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Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл Брэдли Джеймс НоуэллАмериканский музыкант, солист и гитарист калифорнийской группы 'Sublime'

40oz. To Freedom

You got your hair permed,
you got your red dress on,
screamin' that second gear was such a turn-on.
and the fog forming on my window
tells me that the mornings here
and you'll be gone befor ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

5446 That's My Number/Ball And Chain

o you believe I would take such a thing with me, and give it to a police man? I wouldn't do that, mmhmm, I wouldn't do that
if I did that would you say 'sir come down and put the charge on me?' I ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл


When you grab ahold of me,
you tell me that I'll never be set free.
but I'm a parasite,
creep and crawl I step into the night.

Two pints of booze.
Tell me are you a badfish too?
(are you ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Don't Push

tolen from an Africa land,
chased out with a knife
with a face like
Bob Marley
and a mouth like a motor-bike
Oh well the bars are always open,
and the time is always right
and if god's ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Get Out

'It's 8:05, this is Phillis in the office. The cat is out on the patio. If this happens 1 more time, your butts are in the street. I am sick and tired of your activities, and your cat, and your untru ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Let's Go Get Stoned

swear sometimes your taking me for granted.
I swear sometimes that your a whore.
I swear but I know there ain't no reason
'cuz everything is such a bore
Last night I had a dream, lord it made ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Live At E's

esterday I saw a whore
lookin' out for more
while she makes my body aches
when I walk in then I say:
Well (uh)
I'm on the mic doin' (uh)
the things you like and I'm (uh)
pleasy G and I' ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

New Thrash

I've got so much trouble on my mind that it feels if like I'm always sleepin' with the enemy,
but I know the real world always gets the last word in,
that's why I gotta kick reality
So don't tea ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Scarlet Begonias

As I was walkin' down rubadub square
not a chill to the wind but a nip to the air
from another direction she was caught in my eye
It could be an illusion but I might as well try
might as well ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Smoke Two Joints

(she was living in a single room with three other individuals. one of them was a male and the other two, well, the other two were females. God only know what they were up to in there. and furthermore ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Waiting For My Ruca

'punk rock changed our lives' (dog barking)good boy, good boy, good boy

On the East side,
that's where I met my Ramona,
'I wanna go to a party,'
that's what she said,
'Lonely, that's ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance

arly man walked away as modern man took control their minds weren't all the same to conquer was their goal So he built his great empire and he slaughtered his own kind He died a confused man killed hi ...

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

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