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Judo Judy gotta go cause she never

wasn't old to realize

Small tiny petty little ox-fly

could upset the rain I woke up again

As I an the smile on my face the feeling is great



What are you gonna to do,

now that its gone?

There's nobody left to call you anymore

Its all coming down on you, its all raining down,

did you have anymore to say?

You've ...


Garden City of Lights

I'm a loser and a screw up

Don't insult me you're no better

Lay back on it culture panic

Got a freckle on my vomit

I will never lie

Monday till Sunday .... s a m

E< ...


Girl Friday

Hey Joe howdy rianbow

Claustrophobic hour

Sittin by the jewel in the

Crown noisy motor sounds

Go go the cops are comin

You gotta move your cars

Think you're samrt p ...



Ain't that hard to live alone

Ain't that far to be from home

Cause gravity can never pull me down

Calculate the days I've spent proscinating

God knows when

Grow in silenc ...


Ruin by the Selling Out

Minimize me and you

Get alive reality

Fall in love with buddy love

And courtney love

And teh rest of you

Out in the clouds

Downing on you

Ask me!

Funny- ...


S: Fire is a Curse

All the way for I dare not

Buy it what am I supposed to

Do without you?

Life will never be the

Same when I picked up the pieces

Rock and roll legacy

ROck and roll l ...



Fire is a curse?

Fire is a curse to us

Can't you see?

Bootlegs staggered licks

Never pleased

Got a gelatine stuck right in my brain

Let it loose

Let it rain


Still River

Climb up a pole like you're told

Raech the pinnacle top

Ever rose right up high

Like I'm supposed to obey

It's miracle why?

I haven't shown all my stripes

Hey when ...



Baby baby you better be under control

So don't lose out low

Name name me the other one for once

I recall so do me a favor


up rise the waterfall

Wetting my ey ...


The Chemistry

i never again and again count it over

never again and again and again this


come on again and again on my power

and on the shame and my pain will i get this


Wet Blanket

wet blanket

mary and dave i heard them say

come on in down to java's shop

exploitedly be explicitely be

sought a fever

she's my wet blanket

sea pass a ...


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