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Clap For The Killers

Now can you clap for the killers?
Give it up for them gangsters
One time for the killers
Double up for them gangsters

Well I
Wrote this for criminals
But all of y'all should listen at me ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

Fight! Smash! Win!

And the wealth don't trickle down
People pinchin every nickel now
Even if we don't fight
Bodies hit the ground
I spit the sound
Of a million fists finna pound
I'm in the crowd til this who ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

Good Morning, Mrs. Smith

In the military outpost know as hell
We was way too drunk of Muscatel
Prone to fail and get thrown in jail
From the stories that the TV was known
To tell
This night at the end of the world

Street Sweeper Social Club

Nobody Moves

Tired, broke and winded
We get low percentage
So, I'm so committed
And I'm so commended
But when I say it's to the death
That's open ended
I might never die
Til bosses is crooked and end ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

Paper Planes

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got warrants in my name
If you come around here, we workin' all day
Your life gon' pass you in a second if you wait

I f ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

Scars (Hold That Pose)

Had a car with stuck doors and primer finish
To take a girl out I had to climb her in it
She really hoped her friends didn't find her in it
When she wanted two drinks, I said 'Mind yer limit'

Street Sweeper Social Club

Shock You Again

They summoned
And I answered
Their God forsaken call
Just focus on the names
Not the screaming down the hall
Your tears beg the question
Why you're bound in this chair
It's simply becaus ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

The Oath

The lamppost could swear
It had seen me before
And stared
As I stumbled through the motel door
The dirty mirror
Also thought I looked familiar
But commented only that my suit was
Brillia ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

The Squeeze

This brick
Which is gripped by my fingers
Which shoot out from my hand
Which is fastened to my arm
That meets up with my shoulder
That sits well below my head
That surrounds my brain
Whi ...

Street Sweeper Social Club

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