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A Boat Like Gideon Brown

Oh Gideon lived across the bay
He's gettin' older now
His boat is big and strong and bold
She has a stalward bow
But my father's boat was second hand
One someone used before
And after ever ...

Алан Дойл

Bad As I Am

Here I go again
My heart's on the line
I'm willing to pretend
One more time
I got some life to spend
On even rhymes
But when I reach the end
Will you, will you, will you be mine

This ...

Алан Дойл

Banks Of Newfoundland

Me bully boys of Liverpool
And I'll have you all beware
When you sail on them packet ships,
No dungaree jackets wear
But have a big monkey jacket
All ready to your hand
For there blows so ...

Алан Дойл

Barque In The Harbor

From a barque in the harbour I went roaming on shore
And stepped into a pub where I was oft times before
And as I was sitting and enjoying my glass
Who chanced to walk in but a young Spanish ...

Алан Дойл

Beat The Drum

I still hear the snares in the square
Colours ablaze in the evening
The air was still down the stormy hills
It's good to be young and daring
She was the pride of the summer that year
She was ...

Алан Дойл

Berry Picking Time

Well I spied a berry bush as I was strolling home one day
And somehow it brought back the bygone days
Of when you and I were berry picking many years ago
In a little county not so far away
How ...

Алан Дойл

Boston And St. John'S

Girl, don't tell me that it's morning
Can we keep the curtains drawn
I haven't given you fair warning
But our ship, she sails at dawn

It's true I must be going but I swear I won't be long

Алан Дойл

Buying Time

I stayed awake for hours again last night
Searching for a reason to keep up the fight
I've made choices I don't regret
I've got problems I don't get
I didn't want to carry the heavier load
Y ...

Алан Дойл

Can'T Stop Falling

I wasn't looking for a lover,
I wasn't looking for a friend
I wasn't working undercover, wasn't trying to pretend
But when you walked across the dance floor,
just like the moon across the sky

Алан Дойл

Captain Kidd

My name is Captain Kidd
As I sailed, as I sailed,
Oh my name is Captain Kidd as I sailed,
My name is Captain Kidd
And God's laws I did forbid,
And most wickedly I did as I sailed.
My fathe ...

Алан Дойл

Captain Wedderburn

A noblemen's fair daughter
Came down a narrow lane.
And met with Captain Wedderburn,
The keeper of the game
Now my pretty fair miss
If it wasn't for the law,
You and I in the bed might lie ...

Алан Дойл

Clearest Indication

You left in the morning
You left without a word
Did you get what you came for
Is this what I deserve
Oh I know the silence was the loudest thing I ever heard

Where do we stand, what am I s ...

Алан Дойл

Cod Liver Oil

I'm a young married man and I'm tired of life
Ten years I've been wed to a pale sickly wife,
She's nothing to do only sit there and cry
Praying and praying to God she would die.
A friend of my ...

Алан Дойл

Come And I Will Sing You

Each verse begins with 'Come and I will sing you', followed by 'What will you sing me?' And then 'I will sing you one o', followed by 'what will the one be?' with the number changing every ver ...

Алан Дойл

Concerning Charlie Horse

Come all ye friends I'll sit you down
And sing an oleful ditty,
T'was on a day in April month
We started from the city
We planned a day or two at Mahers
We stalwart men were chosen
To remo ...

Алан Дойл

Dance, Dance

Friday night, seventeen
Got my hands on the wheel
But my mind is on Jeen
Her silhouette
I can't forget
I'm gonna ask her yet

My brothers truck, my Sunday slacks
I've been working all w ...

Алан Дойл

Dear Home Town

No one knows,
What's waiting; where you go.
Nothings certain but the fact:
That you're leaving.
Still, you roam,
From the straight and narrow road,
Riding nothing but the lies,
That you ...

Алан Дойл

Demasduit Dream

I dreamt I saw a woman
Standing by the strand
Waiting for her people
To come in from the land
Waiting there for seven days
She built a fire in the sand
Waiting for her people
To come in ...

Алан Дойл

Don't Wanna Go Home

I don't wanna go home!
Don't bring the lights up, don't ring the bell.
Once the whistle has blown;
God only knows when we'll meet here again!

Tell the band not to stop,
Tell the curtain, d ...

Алан Дойл

Donkey Riding

Way hey and away we go
Donkey riding, donkey riding
Way hey and away we go
Ridin' on a donkey.
Was you ever in Quebec
Launchin' timber on the deck?
Where ya break yer bleedin' neck
Ridin ...

Алан Дойл

Dream To Live

Set off for America far across the ragin' sea
From the frozen coves of my island home
To the land of liberty
I have to leave my girl behind
Until I make my way
Oh Molly dear please wait for ...

Алан Дойл

Drunken Sailor

What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
Earl-eye in the morning!

Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises ...

Алан Дойл

End Of The World

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes,
And aeroplanes. Yeah, Lenny Bruce is not afraid. (Not afraid.)
Eye of a h ...

Алан Дойл


We shipped on board the Maryanne
To find a better life
And we walked across the water
When she broke up on the ice
We came ashore in Carbonear
With nothing but our rights
And I wondered if ...

Алан Дойл

Everything Shines

(written by Chris Trapper)
Originanlly performed by The Pushstars

Hey, come this May,
We'll be running in the sun again, your time will come.
You're just a young broken heart.
Been out sle ...

Алан Дойл

Excursion Around The Bay

Well it was on this monday morning
And the day be calm and fine
A harbour grace excursion
With the boys who had the time
And just before the sailor
Took the gangway from the pier
I saw som ...

Алан Дойл

Fast As I Can

From the first 'Hello' you gave to me
I've done nothing else but smile
And I know you're in a hurry
But its gonna take a while.
So forgive me if we go slow,
But there's something I think ...

Алан Дойл

Feel It Turn

I had a dream I was moving forward
Floating gently to the sun
I've come to see my world rewarded
A new day has begun
A lost bird caught in mid migration
Far away to a foreign land
Offsprin ...

Алан Дойл

Ferryland Sealer

Oh, our schooner and our sloop in Ferryland they do lie
They are already rigged to be bound for the ice
All you lads of the Southern we will have you to beware
She is going to the ice in the Spr ...

Алан Дойл

Follow Me Back

Slowely came these words to me
Simple and plain and true
Shelter me when winter winds blow
Only your arms will do

Follow me, follow me, follow me back
Where it all began
Follow me, follo ...

Алан Дойл

French Perfume

It's of a bold young smuggler
From Fortune he did sail
He rode the waves from St. Pierre
And never saw the jail
He filled her up with contraband
Perfume, smokes and rum
He hoped the fog w ...

Алан Дойл

French Shore

When I was a young man just barely fourteen, craving adventure and lore,
I boarded a clipper, me Dad was the skipper, and sailed it along the French Shore yeah,
We sailed all along the French Shor ...

Алан Дойл

General Taylor

Well General Taylor gained the day
Walk him along, John, Carry him along
Well General Taylor he gained the day
Carry him to his bury'n ground

Tell me way, hey, you stormy
Walk him along, J ...

Алан Дойл

Goin Up

Well come gather all around me
There is something you should know
There's no place quite like this place
If we get it on the go
So, pile your boots up in the corner
Hang your jacket from the ...

Алан Дойл

Good People

The world today can be a scary place;
Hard to keep your faith in the human race.
We're runnin' outta trees,
And we're runnin' outta space,
But we'll never run out of good people.

Ask 'em f ...

Алан Дойл

Hangin' Johnny

Oh they call me Hangin' Johnny
Away, boys, away
But I never hanged nobody
And it's hang, boys, hang

Well, first I hanged me mother
Away, boys, away
Me sister and me brother
And it's ha ...

Алан Дойл

Harbour Lecou

As I rode ashore from my schooner close by
A girl on the beach sir I chanced to espy,
Her hair it was red and her bonnet was blue
Her place of abode was in Harbour Lecou.
Oh boldly I asked her ...

Алан Дойл

Hard Case

She goes down fast and comes up slow
Gets in high and goes out low
Turns up late or doesn't show
She spends all her cash on letting go

I'm never early
I'm never late
I'm in at 5 and out ...

Алан Дойл

Have A Cuppa Tea

Granny's always ravin' and rantin'
And she's always puffin' and pantin'
And she's always screaming and shouting
And she's always brewing up tea

Grandpappy's never late for his dinner
'Caus ...

Алан Дойл

Haven'T Seen You In A Long Time

I Haven't seen you in a long time
Since I've been gone
It always seemed to be the wrong time
Its the same old song

Looks like we'll never be together
Our whole life through
There might b ...

Алан Дойл

Heart Of Stone

If the last thing I see is your face
If the last thing I feel is your embrace
Then I would not be afraid
I would go to a happy grave
If the last thing I see is you

Should I suddenly disapp ...

Алан Дойл


I was just seventeen, when I made the AHL
I couldn't skate in junior, but my fists rang like a bell.
I'll never win a title, and I'll never win the cup,
But when it comes to ladies, I've had the ...

Алан Дойл

Here And Now

The sun must set to rise
The light will leave your eyes again
Then breaking like morning's dawn
Does summer feel the winter come

The hardest part of life
Is to live while you're alive my f ...

Алан Дойл

Here Comes My Baby

In the midnight moon light hour
I keep walking along that lonely mile
And everytime I do
I keep seeing this picture of you

Here comes my baby
Here she comes now
And it comes a ...

Алан Дойл

I Would Walk 500 Miles

When I wake up yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you
When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you
If I get drunk yes I k ...

Алан Дойл

Jack Hinks

Ah, when Jack comes ashore
He's got money galore
And he's seldom cut short of a job
He can dress now as well
As any can tell
With a good silver watch in his fob

Poor Jack in his life
W ...

Алан Дойл

John Barbour

What ails you, my daughter dear?
Your eyes, they look so dim,
Have you had any sore sickness,
Or yet been sleeping with a man?

No I haven't had any sore sickness,
But I know what's ailing ...

Алан Дойл

Jolly Roving Tar

Ships may come and ships may go
As long as the sea does roll.
Each sailor lad just like his dad,
He loves the flowing bowl.
A trip on shore he does adore
With a girl who's nice and round.

Алан Дойл

Let It Go

Hey man, you don't know what you're missing
You count your curses and forget about the blessings
Don't you think you should learn a little lesson
What are you waiting for?
Hey man, what makes ...

Алан Дойл

Little Beggarman

Well, I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been
For three score or more in the little isle of green
All over the Liffey and down to Segue
I'm known by the name of auld Johnny Dhu

Of al ...

Алан Дойл

Long Life

It's long life
This i do believe
I never thought that we'd see the end
Maybe I was just naive
On a cold night
You can see your breath so clear
Always thought that we'd be friends
But fri ...

Алан Дойл

Long Lost Love

I'd walk a thousand miles for you honey
I'd walk a thousand miles in the sun
I'd give up both my eyes if I could
Make you realize
So why can't you see that I'm the one

Wish I could buy a l ...

Алан Дойл

Old Brown'S Daughter

There is an ancient party at the other end of town
And he keeps a little grocery store, the ancients name is Brown
And he has a lovely daughter, such a treat I never saw
Oh I only hope someday t ...

Алан Дойл

Own True Way

It's takes a lot to get to the top
And a little just to fall off quick
And I think I've seen you here before
Sometimes you fly so high
So fast it makes you sick
You won the battle lost the ...

Алан Дойл


Penelope works in the market
Down in the coconut trees
She's saving up all her money
To go to America across the sea
She once had an uncle
He lived in Detroit town
They got all his post ca ...

Алан Дойл

Rant & Roar

We'll rant and we'll roar like true Newfoundlanders
We'll rant and we'll roar on deck and below
Until we strikes bottom inside the two sunkers
When straight through the channel to Toslow we'll g ...

Алан Дойл

Run Runaway

I like black and white
Dream in black in white
You like black and white
Run runaway

See chameleon lying there in the sun
All thanks to everyone
Run runaway
If your in the swing
Money ...

Алан Дойл

Safe Upon The Shore

A girl upon the shore did ask a favour of the sea;
'Return my blue eyed sailor boy safely back to me.
Forgive me if I ask too much, I will not ask for more,
but I shall weep until he sleeps saf ...

Алан Дойл

Sally Ann

All eyes on Her from dawn till dusk
Hanging on Her every word
Kings and Queens never saw such a fuss
Her Servants are waiting to serve

Sally Ann Sally Ann
Oh when you dance
Every move th ...

Алан Дойл

Shines Right Through Me

These days I feel a change, All the patterns rearranged
Though I can't explain, I know I'm not afraid
Now I realize all good things can be supplied
And they come from you

It's all brand new, ...

Алан Дойл

Someday Soon

They keep talking of the things they'd do if we'd only vote them in
One more dollar and all the bickering and suffering would end.
If you'd sign your 'X' in favour it's three jobs for every man

Алан Дойл


Somedays I feel sad and lonely
Somedays I feel fine
Somedays the clock just ticks too slowly
And I wish away my time
But when you come to me
I realize how wonderful this life can be
With y ...

Алан Дойл

Something I Should Know

Am I leaving you tomorrow,
I can't see
Is this how it's going to be?
In the morning must I go,
So let's take a little time,
see what's on your mind
Is there something I should know?
I th ...

Алан Дойл

Straight To Hell

Love me now while we're alive
It's the best thing we can do
We'll have no time upon Cloud Nine
So Heaven on Earth will have to do
I can sing like a bird
And dance like a demon
And I do it ...

Алан Дойл

Stumbling In

I don't mind confiding
That I make stupid mistakes
Been misled and misguided
And I'm easily led astray
But you can dance with disaster
Never missing a step
Spinning faster and faster
Lon ...

Алан Дойл


She doesn't see the coming fall
She doesn't show no fear at all
Bring on autumn moon or the driving rain
I only hope I see her face again

Everything is gonna be alright when summe ...

Алан Дойл

The Jolly Butcher

Oh won't you come along with me love
Come along with me!
Come for one night and be my wife
And come along with me
Well it is of the jolly butcher as you might plainly see
As he roved out one ...

Алан Дойл

The River Driver

I was just the age of sixteen when I first went on the drive,
After six months hard labor, at home I did arrive.
I courted with a pretty girl, t'was her caused me to roam,
Now I'm just a river d ...

Алан Дойл

Tickle Cove Pond

In cuttin and haulin in frost and in snow
we're up against troubles that few people know
It's only by courage and patience and grit
and eatin plain food that we keep ourselves fit
The hard and ...

Алан Дойл

Trois Navires De Ble

Un gros coup de vent de nordet-nous irons jouer sur le bord de l'eau
Trois Navires de blй s'en fit rentrer-nous irons jouer sur le bord de l'eau. Nous irons jouer dans l'isle.

Trois filles d'un ...

Алан Дойл

Walk On The Moon

Is it just me,
Or a message from above?
Bells are ringing,
Push has finally come to shove.
The door before me
Now is open just enough.

And I'm sick and tired of waiting
For dreams th ...

Алан Дойл

When I'm Up

I am the fountain of affection
I'm the instrument of joy
And to keep the good times rolling
I'm the boy, I'm the boy,
You know the world could be our oyster,
If you just put your trust in me ...

Алан Дойл

Widow In The Window

Waiting for the nightingale to sing
Waiting for the harbour lights to dim
I've been on the outside looking in
While the widow in the window waits for him

But he won't be back
Won't you rea ...

Алан Дойл

Yankee Sailor

We were poor
But I was satisfied
And I thought that you were, too

You were pure
And I was terrified
I wasn't good enough for you

When they sailed
Into the harbour
I could see it in ...

Алан Дойл

Yarmouth Town

In Yarmouth town there lived a man
He had a little tavern by the strand
And the landlord had a daughter fair
Pretty little thing with golden hair

Won't you come down
Won't you come down

Алан Дойл

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