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1000 Miles

The cold has past the sun, it's shining.
We're digging holes, we're gold heart mining.
So here you stand, without a plan,
The dream is here, surpass your fear.
I said ey, you're a thousand mil ...

Алекс Ллойд


So the aliens have landed
They'll be moving through you and i
And as the family disbanded
They dragged the sadness into the light
No more tears and no more pain
Only things to keep you sane

Алекс Ллойд

All You Need

Faces mistaken
Roads that you've taking, are winding
Sand in your shoes
As you kick off those blues you've been sinking

You said that's all you want
You sure that's all you need from ...

Алекс Ллойд


When all you want to do is rock,
But you don't want to bear the sock no more,
When it's just sweat that fills your eyes,
Belated feelings that you have denied.

When every wolf is at your doo ...

Алекс Ллойд


My friends just called back home,
Lost themselves in a America,
Found themselves in the usa.
My brother does not know how much I love him so,
I guess it's time to break that code.
'Cause we' ...

Алекс Ллойд

Backseat Clause

If this gets me home then i'll be yours
Last plane to leave well it's a back seat clause
You never call since you found god
I love you more cause it's a back seat clause
I'm still running away ...

Алекс Ллойд


All goodbyes disappeared,
When I first set my eyes on you,
I found a world so pure and blue.
Today I... vow to you,
That every little piece you see,
Is coming from the heart of me.
You are ...

Алекс Ллойд

Black The Sun

Black the sun
Oh no, look at what we done
Go away, oh no, won't you please stay?

And dream of me, I wish you
Would dream of me
And dream of me, I hope you
Will dream of me


Алекс Ллойд

Brand New Day

When you feel as though your falling
Every fear you can confide
When the night time is your dawning
Hard to see through troubled eyes
What you wanted so
Had to let it go
Brand new da ...

Алекс Ллойд


Watch them motor again
We can race and will bend
You might call in the night
Who is to say what's right
In the blink of an eye
All your trace evils die
Have you seen longer days
Tell me ...

Алекс Ллойд

Bus Ride

Like morning will keep us
Locked in our arms
Roses for weepers
Not easy to charm
And I am not a fool
So get on that bus now
And ride it on home
Lone in the back seat
With no telephone

Алекс Ллойд

Chasing The Sun

On my hands, sitting on half a chance,
Waiting for good things to come.
Passers by looking through broken glass,
Waiting for good things to come.
And this cry goes out to everyone,
Chasing t ...

Алекс Ллойд

Coming Home

You found a home inside a heart
And lost it all with broken feelings
I watch you churn inside your mind
And put it out with double meanings
Well, we're coming home
Weve been searc ...

Алекс Ллойд


Walking south along my mouth
Through the heart that's hard to start
I know it's nothing the woman cried
So you're leaving you did not lie
The broken light bulb that's glowing still
The morni ...

Алекс Ллойд

Distant Light

She sits at table number thirty-five,
The only one of us who's still alive.
There's no telling when you need a friend
To get you home and back
There's something special in emergency,

Алекс Ллойд


The same old loose lipped cannon
Speaks for you today
Alone without your talent
There's not much to say
And all these arguements
Are meaningless today
And the reasons why they've
Vanishe ...

Алекс Ллойд

Easy Exit Station

How'd you get to be so beautiful?
How'd you get to be so?
All my weakness is shining through.
How'd you get to be so?
Cause you're still mine.
And I'm still yours.
There's no one left and ...

Алекс Ллойд

Everybodies Laughing

white wash the whole world down
while I stand on peaceful ground
with you
my faith entrusted in your soul

sun sets on a rainy day
well good bad
will come what may with me

and I want ...

Алекс Ллойд

Face Of A Stranger

The trouble we're facin'
Ambulance chasin'
Drug recreation
Look at the outcome
Don't have to die young

Off fielded papers
Gossip creators
Fighting for status
Look at the outcome
Do ...

Алекс Ллойд

Far Away

Close to the box
Received transmission
One thousand scenes of dramavision
Oh yeah
It's making me laugh, it's making me cry
Blurred red dots when i close my eyes
Oh yeah
You're so far awa ...

Алекс Ллойд


Careful steps we take
Don't want this bridge to break again.
In this winters cold embrace the love we used to know
Wherever you get, wherever you go I'll follow you
With every new breath a ...

Алекс Ллойд


Culture souvenier shop
Lying on the chopping block
World wide space wide
In a small house wife
Motor bike horse ride
In the general market
Imagination gun is playing on the tv
It's falli ...

Алекс Ллойд


This house is your own
Still living alone
It don't make you sad
But I think it's good to be green
The summer is gone
And spring don't belong
The traces are here
For long winter
I miss ...

Алекс Ллойд

Hello The End

This is the end, my friend,
The end, my friend, the end.
I hope to see you again, my friend,
Again, my friend, again.
And I didn't want to hold you back
And I didn't want to see you off now, ...

Алекс Ллойд

Holding On

Blistered and worn
Been ripped up, been torn
You held your breathe, you passed the test

And I will always love you

And I won't let go, in the undertow
If your in too deep I'm holdin ...

Алекс Ллойд

I Wish

Why are we so cold
Why are we so numb
How did it get like this
On the sidewalk in the pouring rain
In the spotlight did you feel the same

I wish for us I do
I pray for us

Out ...

Алекс Ллойд

Last Bell

The war is over
Yeah the war is over
Sweet nothing waiting for the rain
She's an angel
Such a beautiful angel
Sitting in the window pane

When the last bell chimes
Is it something to f ...

Алекс Ллойд

Light Is On

It's entertainment, and it takes you away,
Into the fire, into the fire it will play.
It's consequential and it calls out your name,
Into the fire, into the fire it will say.
The light is on, ...

Алекс Ллойд

Lonely Town

Don't push me too far, don't push me away
I'm not invincible like some might say
I've got a heart but it broke down long ago
It's held together by the people that I know.

Sittin' here waitin ...

Алекс Ллойд

Lost In The Rain

Ill take you where you want to go
Under the city beneath it's tow
How much dyou think you're gonna see
Start to believe in. trusting is free
Don't get lost in the rain no more
Treading your ...

Алекс Ллойд

Lucky Star

Step outside your open vein
Still inside the deepest pain
The will it shine when you come out
But for now it's plastic doubt
Buy and sell the things you need
Money comes you spend exceed
W ...

Алекс Ллойд


Blistered blisters upon my bed
By the sun mamma said to go ahead
Make a life of what you know is true
And maybe my sink and i'll take half
We could have have found
Looking through the hour g ...

Алекс Ллойд

My Friend

One day they'll pay to know your name
But you'll be dancing in the rain
You touch your heart to feel the beat
Must take precautions in the street
And all it was to know you
Ten seconds that ...

Алекс Ллойд

My Way Home

Something about last night
What did you say
I feel so cold on a sunny day
Over loaded mind as i walk this path
Think about you in a daylight bath
I feel like this on my way home
No place i ...

Алекс Ллойд

Never Meant To Fail

There something I'm feeling
There's something that's wrong
These streets are revealing
In the early morn
The war was last night
These wounds are not healed
If we keep believing
Th ...

Алекс Ллойд


Now we leave through the back door
On the street market it seems
What this new day be

Once was nice
Second time they raised the price
Once was good
I would love you if I could

Brace ...

Алекс Ллойд

Ordinary Boy

So we're setting sail, on a crooked trail,
Our broken ships are set to sail again.
Yeah, you've got a voice, yet you made the choice,
Tired of all this pulling on your strings.
You've got s ...

Алекс Ллойд


A familiar song
Won't you sing along
Something to prolong the waiting

In this secret place
Where we can embrace
All the history in the making

And we come in, to see you
All al ...

Алекс Ллойд


My heart is as black as my soul
My mind is a head but it's whole
I'm loosing in a back of direction
I'm dreaming of a resurrection

Hey hey hey yeah yeah
I can't get you off my mind

I k ...

Алекс Ллойд

Safe To Say

If I find a role back when
We were more than absent friends
When it feels too far away
Nothing is so safe to say
When you fall down at my feet again

Turn the page
A story's told
Dress ...

Алекс Ллойд

Same Day

In the news, they sing the blues
Winners win and losers lose
Hold your head up, present your chin
Prepare yourself to take it in

It's the same day happening again
It's the same day over an ...

Алекс Ллойд

Save My Soul

Hey, there's a little light and shade.
Broken promises were made
But there's no one left to blame
But ourselves, today.
Hey, sometimes I want to disappear,
Escape from all the years,
The s ...

Алекс Ллойд


Tonight the tv is my friend
Lifes misdemeanours
Wont let the magic in
Some inspiration
Then it stops
But when the rain it comes
It never wants to stop
Sleep sleep
It doesnt't't't hurt ...

Алекс Ллойд


Brother C.O. lights the candle
Catch the morning flight to vandle
Somewhat sunken are your eyes
Shades of pale white for disguise
And though it comes as no suprise
Late to bed now late to ri ...

Алекс Ллойд

Something Special

Broken hearts will never meet again
We can try sometimes we'll pretend
Back inside, inside of you again
My soul is lost and now i will pretend
And now there's nothing left
There's nothing kn ...

Алекс Ллойд


The traffic is jamming
For miles up ahead
Releasing emotions
Deep in my head

I wish it was easy
Easy to breathe
The words that we needed
To get some relief

I still hear you ...

Алекс Ллойд

Speeding Cars

Please don't go don't walk out
Feel like you do when the bottom falls out
Hold me now hold me tight
I can't see in the dark of night

Who knows how we got this far
No hands in a speedi ...

Алекс Ллойд

Stand Down

Four to five and we're still waiting for the call tonight
And we can hide the distant feeling buried in our eyes

And stand down there's no place to run
Stand down it's come undone
And re ...

Алекс Ллойд

Still Waiting

I got pictures of you that I'm still looking through
I got no place to be, if you still needing me
I'm still waiting, I'm still waiting, I'm still waiting for you
I'm still waiting, I'm still ...

Алекс Ллойд

The Wonder

Falling on your, broken bones
Hitch a ride to, get you home
Stormy road and rocky path
Every step we, take a chance

Cause in your heart and in your mind
Sometimes lost now sometimes b ...

Алекс Ллойд

This Is A Call

I came to kiss your broken bones,
Another kill 'cause you're not alone.
You see the world in black and white,
Your broken boy is here tonight.
This is a call, to all that was before.
This i ...

Алекс Ллойд

Travel Log

Home again in the morning
Sick and tired of this game
I forgot my own warning
Don't forget your own name
No, no

Oh, oh
Traveling through the night
Oh, oh
Everything will be all right ...

Алекс Ллойд


Its a new day
Wasting away
Nothing to lose my friend
By the street lamp
Watching them move
On to the bus again
Youre the old school
Breaking the rules
Party till the end
So you feel ...

Алекс Ллойд

What A Year

Chromatic i stand on the side of the road
Watching for a car a truck so i can go
I've got to get myself out of this nothing place
I've been running around with a tied shoe lace

What a year i ...

Алекс Ллойд

What We Started

So we rise to fall again
Every cut will scar and mend
It gets blurred between the lines
When the truth gets left behind

Do you know what we started
Know what we started
Know what we star ...

Алекс Ллойд

What Year (Live)

Chromatic i stand on the side of the road
Watching for a car a truck so i can go
I've got to get myself out of this nothing place
I've been running around with a tied shoe lace
What a year it ...

Алекс Ллойд

What's Wrong?

What's wrong? It don't feel the same anymore.
How long will we stare at the floor?
What's wrong? We just seem indifferent these days.
How long will we be caught in this maze?
Something inside ...

Алекс Ллойд

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