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Beale Street Mama

Jenny Neale,
Down in Beale,
Gave her papa the air;
Left him cold,
Got him told,
Said she didn't care.
Old Joe, her beau,
Looked just like he would die;
If you was near ...

Бесси Смит

After You’ve Gone

After you've gone and left me crying, after you've gone - there's no denying
You'll feel blue - you're gonna be sad
You've missed the dearest pal that (slickest partner) you ever had
There'll ...

Бесси Смит

Aggravatin’ Papa

I know a drivin' man,
They call him Drivin' Sam;
He lives in Birmingham,
Way down in Alabam.
The other night he had a fight
With a gal named Mandy Brim,
And she plainly stated, ...

Бесси Смит

Backwater Blues Version 2

When it rained five days and the skies turned dark as night
When it rained five days and the skies turned dark as night
There was trouble taking place in the lowlands at night

I woke up t ...

Бесси Смит

Bleeding Heart Blues

When you sad and lonely,
Thinking about you only,
Feeling disgusted and blue,
Ah, your heart is aching,
Yes, it's almost breaking,
No one to tell your troubles to,
That's the t ...

Бесси Смит

Blue Blues

Blue, blue, I got a tale to tell you, I'm blue
Something comes over me, daddy, and I'm blue about you
Listen to my story, and ev'rything'll come out true

When your man is gone, your rent ...

Бесси Смит

Boweavil Blues

Hey boweavil don't bring them blues no more
Hey boweavil don't bring them blues no more
Boweavil's here, boweavil's everywhere you go

I'm a lone boweavil, been out a great long time
I' ...

Бесси Смит

Cemetary Blues

Folks, I know a gal named Cemetary Lize,
Down in Tennessee;
She has got a pair of mean old graveyard eyes,
Full of misery.
Every night and day,
You can hear her sing her blues away ...

Бесси Смит

Down-Hearted Blues

My man mistreated me, and he drove me from his door
Lord he mistreated me, and he drove me from his door
But the Good Book says you've got to reap just what you sow

I got the world in a j ...

Бесси Смит

Empty Bed Blues

I woke up this morning with a awful aching head
I woke up this morning with a awful aching head
My new man had left me, just a room and a empty bed

Bought me a coffee grinder that's the b ...

Бесси Смит

Foolish Man Blues

Men sure is deceitful and they's gettin' worser ev'ry day
Men sure is deceitful and they's gettin' worser ev'ry day
Act like a bunch of women, they's just-a gab, gab, gabbin' away

There's ...

Бесси Смит

Frosty Morning

How come I'm blue as can be, how come I need sympathy
I know what's troubling me, listen and you'll see
Because the good man that I got, left me all alone
Woke up this morning at four, when I ...

Бесси Смит

Gimme A Pigfoot

Up in Harlem every saturday night
Were the highbrows get together, just to write
They all congregate at an allnite hack
What they do is ooh papa dah

Ol' Hannah Brown, way cross town

Бесси Смит

Graveyard Dream Blues

Blues on my mind, blues all around my head
Blues on my mind, and blues all around my head
I dreamed last night that the man that I love was dead

I went to the graveyard, fell down on my k ...

Бесси Смит

Haunted House Blues

Don't bring no ghosts in the front, hurry 'em round to the backdoor!

This house is so haunted with dead men I can't lose
This house is so haunted with dead men I can't lose
And a sneaky o ...

Бесси Смит

I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl

Tired of bein' lonely, tired of bein' blue,
I wished I had some good man, to tell my troubles to
Seem like the whole world's wrong, since my man's been gone

I need a little sugar in my bo ...

Бесси Смит

I’ve Got What It Takes

Oh Stingy Ginny saved up all her pennies
Straight to the bank she would go
The sharks would have their hands around her
But none could get her dough

Ginny's fellow was a slick high yel ...

Бесси Смит

Jailhouse Blues

Well I wouldn't mind staying in jail, but I've gotta stay there so long
Well I wouldn't mind staying in jail, but I've gotta stay there so long
You know it seem like all my friends, you know the ...

Бесси Смит

Lady Luck Blues

Bad luck has come to stay
Trouble never end
My man has gone away
With a girl I thought was my friend
I'm worried down with care
Lordy, can't you hear my prayer

Lady Luck, Lady Lu ...

Бесси Смит

Midnight Blues

It's the darkest hour
of the darkest night.
It's a million miles
from the morning light.

Can't get no sleep.
Don't know what to do.
I've got those midnight blues.

When the ...

Бесси Смит

Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)

Dixie1 moonlight, Swanee shore
Headed homebound just once more
To my Mississippi delta home
Southland has that grand garden spot
Although you believe or not
I hear those breeze a-whispe ...

Бесси Смит

My Sweetie Went Away

I've got a lovesick tale to tell to you
Though it ain't no affair of mine
It's 'bout a gal named Sue and a boy named Lou
They were fighting all the time
Sue came home one afternoon
And ...

Бесси Смит

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues

Old New Orleans is a great big old southern town, where hospitality you will surely find
The population there is very, very fair, with ev'rything they do
White folks do it too, they have a dance ...

Бесси Смит

Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine

In a bakery shop today
I heard Miss Mandy Jenkins say
She had the best cake, you see
And they were fresh as fresh could be
And as the people would pass by
You would hear Miss Mandy cry

Бесси Смит

Oh Daddy Blues

Just like a flower I am fading away
The doctor call to see me most every day
But he don't do me no good, why?
Because I'm lonesome for you
And if you care for me
Then you will listen to ...

Бесси Смит

Piece Of My Heart

Didn't I make you feel
Like you were the only man
And didn't I give you everything
That a woman possibly can
Each time I tell myself I think I've had enough
Well I'm gonna show you baby ...

Бесси Смит

Preachin’ The Blues

Down in Atlanta, GA, under the viaduct ev'ry day, drinking corn and hollerin' hooray
Pianos playing till the break of day
But as I turned my head, I loudly said, "Preach 'em blues, sing them blu ...

Бесси Смит

Put It Right Here (Or Keep It Out There)

I had a man for fifteen years
Give him his room and board
Once he was like a Cadillac
Now he's like an old worn out Ford
He never brought me a lousy dime
And put it in my hand
So the ...

Бесси Смит

Sam Jones Blues

Who's that knockin' on that door
You better get away from that door
I don't know nobody named Jones
You're in the right church, brother, but the wrong pew1)

Sam Jo ...

Бесси Смит

Sorrowful Blues

If you catch me stealin', I don't mean no harm
If you catch me stealin', I don't mean no harm
It's a mark in my family and it must be carryin' on

I got nineteen men and won't want more

Бесси Смит

St. Louis Blues

I hate to see, that evenin' sun go down!
I hate to see, that evenin' sun go down!
'Cause my baby, gone and left this town!

Feelin' tomorrow, just like I feel today,
If I'm feelin' ...

Бесси Смит

Standin’ In The Rain Blues

Standin' in the rain and ain't a drop fell on me
Standin' in the rain and ain't a drop fell on me
My clothes is all wet but my flesh is as dry as can be

It can rain all day, I ain't got n ...

Бесси Смит

Thinking Blues

Did you ever sit thinking with a thousand things on your mind?
Did you ever sit thinking with a thousand things on your mind?
Thinking about someone who has treated you so nice and kind

Y ...

Бесси Смит

Young Woman’s Blues

Woke up this mornin' when chickens was crowin' for day
Felt on the right side of my pilla', my man gad gone away
By this pilla' he left a note readin', "I'm sorry, Jane, you got my goat
No ti ...

Бесси Смит

You’ve Got To Give Me Some

Loving is the thing I crave
For your love I'll be your slave
You gotta give me some, yes give me some
Can't you hear me pleading, you gotta give me some

Said mister Jones to old butche ...

Бесси Смит

’T Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do

There ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say
That folks don't criticize me
But I'm goin' to, do just as I want to anyway
And don't care if they all despise me

If I should take a ...

Бесси Смит

Ain’t Gonna Play No 2nd Fiddle

Let me tell you daddy,
momma ain't gonna sit here and grieve
Pack up your stuff and get ready to leave

I stood your foolishness long enough,
so now I'm gonna call your bluff
Oh, I'm ...

Бесси Смит

Any Woman’s Blues

My man ain't acting right
He stays out late at night
But still he says he loves no one but me
But if I find the gal
That's trying to steal my pal
I'll get her told, just you wait and se ...

Бесси Смит

At The Christmas Ball

Hey Bessie it's Christmas here"
Here! Here! Hurray for Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, and to me it brings good cheer,
and to everyone who likes wine and beer
Happy New Year ...

Бесси Смит

Baby Doll

Girl you don’t know what you are to me
You are my baby doll
You are my compass star
You drive me up the wall
Girl you don’t know what you mean to me
You are my everything
You are my ...

Бесси Смит

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home

I've got the blues, I feel so lonely
I'll give the world if I could only
Make you understand
It surely would be grand

I'm gonna telephone my baby
Ask him won't you please come home

Бесси Смит

Backwater Blues Version 1

When it rains five days and the skies turn dark as night
When it rains five days and the skies turn dark as night
Then trouble's takin' place in the lowlands at night

I woke up this morni ...

Бесси Смит

Cake Walking Babies From Home

Cake walkers1 may come, cake walkers may go,
but I wanna tell you 'bout a couple I know
High steppin' pair, Debonair
When it comes for bus'ness not a soul can compare

Here they come, l ...

Бесси Смит

Charlie Green, Play That Thing

I know a fool who blows a horn
He comes from way down south
You never heard such blowin' since you was born
When he puts that trombone to his mouth
He cries and moans, he grunts and groans ...

Бесси Смит

Chicago Bound Blues

Late last night, I sold away and cried
Late last night, I sold away and cried
Had the blues for Chicago, I just can't be satisfied

Blues on my brain, my tongue refused to talk
Blues on ...

Бесси Смит

Devil’s Gonna Git You

It's a long, long lane that has no turning
And it's a fire that always keeps on burning
Mister devil down below
Pitchfork in his hand
And that's where you are going to go
Do you underst ...

Бесси Смит

Down In The Dumps

My man's got somethin', he gives me such a thrill
Every time he smiles at me, I can't keep my body still
I done cried so much, look like I've got the mumps1
I can't keep from worryin' 'cause ...

Бесси Смит

Eavesdropper’s Blues

I heard the folks were talking here yesterday
As I listened by the door
Would eavesdrop1 'cause they never hear no good, they say
And I heard things that hurt me so

They said I had a m ...

Бесси Смит

Gulf Coast Blues

I've been blue all day
My man's gone away
He left his mama cold
For another gal, I'm told

I've tried to treat him kind
I thought he would be mine
That man I hate to lose
That' ...

Бесси Смит

Hard Time Blues

My man said he didn't want me
I'm getting tired of his dirty ways
I'm going to see another brown
I'm packin' my clothes
I'm leavin' town, getting outdoors
lettin' him know and he'll see ...

Бесси Смит

I Ain’t Got Nobody

There's a saying going 'round and I begin to think it's true
It's awful hard to love someone, when they don't care 'bout you
Once I had a lovin' man, as good as many in this town
But now I'm ...

Бесси Смит

If You Don’t, I Know Who Will

Daddy, I want some furs and things
Daddy, I want the diamond rings
Aeroplanes, motor cars and such
If your little mama ain't askin' too much
From you, from you
Won't you give me what I ...

Бесси Смит

In The House Blues

Settin' in the house with everything on my mind
Settin' in the house with everything on my mind
Lookin' at the clock and can't even tell the time

Walkin' to my window, an' lookin' out of ...

Бесси Смит

It Makes My Love Come Down

When I see two sweethearts spoon1, underneath the silv'ry moon
It makes my love come down, I wanna be around
Kiss me, honey, it makes my love come down

Cuddle close, turn out the light, d ...

Бесси Смит

I’m Going Back To My Used To Be

Clara: I feel sad
Bessie: You feel blue
Clara: I can hardly sleep at night
Bessie: For your man was sore all the time
Clara: And I know I didn't treat him right
Bessie: You're going bac ...

Бесси Смит

Keep It To Yourself

If your man is nice and sweet
Serving you lots of young pigmeat
Oh yes, keep it to yourself

If you know you are standing fast
Got him worried where you at
Oh yes, keep it to yoursel ...

Бесси Смит

Long Road

And I wished for so long...cannot stay.
All the precious moments...cannot stay.
It's not like wings have fallen...cannot stay.
But still something's missing...cannot say.

Holding han ...

Бесси Смит

Lost Your Head Blues

I was with you, baby, when you didn't have a dime
I was with you, baby, when you didn't have a dime
Now since you got a lot of money, you have thrown a good gal down

Once ain't for always ...

Бесси Смит

Mama’s Got The Blues

Some people say that the weary blues ain't bad
Some people say the weary blues ain't bad
But it's the worst old feeling that I've ever had
Woke up this morning, with the jinx around my bed

Бесси Смит

Me And My Gin

"Stay away from me 'cause I'm in my sin.
Stay away from me 'cause I'm in my sin.
If this place gets raided, it's just me and my gin.

Don't try me nobody, oh, you will never win.
Don't ...

Бесси Смит

Mean Old Bed Bug Blues

Gals, bed bugs sure is evil, they don't mean me no good
Yeah, bed bug sure is evil, they don't mean me no good
Thinks he's a woodpecker and I'm a chunk of wood

When I lay down at night, I ...

Бесси Смит

Mistreating Daddy

Daddy, mama's got the blues
The kind of blues that's hard to lose
'Cause you mistreated me
And drove me from your door
Daddy, you ain't heard the news
There's another papa in your shoes ...

Бесси Смит

My Handy Man Ain’t Handy No More

Once I used to brag about my handy man, but I ain't braggin' no more
Somethin' strange has happened to my handy man, he's not the man he was before
Wish somebody could explain to me, about thi ...

Бесси Смит

My Man Blues

Clara: who was that man I saw you with the other day?
Bessie: that was my smooth black daddy that we call Charlie Gray
Don't you know that's my man?
Yes, that's a fact
I ain't seen your na ...

Бесси Смит

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

Once I lived the life
of a millionaire
Spending my money
Oh I didn't care
Taking my friends out
For a mighty good time
Oh we'd drink that good gin
Champagne and wine


Бесси Смит

Outside Of That

I've got the meanest man in the land
But his love is that sticking brand
His kiss just lingers on my lips
And thrill me to my fingertips
People say I'm a fool
He's heartless and also cr ...

Бесси Смит

Pickpocket Blues

My best man, my best friend,
told me to stop peddlin'1 gin
They even told me to keep my hands
out people's pocket where their money was in

But I wouldn't listen or have any shame,
' ...

Бесси Смит

Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind

I've cried and worried, all night and I laid and groaned
I've cried and worried, all night and I laid and groaned
I used to weigh two hundred now I'm down to skin and bones

It's all about ...

Бесси Смит

Poor Man’s Blues

Mister rich-man, rich-man, open up your heart and mind
Mister rich-man, rich-man, open up your heart and mind
Give the poor man a chance, help stop these hard, hard times

While you're l ...

Бесси Смит

Reckless Blues

(Bessie Smith & Jack Gee)

When I wasn't nothing but a child
When I wasn't nothing but a child
All you men tried to drive me wild

Now I'm, now I'm growing old
Now, now I'm g ...

Бесси Смит

Rocking Chair Blues

Did you ever wake up with sorrow all on your mind?
Did you ever wake up with sorrow all on your mind?
He plays the blues to his congregation, hear his trombone whine

He'll make you love, ...

Бесси Смит

Safety Mama

Let me tell you how and why what no-good man done to me
He called me pretty, young and wild, after that he let me be
He'd taken advantage of my mouth, and that you understand
So, wait a while ...

Бесси Смит

See If I’ll Care

You say that you leavin' ant that you going away
but before you leave, dear, please let me have my say
I know that you feel good now with nothin' on your mind
but just mark my words, dear, th ...

Бесси Смит

Send Me To The Lectric Chair

Judge you wanna hear my plea
Before you open up your court
But I don't want no sympathy
'Cause I done cut my good man's throat

I caught him whith a trifling Jane
I warned him 'bout ...

Бесси Смит

Shipwreck Blues

Captain, tell your men to get on board
I sure see 'em just pull into another shore

I'm dreary in mind and I'm so worried in heart
Oh the best of friends sho' has got to part

Blow y ...

Бесси Смит

Squeeze Me

Treat me sweet and gentle
When you hold me tight
Just squeeze me
But please don't tease me

I get sentimental
When you hold me tight
Come and squeeze me
But please don't ...

Бесси Смит

St. Louis Gal

Worried in the nighttime, worried in the day
'Cause another sweetie, took my man away
Down in St. Louis, there I lost my pride and joy
St. Louis woman, stole the heart of my big boy, I'm cryi ...

Бесси Смит

Take Me For A Buggy Ride

You're my man, you're so nice and brown, sweetest man in this town
I heard you say you was goin' away, and leave me here to stay
I feel like I could cry, and here's the reason why

Daddy, ...

Бесси Смит

Wasted Life Blues

I've lived a life but nothin' I've gained
Each day I'm full of sorrow and pain
No one seems to care enough for poor me,
to give me a word of sympathy
Oh, me! Oh, me! Wonder what will becom ...

Бесси Смит

Weary Blues

(Hank Williams Sr)

Weary blues from waitin'
Lord, I've been waitin' so long
These blues have got me cryin'
Oh, sweet daddy please come home

The snow falls 'round my window ...

Бесси Смит

Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time

Tillie Brown was a dancing fool
Spent her time in a dancing school
When the band would play
Tillie would start right in to sway
First one out on the ballroom floor
She never got enough, ...

Бесси Смит

Wild About That Thing

Honey baby, won't you cuddle near,
just sweet mama whisper in your ear
I'm wild about that thing, it makes me laugh and sing,
give it to me papa, I'm wild about that thing

Do it easy, ...

Бесси Смит

Worried Life Blues

I lived a life but nothing I've gained
Each day I'm full of sorrow and pain
No one seems enough for poor me
To give me a word of sympathy
Oh me, oh my
Wonder what will the end be
Oh ...

Бесси Смит

Yodling Blues

The blues, the blues, the yodling1 blues
They seem to haunt me all the time
Because that I ain't got no one
That will console my mind
It seems to me no happiness will I ever find
No hap ...

Бесси Смит

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