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I feel a stranger in this land.
Where every step the Gods command.
I breathe and children wander fatherless,
Though fields that spent their happiness.
I grieve,
Take them away to a higher pl ...


Angel In Disguise

Wake me up, shake me up,
Break me up and put me back together.
Take my crown, let me drown,
Bring me round then stay with me forever.
I've never known love like this,
Maybe you're an angel i ...


August 30th

Thank you for the chance to live again
I will run always for you
Clouds had gathered all around my head
But these hands they lifted me
And I'll tell of this love that saved me

Thank you fo ...


Awaken The Dawn

Sing to the Lord with all of your heart
Sing of the glory that's due to his name
Sing to the Lord with all of your soul
Join all of heaven and earth to proclaim

You are the Lord
The Saviou ...


Beautiful Sun

I would do anything to stay by Your side

Til the darkness flies away

I'm lost in the shadows

When will day begin

With the sun

Beautiful sun

I' ...



Take this blindfold off of me
I'm walking but I cannot see
Mysteries fly at my feet
The answers come with no relief

Broken shoes won't get you far
Climb on my back, I'll carry you afar
W ...



I feel lonely when it's you I miss
I feel crazy when I dream like this
I've travelled all this way for just one kiss
Is it bliss? Is it bliss? Yes it is
Rock 'n' roll is everything
Everythin ...



I feel lonely when it's you I miss

I feel crazy when I dream like this

I've traveled all this way for just one kiss

Is it bliss

Is it bliss

Yes it is




This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe
Your holy presence living in me

This is my daily bread
This is my daily bread
Your very word
spoken to me

And I,
I'm desperate f ...


Come, Like You Promise

This is the sound of the secret place
This is the sound that the angels sing
This is the sound of the coming rain
This is the sound of my heart's desire
This is the sound that my spirit sings


Contra State

Near to a new way of life
Leaving behind all post strife
Everybody's snsing the change
We're players in a new game

Let us cross this border
We Princes of the New Disorder!
The old leader ...


Death Scout

While in insanity
Of war and misery
We were waiting
For the enemy
A voice consoled me:
Flee from this savage land
I'll cover you fear of defeat!

While and insanity
Of war and misery



I want to go deeper
but I don't know how to swim
I want to be meeker
but have you seen this old earth
I want to fly higher
but these arms won't take me there
I want to be, I want to be



Dios De Amor

Me salvo, Tu gracia Dios
Cuando clame, Por salvacion
Dios de Amor, Tu mano fue
Donde bebi, Tu salvacion

Oh Senor, A Ti clame
Y con dolor, Te pregunte
Si eres real, Rescatame
Me respond ...


Eagle Rider

I feel the spirits breath moving down my neck
Closer than a summers day
You're a lion on my back
I hear the spirit speak whispering my name
Gentle as a butterfly
In a violent hurricane

I ...


El Mensaje De La Cruz (Message Of The Cross)

Es el mensaje de la cruz
Que nos da libertad
Nos dio la victoria
De ya no pecar

Oh hermoso Cristo
Moriste en la cruz
Junto a pecadores Tu
Te quisiste entregar

Es el mensaje de la c ...


Every Little Thing

Everything must change
There's a mirror showing me the ugly truth
These bones they ache with holy fire
But I've got nothing to give, just a life to live
If your world is without colour
I wil ...


Find Me In The River

Find me in the River
Find me on my knees
I've walked against the water
Now I'm waiting if you please
We've longed to see the roses
But never felt the thorns
And bought our pretty crowns



Fire burning from the outside to the inside out
There's a feeling leading, pleading
Follow where it goes
Excess baggage falling, crawling
Throw it all away
My redemption actual, factual
Ha ...


Fires Burn

All around the world the fires burn,
They burn for you, for what is true.
And your bride across the earth is pushing through,
And we're glorious when we mirror you.

Oh this world's on fire, ...



I've found love as deep as the ocean

And Your eyes they hit me like a train

And Your words serenade me like the sweetest of songs

Here I find peace again, again


God's Romance

There's a song that everyone can sing
There's a prayer that everyone can bring
Feel the music cos it's time to dance
People all across the world
With a heartbeat for holiness
Feel his pleasu ...


Grande Es El Senor

Como podre agradecer
Tu salvacion
Tu Eres todo en mi
Te alabare
Como podre agradecer
Tu gran perdon
No pusiste condicion
Me amaste como soy

Grande Es El Senor
Grande Es El Senor


Griten Al Norte

Canten los hombres de fe
Del glorioso y gran Rey
Cuando debil fuerte El es
Y El se perfecciona en Ti

Griten al norte y al sur
Canten al este y oeste
Cristo es el Salvador
Del clelo y l ...


Hands Of Kindness

Oh your hands of kindness are here for me
and i've heard they are silken
and can carry me

how i love you
all i am is you
king of love i bow

oh your hands of mercy were scarred for me


Hang On To You

And I'll hang on to you
Cause you're stronger
And you keep me from falling
And you brighten the world
With your beauty
Keep me closer
I'm calling

Lookin' out like a little child
Hold ...


Happy Song

Oh I could sing an unending song
Of how You saved me sould
Well I could dance a thousand miles
Because of Your great love
My heart is bursting, Lord
To tell of all You've done
Of how you c ...



I've walked down a road where the devil's been
Where the kids have seen things they should have never seen
And the ancient stone knows the deeper tale
About a bloody game they call the holy war


Here I Am Send Me

Show me a vision like Isaiah saw,
Where the angel touched his lips and he sinned no more.
Let me hear your voice saying “Who shall I send?”
I'll say send me Lord, I'll follow you to the end.




is it true today that when people pray
cloudless skies will break
kings and queens will shake
yes it's true and I believe it
I'm living for you

is it true today that when people pray
we' ...


I'm Not Ashamed

There was a time as a little booy
When I said I'd follow You
But the years have caused the flame
To burn much stronger now
And I'm not burning down any of my bridges
But I'm burning up insid ...


I'm With You

Ooh ooh ooh just another day
When being with you
shines a light as I go my way
Oh ooh ooh just another day
Another moment you and
I can take it all the way
And it's Ok

I'm with you, I' ...


I've Searched For Gold

I searched for gold and I've longed for the silver
I've climbed the mountain for one glance of a jewel
I won't be satisfied 'til I've found what I've come for
I won't be satisfied 'til I meet wi ...


Inside Outside

Inside outside, under my skin
Never ending love i don't know where it begins?
I don't know where it ends, i don't know how high
I don't know how deep, i don't know how wide
Outside inside arou ...



Investigate my life and make me clean
Shine upon the darkest place in me
To you my life's an open book
So turn the page and take a look
Upon the life you've made
Always, my days, I'll praise ...


Jesus' Blood

There's a secret i must tell
of all the love i've found
and its hidden in my heart
the day you tore my world apart
Hallelujah, King forever, Friend and Saviour

Jesus' blood never fails me


Jesus' Blood

There's a secret i must tell
of all the love i've found
and its hidden in my heart
the day you tore my world apart
Hallelujah, King forever, Friend and Saviour

Jesus' blood never fails me


King Of Love

King of love, you've called my name
You gave me life although the shame
Had covered me, you took my hand
And here I stand I'm saved by grace
Father God you heard the prayer
From deep within ...


King Or Cripple

King or cripple what have I become?
Beneath these kingly robes there lies a fragile man
what made me king can sometimes cripple
all that you give can sometimes rob my innocence
Why do you let ...


Love Falls Down

Yes, I'm living for today

When our dreams won't go away

And the promise that you gave

To see the earth resound with praise

And I believe it's time to change ...


Love Is A Miracle

Love, pulled me up off my knees
took all my disease
you've always been there for me

Love put shoes on my feet
took a song made it sweet
you always had ears for me

You've ...



Here I am humbled by Your Majesty
Covered by Your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man
Covered by the blood of the lamb

Now I've found
The greatest love of all is mine
Since ...



Hello friend, it's been sometime, since i've sat at your
table, and drank your wine, worldy lies, empty
skies, but only you can satisfy

Can I be somebody? Not what they want me to
be, just a ...



Hello friend

It's been sometime

Since I've sat Your table

And drank Your wine

Worldly lies

Empty skies

But only You can satisfy

Can I ...


Mezzanine Floor

I'm on the mezzanine floor
Never been here before no no
It's a lonely place
But a house full of grace

And I'll get to heaven
Yes, I'll get to heaven

I'm at this bolted door, but I'm


Mothers Of The Night

Turn down the light
Wait next to me
Whisper a prayer
Before you walk in to the night

Momma don't cry
When I sing you a song
Momma don't weep
For our freedom won't be long

Mothers o ...


No One

Vicious dreams
Days in march
The rain begins to fall
Every night and day
No one stops the rain of pain

In these times
The scenery of horror
Hour for hour day by day
In ...


Not Forgotten

Love is bigger than oceans
Love is given to me
Grace is bigger than history
Grace is given for free
And we'll keep the flame, ablaze

He, will not, be forgotten, be forgotten
He, will not ...



What can i do with my obsession?
with the things i cannot see
is there madness in my being
is it the wind that blows the trees?

sometimes you're further than the moon
sometimes you're clos ...


Pale Existence

You feel the darkness
Your father died by suicide
You feel the darkness
You mother died last night

You thought that was a dream
You thought that was a dream

You go to church - to pray! ...


Preparen El Camino

Puedes escuchar los mares
Y sentir el gran temblor
Cuando el pueblo del Mesias
Le proclama su Senor

Puedes escuchar la gente
Y sentir el gran temblor
Cuando el que pide auxilio
Le proc ...



Do I wipe the tear, or do I spit in your face?
Do I point the finger or give the hand of grace?
Oh, why
Does it come to this?

Is it freedom that you want, or are the chains in your head?
C ...


Psychotic Disarray

Are you paranoid?
Are you paraniod enough to take all this?
They are always after you
Running down the empty street
The men in black breathe down your back!

Are you insane?
Are you insan ...


Quima De Araquivo

Thinking of Brasilia,
Rio de Janeiro is shining wonderfully
But this is a wrong reality
Millions live in neverland
From where the evil arrived
To come out of the plight
The dead-end kids s ...


Rain Down

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy
Feels like the winds are gonna change
Beneath my feet, the earth is ready
I know its time for heaven's rain
It's gonna rain

'Cause it's living water we ...


Revival Town

well I've got a message to bring
I can't preach but I can sing
and me and my brothers here
gonna play redemption hymns
we're not on our own you know
it's all around the world
cos this is t ...



What's going on? Living on this
up and down, twisting, turning,
bruising, burning.

Speak to me, tell me all the things I
want to hear,
show me all the things I love so
d ...



Here I am in that old place again
Down on my face again
Crying out I want you to hear my plea
Come down and rescue me

How long will it take?
How long will I have to wait?

And all I wan ...


See The Star

See the star that's breaking through

To shine upon this head of mine and the people who

Are running for the goal ahead

And we won't stop 'til we reach the end

This day it's ...


Shout To The North

Men of faith rise up and sing
Of the great and glorious King
You are strong when you feel weak
In your brokeness complete

Shout to the North and the South
Sing to the East and the West
J ...


Show Me Heaven

Here, I am not alone.
There is nowhere I can run to,
On my own.
Here, never from your sight.
Lighten up my darkest hour,
Shine Your light.
You make me wait,
You make me wait.

Show me ...


Singers Song

Come on all us singers sing that Jesus Christ is Lord
Come on all us singers sing that Jesus Christ is Lord
Come on all us singers sing that Jesus Christ is Lord
Come on all us singers sing that ...


Stealing Time

I need a lonely day with you, sometime.
I need to get away with you, sometime.
I've got a crowd of things going on, in my mind.
I need a lonely day with you, sometime.
Sometimes, I never get t ...


The Mezzanine Floor

I'm on the mezzanine floor

Never been here before no, no

It's a lonely place

But a house full of grace

And I'll get to Heaven

Yes, I'll get to Heaven ...


Trading My Sorrows

I'm trading my sorrows
i'm trading my shame
i'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

i'm trading my sickness
i'm trading my pain
i'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

We say ...


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