen to yourself, does it feel like somebody else
And did you notice when you began to disappear
Was it slowly at fi ...

British Sea Power

Something Wicked

Where the ancient oak leaf clusters grew, the deaths head hawk moth flew,
Something wicked this way comes.
The swallow is depicted there along your fuselage,
Something wicked this way comes.


British Sea Power

Strange Communication

Well I don't even remember the fall
And I don't even remember at all
And you'll probably never see me again
Such a strange communication
Such a strange communication
Where the air and heaven kn ...

British Sea Power

The Land Beyond

Then you'll discover
Under your cover
The strangest thing that
I ever heard of

It makes you wonder
Why you're here
And why you feel so
Strangely weird

Cause we're not going home
And m ...

British Sea Power

The Lonely

Since I find out that all of this
Is nothing more than emptiness
Filled with impermanence
A guided tour of your deepest fears
Designed to help you vision clear
We'll depart from here

And w ...

British Sea Power

The Spirit Of St. Louis

Come all of ye, sing Louis, Louis
Come all of you, sing Louis, Louis

And do you know his name was Lindy
He flew the spirit of St. Louis


We'll raise the spirit of St.Louis
If all of ...

British Sea Power

To Get To Sleep

Took a pill last night
Just to get to sleep
Put me on my back
Not on my feet
Propylene across your eyes
To take me to the land of sighs

Had a drink last night
Just to get to sleep
Put me ...

British Sea Power

True Adventures

Turgid calls the winter charge
True adventures of awaking hearts
Nights are overwhelmed by gloom
We will see foxes in the moon

Valleys drop, mountains rise
Lift your head, brave the skies

British Sea Power


I don't wanna go to your party
I don't wanna talk to your friends
I don't wanna vote for your president
I just wanna be your tugboat captain

There's a place I'd like to be
There's a place I'd ...

British Sea Power

Victorian Ice

Victorian ice and Edwardian snow
You'll find yourself asking
Is there something below?

Cause your surface area is like old whale bones
Preserved in museums, they're so totally cold

Oh I, ...

British Sea Power

Zнtra Bude Krбsnэ Den

Byli jsme moc dlouho pryc
Nas zivot se nejak vraci zpet
Pres cele Cechy a Moravu
Prisli jsme z velke dalky

A zatimco jsme zpivali
V nasem nakazenem raji

Zitra bude krasny den
Zitra bude kra ...

British Sea Power

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