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 Peter, Paul and Mary Peter, Paul and MaryАмериканское фолк-трио

24 Green Street

(John Fischer)

The paint is old and peeling

The shutters show some cracks

There's a heavy limb on the apple tree

That's got to be cut back

There's some water in the cella ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

75 Septembers

(Cheryl Wheeler)

In the year of the yellow cab

In the shadow of the great world war

The third kid grandmom had

Came into this world

On a rolling farm in Maryland

Wh ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

All Mixed Up

(Pete Seeger)

You know this language that we speak,

is part german , latin and part greek

Celtic and arabic all in a heap,

well amended by the people in the street

The Ch ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

All My Trials


All my trials Lord, soon be over.

I had a little book was given to me,

And every page spelled Liberty.

All my trials Lord, soon be over.


Peter, Paul and Mary

And When I Die

(Laura Nyro)


And when I die, and when I'm dead, dead and gone,

There'll be one child born and a world to carry on,

There'll be one child born to carry on.

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Noel Paul Stookey)

I would like to apologize for my friend, here;

He hasn't been himself for a long, long time.

From the beginning of his minding

other people's dids and don't ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Ballad Of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster)

(Peggy SeegerEwan MacColl)

In the town of Spring Hill, Nova Scotia,

Down in the heart of the Cumberland Mine,

There's blood on the coal and miners lie

In the roads that never s ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Van Ronk)

You take a stick of bamboo,

you take a stick of bamboo,

you take a stick of bamboo,

you throw it in the water,

Oh, oh, Hanaah.

You take a stick of ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Because All Men Are Brothers


Because all men are brothers wherever men may be

One Union shall unite us forever proud and free

No tyrant shall defeat us, no nation strike us down

All men who to ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Best Of Friends

(David Buskin)

Some things are different, some the same

Some turn over, some don't change

Time and music all forgive

And in the best of friends the spirit lives

Se ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Big Boat


I went up the levee to pack some sacks

And I thought I'd bring me some money back.

Big boat up the river and she can't come down.

My woman on the leve ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



[Spoken by Peter:]

"We'd like to sing a children's song for you now, that's unique. It's the only children's song that we've ever encountered that contains all three ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Boa Constrictor

(Shel Silverstein)

I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor

I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor

I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor

And I don't like it very much!

Peter, Paul and Mary

Brother, (Buddy) Can You Spare A Dime?


Once I built a railroad, I made it run

I made it run against time

Once I built a railroad, and now it's done

Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Once I bu ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

But A Moment

(Mary Travers Noel Paul Stookey)

Memory moves us past each other

Time is a ribbon without end

Love is the lesson we keep learning

Death but a moment we must spend


Peter, Paul and Mary

By Surprise

(Noel Paul StookeyElaine SutherlandPeter Yarrow)

I'd like to take you by surprise at the grocery store

Grab you by the hand and step on the electric door

Leave the shopping cart righ ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Woody Guthrie)

[This song is a combination of spoken segments with vocal sound effects and singing. This will be the basic lyric only as the performance is far more than can be easily written d ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Christmas Dinner

(Noel Paul Stookey)

And it came to pass on a Christmas evening

While all the doors were shuttered tight

Outside standing, a lonely boy-child

Cold and shivering in the night.

Peter, Paul and Mary

Coming Of The Roads

(Billy Edd Wheeler)

Now that our mountain is growing with people hungry for wealth

How come it's you that's a-going

and I'm left all alone by myself?

We used to hunt the cool c ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Delivery Delayed

(Stan Rogers)

How early is beginning?

From when is there a soul?

Do we discover living,

Or somehow are we told?

In sudden pain, in empty cold

In blinding light of d ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Woody GuthrieMartin Hoffman)

The crops are all in, the peaches are rotting

The oranges piled in their creosote dumps

They're flying us back to the Mexican border

To pay all ou ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Dodi Li

(Steven Sher)

Dodi li va-ani lo, ha-roeh

Bashoshanium dodi li

Mi zot ola min hamidbar

Mi zot ola min hamidbar

Dodi li va-ani lo, ha-roeh

Bashoshanium dodi li ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Down By The Riverside (Study War No More)

(Traditional. Adapted and arranged by Robert DeCormier, Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers)

I'm gonna lay down my sword and shield,

Down by the riverside

Down by the ri ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Early In The Morning

(Paul Stookey)

Well early in the morning, about the break of day,

I ask the Lord, "Help me find the way!"

Help me find the way to the promised land

This lonely body needs a hel ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

El Salvador

(Noel Paul Stookey and Jim Wallis)

There's a sunny little country south of Mexico

Where the winds are gentle and the waters flow

But breezes aren't the only things that blow

in ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Every Flower


Every flower's reachin' for the sun

Every petal opens when the day has just begun

Even in the city where they grow up through the street

Every blossom n ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Fair Ireland


They build bombs and aim their pistols in the shadow of the cross

And they swear an oath of vengeance to the martyrs they have lost

But they pray for peace on Sundays ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



When first I came to Louisville, my fortune there to find,

I met a fair young maiden there, her beauty filled my mind.

Her rosy cheek, her ruby lips, they ga ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Follow Me

(John Denver)

It's by far the hardest thing I've ever done,

To be so in love with you and so alone


Follow me where I go, what I do, and who I know

Make i ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

For Baby (For Bobbie)

(John Denver)

I'll walk in the rain by your side,

I'll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand.

I'll do anything to help you understand,

I'll love you more than anybody can.

Peter, Paul and Mary

For The Love Of It All

(Noel Paul Stookey)

In the beginning, as life became form,

The oceans heaved, the mountains were cleaved,

The firmament stormed.

At the center of being, immensely small

W ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Forever Young

(Bob Dylan)

May God bless and keep you always

May your wishes all come true

May you always do for others

And let others do for you.

May you build a ladder to the s ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Freedom Medley

(All songs are traditional, adapted and arranged by Peter Yarrow)

I woke up this mornin' with my mind, set on freedom

I woke up this mornin' with my mind, set on freedom

I woke up th ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Garden Song

(David Mallett)


Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow

All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground

Inch by inch, row by row Someone ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Gilgarra Mountain

(Peter Yarrow -Silver Dawn Music -ASCAP)

As I was a goin' over Gilgarra Mountain

I spied Colonel Farrell and his money he was countin'

First I drew me pistols, and then I drew me rap ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Going To The Zoo

(Tom Paxton)

Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow,

zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow

Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow

and we can stay all day!


We're ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Golden Vanity

(New words and music by YarrowStookeyTravers)

There was a ship that sailed all on the lowland sea

And the name of the ship was the Golden Vanity

And we feared she would be taken by t ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Goodnight, Irene



Irene, goodnight

Irene, goodnight

Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene

I'll see you in my dreams

Well last saturday night I got marri ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Greenland Whale Fisheries


When the whale get strike and the line runs out

And the whale makes a flunder with its tail

And the boat capsized and I lost my darlin' man

No more ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Peter Yarrow)

I've seen a thousand people kneel in silence

And I've seen them face the rifles with their songs

I always thought that we could end the killing

But now I live in ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Have You Been To Jail For Justice?

(Anne Feeney)

Was it Cesar Chavez or Rosa Parks that day?

Some say Dr. King or Ghandi

Set them on their way

No matter who your mentors are

It's pretty plain to see


Peter, Paul and Mary

Home Is Where The Heart Is

(Sally Fingerett)

On the corner there's this nice man

His name is Mark, He's always smiling

He's got this mom who comes on Wednesdays

In the evening with soup so steaming

Peter, Paul and Mary

Home On The Range

(Traditional, adapted and arranged by Peter Yarrow)

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam

And the deer and the antelope play

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word

And th ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

House Of The Rising Sun

(New words and music by Mary Travers)

There is a house in New Orleans

They call the Rising Sun

It's been the ruin of many poor girls

And me, oh God, am one

If you ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

How Can I Keep From Singing / The Great Storm Is Over

(Robert DeCormierPeter YarrowNoel Paul StookeyMary Travers Bob Franke)

My life rolls on in endless song

Above earth's lamentations

I hear the real though far-off hymn

That hai ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Hurry Sundown


My seed is sown now, my field is plowed;

My flesh is bone now, my back is bowed.


So hurry, sundown, be on your way,

And hurry me a sun ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, go to sleep you little baby.

When you wake you shall have all the pretty little horses.

Dapples and greys, pintos and bays, all the pretty ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



Sunday morning, very bright, I read Your book by colored light

That came in through the pretty window picture.

I visited some houses where they said that Yo ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Am Your Child


I am your child

Wherever you go, you take me too

Whatever I know, I learned from you

Whatever I do, you taught me to do

I am your child

And I ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Dig Rock And Roll Music


I dig Rock and Roll music

And I love to get the chance to play. (and sing it)

I figure it's about the happiest sound goin' down today.

The message ma ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Have A Song To Sing, O!

I have a song to sing, O! (Sing me your song, O!)

It is sung to the moon by a love-lorn loon

Who fled from the mocking throng-o

It's the song of a merry man moping mum

Whose so ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

(Rose Bonne and Alan Mills)

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly

I don't know why she swallowed the fly

Perhaps she'll die

I know an old lady who swallowed a spider

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Need Me To Be For Me

(Peter YarrowLarry Weiss)

Hey Jess, I heard you talkin' on the telephone

And I wish that you could say it to my face

I know you think I've changed and I don't love you

But I've ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Shall Be Released

(Bob Dylan)

They say everything can be replaced

Yet every distance is not near.

So I remember every face

Of every man who put me here.


I see my lig ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

I Wonder As I Wander

(John J. Niles)

I wonder, as I wander out under the sky

How Jesus the Saviour had come for to die

For poor orn'ry creatures like you and like I

I wonder as I wander out under t ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

If I Had A Hammer


If I had a hammer,

I'd hammer in the morning

I'd hammer in the evening,

All over this land

I'd hammer out danger,

I'd hammer out a warning,

Peter, Paul and Mary

If I Had My Way

(Rev. Gary Davis)

You read about Sampson, you read about his birth

He was the strongest man that ever lived on Earth.

One day old Sampson was walking alone

He looked down on th ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

If I Had Wings


If I had wings no one would ask me should I fly

The bird sings, no one asks why.

I can see in myself wings as I feel them

If you see something else, keep your t ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

If I Were Free

(Travis Edmonson)


If I were free to speak my mind,

I'd tell a tale to all mankind

Of how the flowers do bloom and fade

Of how we've fought and how we've paid.

Peter, Paul and Mary

In The Wind Album Liner Notes (By Bob Dylan)

(Bob Dylan)

Snow was piled up the stairs an onto the street that first

winter when I laid around New York City

It was a different street then-

It was a different village-

Peter, Paul and Mary

Indian Sunset


As he awoke that evening with the smell of wood-smoke clinging

Like a gentle cobweb hangin' upon a painted teepee

He went to see his chieftain with his war lance and his ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



Let's say you're at a pie contest, let's say that you're the judge

And there's lemon, lime and watermelon rind,

and one that looks like fudge

You can't tell which ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Invisible People

(Gene Nelson Craig Carothers)

We came to a new world

Tired of the old one

Hungry for freedom

And heavy with prayer

It was a beautiful treasure

Ours for the ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Jesus Is On The Wire

(Thea Hopkins)

Run down church

Red clay

River covered

In a smoky haze

Sunday morning

The fire is out

Sunday morning

No one about

The ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine


When I was a young man and never been kissed

I got to thinking it over what I had missed.

I got me a girl, I kissed her and then

Oh Lord, I k ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Traditional. Adapted and arranged by Robert DeCormier, Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers.)

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya< ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Le Deserteur

(Boris VianHarold Berg)

[Peter does this solo entirely in French, after giving a shortened English translation.]

["The Pacifist" (translation):]

Men whose names are great, I a ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Leaving On A Jet Plane

(John Denver)

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

I'm standing here outside your door

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn

T ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Light One Candle

(Peter Yarrow)

Light one candle for the Maccabee children

With thanks that their light didn't die

Light one candle for the pain they endured

When their right to exist was denie ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Like The First Time

(Peter Yarrow)

After all is said and done we need each other

For a million reasons we can't even name

All our roads still lead to one another

And for all we've been apart we're ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Listen, Mr. Bilbo (Mr. Bigot)

(Bob and Adrienne Claiborne)


Listen, Mr. Bigot, listen to me, I'll give you a lesson in history

Listen while I tell you that the foreigners you hate

Are the very same ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Long Chain On

(Jimmy Driftwood)

One night as I lay on my pillow,

moonlight as bright as the dawn

I saw a man come a walking,

he had a long chain on.

I heard his chains a clankin',

Peter, Paul and Mary

Love City (Postcards To Duluth)

(Noel Paul Stookey)

Hey, Margaret, I left you a note, did you get what I wrote?

I laid it between your records.

It said I'm changing my mind, and I'm leaving to find

An answer ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Make-Believe Town


In Make-Believe Town,

In Make-Believe Town,

In Make-Believe Town,

Oh, yes,

In Make-Believe Town,

Oh, Make-Believe Town,

Oh, Make-Belie ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Man Come Into Egypt


There is a man come into Egypt, and Moses is his name

When he saw the grief upon us,

in his heart there burned a flame.

In his heart there burned a flame Oh ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Michael Row The Boat Ashore

(Traditional. Adapted and arranged by Robert DeCormier, Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers.)

Michael row the boat ashore, hallelujah

Michael row the boat ashore, hallelujah

Peter, Paul and Mary


(Trad. arrangement: YarrowStookeyTravers)

Hush little baby, don't say a word

Pappa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

If that mockingbird don't sing

Pappa's gonna buy you a d ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Moments Of Soft Persuasion

(Peter Yarrow)

Moments of the soft persuasion

Chiming bells, the first occasion

Tell the rest a smile awaken

Till the last reminder shaken

From whatever rude and sorrow;< ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Mon Vrai Destin


La la la......

Dans mes reves j'entends une voix

Qui me dit "Ne pleure pas",

Quel dommage mes yeux sont des source claires.

Dans mes reves j'entend ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Morning Train

(Elaina Mezzetti)

I'm goin' home on the morning train

I'm goin' home on the morning train

I'm goin' home on the morning train

If you don't see me you can hear me singing


Peter, Paul and Mary

Ms. Rheingold

(Peter Yarrow)

You're not Ms. Rheingold or Ms. Clairol

Or an ad for "Learn To Draw"

And you don't have the prettiest pair of legs I ever saw

But cellophane don't move me and ca ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Music Speaks Louder Than Words



Music speaks louder than words

It's the only thing that the whole world listens to.

Music speaks louder than words,

When you sing, people ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

No Easy Walk To Freedom

(Peter Yarrow and Margery Tabankin)

Brother Martin was walkin with me,

And every step I heard liberty

Tho he's fallin', come a million behind!

Glory, Hallelujah, gonna make it ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

No Other Name

(Noel Paul Stookey)

Know me by the light of a fire shinin' bright,

Know me by your bed where I've lain

Know me, and you might, if just for a night

You'll know me by no other na ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Norman Normal

(Noel Paul Stookey)

There's someone, you've got to meet him

An' you see him every day,

His face will look familiar,

But in a most unusual way.

He's Norman Normal, ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Of This World

(Becca Christel Tracey Spring Janis Carper)

I can ease the suffering of this world

I can ease the suffering of this world

I can ease the suffering of this world

With my head, ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Oh, Had I A Golden Thread

(Pete Seeger)

Oh, had I a golden thread

And needle so fine

I'd weave a tapestry

Of rainbow design

Of rainbow design

Far over the water

I'd weave my mag ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Oh, Rock My Soul

(Peter Yarrow)

Peter performs this song by leading the audience to sing along. He divides them into three groups, each with their own part. The lyrics are provided here for each of the three par ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Old Coat


Take off your old coat and roll up your sleeves,

Life is a hard road to travel, I believe.

I look to the east, I look to the west,

A youth ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Old Enough (Ode To An Aging Rocker)

(Noel Paul Stookey)

[Excerpt from "Talking Union" Words by Lee Hayes, Millard Lampell and Pete Seeger - inspired by Woody Guthrie's "Talking Dustbowl". "Talking Union"]

Lately I've ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Old Father Time

(Peter Yarrow)

The kids just went to sleep

and I thought I'd play this old time record

Darling, come and dance with me together

Though I look a little older, you're as pretty a ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

On A Desert Island (With You In My Dreams)


one and a-two and a-three

Ya-tya-da tya tya da tya tya da tya

Ta dee-da-dum

On a desert island, a magic yours and my land

Everyday's a holiday with ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

One Kind Favor


There's one kind favor I'll ask of you

There's one kind favor I'll ask of you

Yeah, there's one kind favor I'll ask of you

See that m' grave is kept clean

Peter, Paul and Mary

Pack Up Your Sorrows



Well, if somehow you could pack up your sorrows,

And give them all to me.

You would lose them, I know how to use them,

Give them all to me.

Peter, Paul and Mary

Pastures Of Plenty

(Woody Guthrie)

It's a mighty hard row that my poor hands have hoed

My poor feet have traveled that hot dusty road

Out of the dust bowl and westward we rolled

Your desert was h ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Poem For Erika (Erika With The Windy Yellow Hair)

(Mary Travers)


Erika with the windy yellow hair

Dancing through the day or moping by the stair

My joy to know my Erika with the windy yellow hair

Yesterd ...

Peter, Paul and Mary


(John and Johanna Hall)


Just give me the warm power of the sun

Give me the steady flow of a waterfall

Give me the spirit of living things as they return to clay.

Peter, Paul and Mary

Pretty Mary


My horses ain't hungry, they won't eat your hay,

So fare thee well darlin' I'm goin' away.

Your parents don't like me, they say I'm too poor,

They ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Quit Your Low Down Ways

(Bob Dylan)

You can read out your Bible,

You can fall down on your knees pretty momma

And pray to the Lord but it ain't gonna do you no good.


Cause you g ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Reason To Believe

(Tim Hardin)

If I listened long enough to you

I'd find a way to believe that it's all true.

Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried.

Still I look to find a reason to ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Rhymes And Reasons

(John Denver)

So you speak to me of sadness and the coming of the winter

Fear that is with-in you now that seems to never end

And the dreams that have escaped you

And the hope ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Right Field

(Willy Welch)

Saturday summers, when I was a kid

We'd run to the schoolyard and here's what we did

We'd pick out the captains and we'd choose up the teams

It was always a measu ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

River Of Jordan

(Peter Yarrow)

I traveled the banks of the River of Jordan

To find where it flows to the sea.

I looked in the eyes of the cold and the hungry

And I saw I was looking at me.

Peter, Paul and Mary

Rocky Road


Red light green light 'round the town,

I found a penny on the ground

Met a friend I never know'd,

walkin' down ol' Rocky Road.

Red Green ol ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Rolling Home

(Eric Andersen)

Truth, with all its far out schemes,

Lets time decide what it should mean;

It's not the time but just the dreams that die.

And sometimes when the room is still, ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

San Francisco Bay Blues

(Jesse Fuller)

I got those blues where my baby

Left me down by the Frisco Bay, yea-yea

An ocean liner came and took her away, yea-yea

I didn't mean to treat her bad,

she ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

September Song

(Maxwell AndersonKurt Weill)

When I was a young man courting the girls

I played me a waiting game.

If a maid refused me with tossing curls

I'd let the old earth take a couple o ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

She Dreams


She dreams; no one can hear her.

If she cries, who will be there to care?

She needs someone to believe her when she lies

When she pretends to ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Single Girl


When I was a single girl, dressed in clothes so fine,

Now I am a married girl, go ragged all the time

Wish I was a single girl again

Wish I was a single girl a ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Somagwaza / Hey, Motswala

(Choral folksongs of the Bantu, English lyrics by Pete Seeger)

Ha Weh Ha Weh, Somagwaza

Somagwaza ma yo-weh yo-weh

He Ma Yo-Weh, He Ma Yo-Weh


My mother t ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Some Walls

(Mary Ann Kennedy Pamela Rose Randy Sharp)

Some walls are made of stone

Sometimes we build our own

Some walls stand for years

And some wash away with tears

Some ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Somos El Barco

(Lorre Wyatt)


Somos el barco, somos el mar,

Yo navego en ti, tu navegas en mi

We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me

The stream s ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Song Of Peace (Finlandia)


This is my song

O gods of all the nations

A song of peace for lands so far away

This is my home, a country where my heart is

Here grew my hopes and dreams ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

State Of The Heart

(Noel Paul Stookey and Richard Kniss)

There are voices by my pillow, they remind me when to rise

And they tell me if my morning's under grey or sunny skies

And then they dedicate a r ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Such Is Love

(Peter Yarrow)

After all I've come to know me, and the ways of my heart,

And the young man that I once was would have torn our love apart.

When you're young and always looking at the ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Summer Highland Falls

(Billy Joel)

They say that these are not the best of times

But they're the only times I've ever known

And I believe there is a time for meditation

In cathedrals of our own

Peter, Paul and Mary

Sweet Survivor

(Peter YarrowBarry MannCynthia Weil)

You have asked me why the days fly by so quickly

And why each one feels no different from the last

And you say that you are fearful for the futur ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Take The Chance

(Peter Yarrow)

There's a little girl playing in the garden

She thinks that she's alone and no one sees

But the beauty of it all

As the daisy petals fall

Is the wish she's ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Tall Pine Trees

(Peter Yarrow)

Before I leave let me tell you why I'm going

And try to speak in such a way that you won't be afraid of listening

Too many words been spoke without no understanding

Peter, Paul and Mary

Tell It On The Mountain



Go tell it on the mountain, over the hill and everywhere

Go tell it on the mountain, to let My people go.

Who's that yonder dressed ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Eddystone Light

(Traditional, new words and music by Yarrow, Stookey, Travers)

Oh, me father was the keeper of the eddystone light

And he slept with a mermaid one fine night

From this union there ca ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

(Ewan McColl)

The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave

To the dark and the empty skies my love

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Fox

(Traditional, new words and music by Yarrow, Stookey, Travers)

Oh the fox went out on a chilly night

Prayed for the moon to give him light

For he had many a mile to go that night

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Good Times We Had

(Noel Paul Stookey)

Times have changed,

All the good times that we had are gone now;

Passed this way,

Only mem'ries will remain, tomorrow.

I thought my dreams woul ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)

(Peter Yarrow)

So I told him that he'd better shut his mouth

And do his job like a man.

And he answered "Listen, Father,

I will never kill another."

He thinks he's better ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The House Song


This house goes on sale ev'ry Wednesday morning

And taken off the market in the afternoon.

You can buy a piece of it if you want to

It's been good to me if it' ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Kid

(Buddy Mondlock)

I'm the kid who ran away with the circus

Now I'm watering elephants

But I sometimes lie awake in the sawdust

Dreaming I'm in a suit of light

Late ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The King Of Names

(Peter Yarrow)

There's a man goin' 'round takin' names,

Well there's a man goin' 'round takin' names.

He took my father's name,

And he left my heart in pain,

There's a ma ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Last Thing On My Mind

(Tom Paxton)

It's a lesson too late for the learnin'

Made of sand, made of sand

In the wink of an eye my soul is turnin'

In your hand, in your hand.

Are you goin' ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Love In You

(N StookeyEB StookeyJulianKniss)

My Momma told me at the age of seven

Everything that's good in life is a gift from heaven

And since we met, I'd have to bet that's true

There a ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Other Side Of This Life

(Fred Neil)

Would you like to know a secret, just between you and me.

I don't know where I'm goin' next, don't know where I'm gonna be.


But that's another sid ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Song Is Love


First of all,

I would like to say a word or two,

I know you won't be thinking this applies to you,

But it's true, and it do.

All y ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

The Unicorn Song

(Margie Adam)

When I was growing up my best friend was a unicorn

The others smiled at me and called me "crazy"

But I was not upset by knowing I did not conform

I always thought ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

There But For Fortune

(Phil Ochs)

Show me the prison, show me the jail

Show me the prisoner whose face is growin' pale

And I'll show you a young man with so many reasons why

There but for fortune, g ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

This Land Is Your Land

(Woody Guthrie)

This land is your land, this land is my land,

From California, to the New York Island,

From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters,

This land was made fo ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

This Train


This train don't carry no gamblers, this train.

This train don't carry no gamblers, this train.

This train don't carry no gamblers,

no crap shooters, no midnigh ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Tiny Sparrow


Come all ye fair and tender ladies,

Take warning how you court your men.

They're like the stars on a summer's mornin'

First they'll appear and then they'r ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Too Much Of Nothing

(Bob Dylan)

Too much of nothin' can make a man feel ill at ease

One man's temper might rise, while the other man's temper might freeze.

In the days of long confessions, we can not mo ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Union Medley

[You Gotta Go Down And Join The Union Put It On The Ground Union Maid We Shall Not Be Moved Which Side Are You On?]

You gotta go down and join the union

You got to join it by yo ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Very Last Day



Everybody gonna pray on the very last day

Oh when they hear that bell a-ring the world away

Everybody gonna pray to the heavens on the judgement day.< ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Virtual Party (See_You@Party.Net)

(Noel Paul Stookey, Elizabeth B. Stookey, Dave Tkachuk)

It's 11 o'clock in the evening - I'm barefoot -

And I'm logged-on to the INTERNET.

I usually pickup my e-mail in the afternoon ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Wayfaring Stranger

(Robert DeCormierPeter YarrowNoel Paul StookeyMary Travers)

I am a poor wayfaring stranger

I'm traveling through

This world of woe

And there's no sickness, no toil or danger

Peter, Paul and Mary

We Shall Overcome

(Peter Seeger, Zilphia Horton, Guy Carawan, Frank Hamilton)

We shall overcome, we shall overcome,

We shall overcome some day

Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe we shall overcome some ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Weave Me The Sunshine

(Peter Yarrow)

They say that the tree of loving

Shine on me again

They say it grows on the bank of the river of suffering

Shine on me again, and


We ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Wedding Song (There Is Love)

He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts

Rest assured this troubador is acting on His part.

The union of your spirits, here, has caused Him to remain

For whenever two ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Weep For Jamie

(Peter Yarrow)

The other side of Jamie's door is aching loneliness.

One, two, three, four,

she dances with the ancient fears,

with porcelain smiles and wetless tears,

Peter, Paul and Mary

Well, Well, Well

(Camp Gibson)


Well, Well, Well, Who's that callin'?

Well, Well, Well, Hold my hand.

Well, Well, Well, Night is a-fallin',

Spirit is a-movin' all over this land ...

Peter, Paul and Mary



Jimmy McGregor, hey, Jimmy, come here!

Jimmy you son of a gun!

What 'cha been doin'? How long has it been?

Hell, seven years if it's been one.


Peter, Paul and Mary

When The Ship Comes In

(Bob Dylan)

Oh the time will come up when the wind will stop

And the breeze will cease to be breathin'

Like the stillness in the wind 'fore the hurricane begins

The hour that t ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Whispered Words

(Peter Yarrow)

Whispered words and promises we made when we were wed

Thank you, Love, for meaning what you said, what you said

Thank you, Love, for meaning...

Each of us ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Wild Places

(Peter Campbell)

Silence slips between us, solitude complete

The stillness clear and close as heaven's door

The earth beats out its rhythm, in slow and perfect time

Counterpoin ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Would You Like To Learn To Dance

(Steve Goodman)

Would you like to learn to dance?

Well I can show you how

Gotta book here, all you need to know

We can draw the Arthur Murray patterns right here on the floor.< ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

Yuppies In The Sky

(Tom Paxton)

As I went out one evenin' down Columbus Avenue

All the sushi bars were shuttered, dark cantinas too

And I stood there in the darkness,as an empty cab rolled by

The ...

Peter, Paul and Mary

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