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1,000,000 Miles Away

Sailing across my ocean
Sailing across my sea
I fill it up with hope Lord
I drown in empty misery

Sailin' across my heaven
Sailing across my star
Until I find the voice I've been hearing in my ...

Зак Уайлд

Between Heaven And Hell

Dying to live
Living to die
Ain't no hellos here
Nothing but goodbye
It's like singing a song that cannot be sung
It's like having to end child,
what's yet to love begun


Hey, hey, ...

Зак Уайлд

Come Together

Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly, babe
He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller
He got hair, mama, down to his knees
Got to be a joker, he just do what he please

He wear ...

Зак Уайлд

Cry Me A River

I keep on runnin' baby
I keep on runnin'
But I just can't hide
No, I just can't hide
I keep on hurtin' baby
I keep on hurtin' so deep inside
So deep inside

Lord I need your smile
Child like ...

Зак Уайлд

Dead As Yesterday

It'll leave you with nothin' to say
Lost without a way
Ain't it funny child
Love sometimes leaves you
As dead as yesterday
Hoping to hold a handful of sunshine
Like a child told it cannot play

Зак Уайлд

Fadin' Away

Should I feel lost
Or should I feel found
What should it be?
Up or down
Won't you please help me...
Searching high
I'm searching low
Where might it be? A loss for words
That'll set me free


Зак Уайлд

Found A Friend

Time; take some time
If you wouldn't mind
Just a minute or two
Cus time done weighin' on my mind
Blinded my eyes
Not knowin' what to do
Alone I've held the hand of sorrow
Feelin' like I'm hangi ...

Зак Уайлд

Harvester Of Pain

The morning mist is burning slow
Blood on sons and brothers gonna flow
Tomorrow will I live,
I just don't know
Morning comes we march again
Into the fields of the killing man
Don't know where I' ...

Зак Уайлд

Hate Your Guts

I got the call Monday mornin'
Sometime around 9 A.M.
I felt down and out, left for dead,
Lost without a friend
Now how you live with yourself
Well child, I just don't know
But as far as I'm conc ...

Зак Уайлд

Horse Called War

If the end be a comin'
I soon be a bummin'
All you Jesus freaks I hope you're wrong
I've got so much left to live for
All these religions without God's supervision
All you Jesus freaks you kill y ...

Зак Уайлд

I Thank You Child

All for you
Everlasting love forever skies of blue
All in your heart
Never ending just a means for start

Comfort in your eyes
For the warmth inside your smile
Faith's done gone astra ...

Зак Уайлд

In My Time Of Dying

Oh yeah!
Oh, in my time of dying, oh, want nobody to mourn
All I want for you to do is take my body home
Take it home...

Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Well, well, well, so I can die easy

Зак Уайлд

Losin' Your Mind

Woke up early this morning
As I looked around
My world be crumblin' down
What I saw
I couldn't believe
Who are you?
What might I be?
Oh, the things you do
Goin' on Babe

Stare at the sun
1 ...

Зак Уайлд

Lovin' Woman

I'm kinda sick Mama
Kinda down
Truck of trouble child
Be what I found
And as I turn
To get away
Another spoken problem done
Got something to say

Lord, I gotta find my home
I need a lovin' w ...

Зак Уайлд

Machine Gun Man

Tell me what a young man Mama
What's he got to live for
Tossed in the shuffle of everyday war
Searchin' for some trouble
Which I'm sure he will find
Spend your whole life fightin' son
Meet your ...

Зак Уайлд

Road Back Home

I look around I see that time ain't changed
Same old faces, Same old names
All the things we thought we knew
You lied to me & I lied to you
(Now) All this time
You never sympathize
All this time ...

Зак Уайлд

Shine On

Take, take a little time
Son you can run
But there ain't nowhere you gonna hide
Now you done takin' all I done had
Paybacks be a comin'
So ya best start sayin' your prayers
Shine on
So I can fi ...

Зак Уайлд

Sold My Soul

Without you woman by my side
I'm contemplating suicide torn from all my pride
A man tells me, son that ain't the way
Gonna make a deal with you child
Gonna live another day
Just sign right here s ...

Зак Уайлд

Sweet Jesus

Talkin' down the line
I nearly lost my mind
Nearly lost you babe
Think about you child
Through my sick and twisted smile
I nearly lost you babe
Shakin' in my hands
I just don't understand
I ne ...

Зак Уайлд

The Chosen One

Hey Papa, wanna thank you so
For who you is and what you be and all that ya do
You, yeh, you, you always taught me right from wrong
I ain't got much, but Papa I wrote you this song

All the pain ...

Зак Уайлд

The Hammer And The Nail

1, 2, 1, 2, 3...

I went on down, down to the river
Went on down to see what I could find
Didn't see much, whole lotta nothin'
Except for a school that be takin' on a ride

Oh Lord! O ...

Зак Уайлд

The Things You Do

Color my world all black & blue
The hell you dish out
Comes back three-fold to you
Inside your riddled rotten core
I hope you get what you deserve
Worse & even more

How can you do th ...

Зак Уайлд

The Wizard

Misty morning, clouds in the sky
Without warning, the wizard walks by
Casting his shadow, oh, weaving his spell
Funny clothes, lord, a tinkling bell

Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spr ...

Зак Уайлд

Throwin' It All Away

You couldn't feel the sunlight upon your face
Your little world
A little out of place
You couldn't hear the ocean
You couldn't hear the waves
I know you meant to come back
I know you meant to st ...

Зак Уайлд

Toe'n The Line

Hey, hey, won't you get yourself out my way
Yeh, yeh, I'm living life like it's my last day
It's got me comin'
It's got me going
Which way I just don't know
Lord, oh Lord, I thank you and I love ...

Зак Уайлд

Too Numb To Cry

I see you across the room
Search for some happiness ain't anytime soon
Turmoil has turned you inside
Sift through your pages of miracles you wish to find

When you're too numb to cry
& ...

Зак Уайлд

Torn & Tattered

Take a listen
Child, if you can
Gonna tell you a story, now
About a broken man

He done built his walls
In time they all caved in
He done lost what he loved, son
Done killed him in the end


Зак Уайлд

Troubled Wine

Take your time, time
Take your time
Take it Mama
Take your sweet time
Take your time
Take it baby
Gonna get to you
Don't even try
Ain't getting' by Mama
Think ya can but ya can't
Ain't no ge ...

Зак Уайлд

Way Beyond Empty

If I could I surely would
Child ease your pain
But if I could no longer
Would you still know my name?

If I couldn't drain the tears
That pour from these eyes
Would you turn your back on me
Wo ...

Зак Уайлд

What You're Lookin' For

We were friends
Yet never all that close
Two different people lord
I guess yeah, I suppose
Well I could see by the lines on your face
So much on your mind
Searchin' for someone, anyone, somethin ...

Зак Уайлд

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