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A Good Man Is Easy To Kill

I would be overstating
If I said I knew you well
That I knew you at all
When you flew through that windshield
And your life passed reel to reel
Was there a bit part for me?
I made a wi ...


A Man Like Me

I’ve been waiting all night long,
I’ve been waiting to sing your song,
Tonight, if you help me,
Just help me find your key.
I run my hands down your neck,
Across your back to anothe ...


Ballad of the Lonely Argonaut

Half by sea
Through the isthmus o'er the cape they're rounding

Over land
Follow the shallow ribbon of the plat
an El Dorado waits
like an avalanche
and the boys are off to see
the elephan ...


Burned By The Sun

High above the bordertown
I can see the golden ground
If I wasn't looking down
I might have lost you in the miles

Ocean blue and foaming white
surround the body of my flight
as I flew out ...


Calm Go the Wild Seas

Everything's alright
It strength beyond stregth to smile
I'm missing you like hurricanes
I give them names but their waves keep rolling
On and on and on and on
My sails are tattered
They're wo ...


Comrade's Twenty Sixth

Bombs, bombs away
So much safer than a loaded gun
And I won't blink
cause your softer than a sharpened blade
And I need you
And you need me


Cruel Minor Change

My cheeks are red and now they're swollen from the kisses
the strangers dance next to me
They're waiting on the sunrise or the armageddon
doesn't matter which ever comes first

Did you see th ...



Being young's romantic
The tourists smile and say cheese
It's sad when you're just a postcard
Dolores has got herself a lie

Frozen you last forever
Got Shakespeare in the personals
Our pal ...


Dig the Subatomic Holdout #2

Come on (x7)

I swear in the dark where she's romancin'
past the line where they're wall dancin'
and the skin she sheds won't lie awake
she won't lie awake
Roses are redder than the dirt tha ...


Disco: The Secretaries Blues

Here there floats
an island of saints
Apprentise boys and girls
to Devils that waste their time
And they fall when shoes don't fit them so well
slip back pumps and lounges
it's where we go t ...


Don't Forget To Breathe

Your last words will not be heard,
there's too many of them that no one deserves
(Don't need your love)
And land mines hide in your lines,
there's too many maps and not enough signs
(Don't ne ...


Emma Blowgun's Last Stand

Goodness knows it's been a wonderful run
The autumn lakes with the children were swans
Your mothers convictions and your fathers predictions don't seem so insane
They laugh, they say
your trea ...


Fooled With The Wrong Guy

how did you get so big?
did you eat too much?
did you bite off more than you could prove?
So hollywood,
you're riding with the stars
and all the regulars now
just who you are
i've got the b ...


Gene Autry

Me and Mean Gene's got a beautiful voice
he carries me home on his beautiful horse.
Where she waits, I will ride ride ride
c'mon stranger just sing me a song
And if it's sad, I'll sing along l ...


Gravity's Bringing Us Down

I never saw you up there
cause you never made a sound
If I knew what you were up to
I would've shot you down

Hey, wouldcha say
I'm on the rebound
Watch me fall
at the speed of sound
Your ...


Hello Resolven

Hello resolven
Hello to you all
Wake up the king
Wake up the queen
Everybody laugh
Everybody sing
It's over...

Hello resolven
Hello to you all
Wake up the king
Wake up the qu ...


Hey Brother

Hey brother
get yourself together
Don't you wait

Can't you see
I'm waiting in the shadows
to take your place

There is a chance
that I'd keep trying
to tell you the truth,
would end ...



watching the planes land over the bay
I wish they could hang in the air forever
holding the patterns for days
I hope they (hope they hope they)
will be delayed forever

standing alone at th ...


I [Love] John, She [Love]s Paul

Hardcore and feeling retro
It feels so faux, it feels so hollow
Not better than the first time
but better than the last
We're feeling sentimental
hey, oh, lets go

Mainstream strikes a pos ...


I'll Be Your Lampshade

Though I didn't mention
I prayed for you that day
You left Glasco and your shell
and sailed back to the bay

And though it was predicted
old times always sound so bad
the calendar was the sad ...


I've Been Broken (I've Been Fixed)

Everything works for you and I'm aching
These planes are an ocean that's where we grieve
Where we drown, yeah yeah
Open the turnstyles and we're racing
A bit like the drama that unfolds at Churc ...


If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win

I'll fight
If you want me to fight
I'll laugh
If you want me to laugh
And cancel out the sun
I will I will
You know I surely will

Cause all you need is a pretty song
If you wanna sing, t ...


Landslide Baby

Now baby says I'm tearing her down
shoulder to shoulder
I hold her too lightly
and baby says,
"baby, your kiss don't do anything"

oh sweetness, all I need is a brand new heart
it's old and ...


Lay Low for the Letdown

You looked like you were sleeping
Waiting days for the twenty-two
Come on
We'll grab a chariot
Come on
We'll write a soundtrack

Quarter til two, the night's ending
We stand where no Roman ...


Maroon Bible

Its nine-eight-teen
It's coffee colored evening
The headlights spin shadows on the ceiling
I'm left here with the Gideon Bible
Long strands of her hair
Trickle down the bed

And in my soul ...


Matter vs. Space

Nose down, what you gonna do when
Parties fade and your makeup starts to smear
Only scene is a grand entrance
Silver screen is another brand new year

In a sea of talcum power
Kids swim and ...


Me And Jesus Don't Talk Anymore

Don't be sad that I'm going
Don't be sad that I'm going
Don't be sad that I'm going
Cause I leave tonight

Can you give me that, friend?
Without a soul to sell along the way
the devil rides wit ...


My Side Of The City

the children are slow on my side of the city
they're all acting tough, they'relooking so pretty
they hide in the dark
cause bright lights are so deadly
the radio screams
their friends are nev ...


Night Is The Day Turned Inside Out

Slow, and I can't wait
as the day turns inside out
Night falls on you darling, darling
it falls on me too

and I'm tired
and I can't sleep
but I try
so I can dream

You know, forever's ...


Popular Mechanics For Lovers

I know he knocks you off your feet
You’re so bitter; you think he’s sweet
Well he’s wrong for you, I swear

Did you forget to read the script?
There was never a role for him
I ...


Queen of the Populists

I left my heart in Kansas
It's the second biggest ball of twine
Quantrill is bound to catch us
Come on kids, begin to secede

It'll be alright
It'll be just fine
You don't have to rush
Tak ...


Rust with Me

Got a song prettier than your girlfriend
I got a song, yeah it's cooler than you
You're just so hip, you open the gates of heaven
Being cool, is that all that you do?

You're waiting for some ...


Shotgun Dedication

where's my shotgun?
but oh, it sure is fun
when your war joke's a bore
and everything's been done

count me out forget my head
count me out forget my head
count me out then i'll know right ...


Silver Lining

Punk rock was my first girl
She left me a scar, so I have her still
She's not young, but she's not old yet
We share the same sun, but her's never sets

You want it
Silver lining shining for ...


Silverado Days

Me and I
Yeah, we're going your way
Summer trumpets and open the gates
No angels there to greet me
They can't breathe and they won't see me

And I'll do I'll do
but a little won't help you ...


Slo-Mo for the Masses

Lipstick stains
And they're all in short hand where
Everything's a quarter my heart
The cut leaves, rings, and the sunshine pours in where
You can mine the glass box until it breaks
Broken h ...


Sunday Under Glass

The scenery rides by
just like floats lost in a parade
where the palms and tumbleweeds sail
right past the homes they stretch and they fade
rolling like movie credits
far beneath the clear sk ...


The Aristocratic Swells

Hey mister for real, sir
We're in it for fun
And have you heard the news, sir?
We're in it for free

And with a kiss, yeah you be so sure
We'll put a laugh track on for you, dear
A million ...


The Rise and Fall of Our Hero's Reward

I heard your song
You sang your mom and dad went punk
they called you the unknown quotient
or something close to that

Now all the little boys
write bad poems to their new loves
and play al ...



when she starts to sway
the floor is blacker than the sea.

she says "oh well oh well you do just fine
just spinning drifting trying to stay in time with me
pretend those caste ...


What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?

This is gonna hurt, kid
You better hold on tight, you know
All those drugs you take
Cannot help to save your soul

Smile someday, smile, kid
You're fragile as a scene, ya know
All tho ...


Wipe Those Prints And Run

So it's time for us to run
grab your things, lock the doors and run.
Don't call me such a dirty word
No matter what you've heard, it's a lie.
Wipe your prints and run.

Fame, it means a lot to ...


You're Only King Once

Have you seen that moon-faced kid?
that burned out halo hangs right above his head
it's so hard not to be crushed
when you're praying for too much
and the stars refuse to shine for you
they do ...


Your Mother Loves You Son

you been counting on a sunday
oh the world, the world, the world,
has gone insane
always something
over nothing
get excited over everything that's said

you been counting on a saviour
hide ...


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