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 Beady Belle Beady Belleджаз из будущего


Drapes drawn aside
And doors open wide
So the draught in the room
Clears away your perfume

Your glass is washed
And your music is hushed
I remove every trace
Of your cold embrace

Shed yo ...

Beady Belle

April Fool

This is only a paper moon
This is only a toy story
This is all just a cheap cartoon
Yet somehow, somehow I worry

This is only a wind-up car
Only made for costume ball
This is only a candy b ...

Beady Belle


When bella came home she wasn't recognized
She must have changed a lot she realized
She feels new
She feels strong
She feels young
She can do
What she wants
'Cause her past
Has disap ...

Beady Belle

Big Balloon

I'm an expansive, blown up balloon
But my swollen bag contains only gloom
With my last exhalation i sing a dismal tune
I am a big balloon
I am a big balloon
I am a big balloon

I'm a flu ...

Beady Belle


Come a little closer
Lend an ear to my secretive, whispering, quiet word

Still a little closer
What i tell you must in no case go unheard

Delicate, delicate
Clandestine, dev ...

Beady Belle

Consolatory Dance

You know that it doesn't matter
You know that I don't care
When we're dancing all together
I don't mind that you're not here

It doesn't matter to me at all
It doesn't matter to me at all ...

Beady Belle


That's the dark side of obediance
That's the dark side of obediance

When somebody tied my poor dog up
I found that I was totally stuck

I'd trained him not to let out a yelp
That's wh ...

Beady Belle


Little boys and little girls
Playing parts in little worlds
Little girls and little boys
Properties are little toys

Inside the doll's huse the game begins
Girl is the princess and boy' ...

Beady Belle


I fall into your trashbin once again
Same kind of story
I know what's happened every time before
Still I want more

I wonder who and what I'm fighting for
Maybe it's you
I'm maybe bet ...

Beady Belle


Goldilocks sitting in the babe bear's chair
Doubt doesn't ever occur
Goldilocks' eating all the baby bear's porridge
Thinking it's made for her

Goldilocks' sleeping in the baby bear's bed
Sim ...

Beady Belle


I couldn't see this coming
Until i saw you running - away
I never would expect to fall
And then I realized
I shouldn't be surprised at all
At all

Too late to understand
Too late to ...

Beady Belle

In A Good Way

How am I supposed to say to you
That I'm gonna leave tonight ?
How am I supposed to explain to you
That I never loved you right ?

I will be gone forever
All our connections I sever

Beady Belle


What is good when the sun is shining
Is that it won't remain
Every cloud has a silver lining
But I prefer the rain

Leaving loopholes is a state of mind
To never give one's all
Everywinter ...

Beady Belle

Lose & Win

Don't squeeze the fruit
Don't seize the flower
Don't spoil the seeds
Don't hide your needs

But spread your wings
And drink the spring
Go sing your pain
Go share your gain

So ea ...

Beady Belle

Mobile Bubble

I'm going forward in a mobile bubble
I am on my way to a blank page
That's where the future is as yet novel
It's coming towards me while I age

I'm going forward in a mobile bubble
And ...

Beady Belle


Just a little taste of the Christmas cake
To make sure that she won't be fed up with it
Her passion for treats must be kept alive
The longing for the next Christmas to arrive

Just a litt ...

Beady Belle

Never Mind

You know better than I
What is strenghtened, what dissolves
You know better than I
What your point of view involves

You know better than I
What can make you satisfied
You know better than I

Beady Belle

One And Only

I don't think it would be right
To call you the one and only
I had many lovers before
I might even have loved them more

I don't think it would be right
To call you the one and only
I ...

Beady Belle


I am a Pantile
My home's a ridge in your town
I am not fragile until I fall down

I am on firm ground
Though I am nearest to the sky
At night I watch all the stars while I sigh:


Beady Belle


She roams restlessly about
She wears her sweater inside-out
She's bewildered and led astray
She brought the wrong books for school today

Her black umbrella is opened up
She hasn't noticed th ...

Beady Belle


There must be people who are gettin' what they want
I let my oars fall into the water
Good for them
Good for them
Gettin' what they want
Gettin' what they want

The night is ...

Beady Belle


I like the shallow water
I like the open dell
And I prefer the secret
That I'm allowed to tell

I like the happy ending
I like the flying start
And I prefer the carefree
To be light at hea ...

Beady Belle

Stools And Rules

What is a present without the wrapping paper
What is a hiding place that's been exposed
What is a clown that doesn't cut a caper
What is a song that's never been composed

What is a book withou ...

Beady Belle


This is goodbye
No wonder why
Life will go on tomorrow

Books will be sealed
Hearts will be healed
We will forget our sorrow

This is how we survive
How we know we're alive
Cope with pain ...

Beady Belle

When My Anger Starts To Cry

Hello psychologist, i've come here to talk
There is a thing i need to figure out
And please don't question me cause then i might walk
And will not make out what it's all about

It's my me ...

Beady Belle

Wounded Pride

I'll kill your peace of mind
And your dignity
Your good name will decline

What I need is revenge
For the wounds you made
This is our delay defense
I punish your betrayel


Beady Belle

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