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I gaze at the moon and it is staring back at me
I wonder if she could ever feel the pain I feel
Alone now I stand, is this the beginning of the end
I'm not quite so sure what all this sorrow was ...


All I Could Ever Be

You thought you knew what I was all about
A smile on your face but you're drowning in lies
You stole my heaven and put me through hell
One of us must go down, well I'm not the one

They tried ...


Beyond The Lies

We walk through the fields of insanity
And life it seems has passed you by
Dark open wounds, caressing your soul
Never ever sane again

In laguhter, in sorrow, we share all of life's seasons



What would you say if I threw it all away
The life that I lead could it be more surreal

Searching my mind in the order to find some sense of reality
I fear that I am beginning to lose what's l ...


Blind Leading The Blind

In empty words the truth is spoken
Caught in a web of lies the silence is broken
Believing all just take it for granted
Deep down within your mind the seeds that have planted

You live your li ...


Children Forlorn

Welcome to this tortured place of life
Where the truth os locked behind the doors and swept aside
We are the ones that are born to face this hell
What will become of our future, only time will te ...



Hiding in the dark, afraid of the light
Impossible it seems, to make it through the day
Hunger takes its toll, my strengh is fading fast
The scent of blood awakes my lust
The hunt has just begun ...


Confess My Sins

Forgive me father, for I have sinned
But that's just my way and I know I will win
Years spent in waiting for final attack
My powers are stronger there's no turning back

When you stand at the ...



Have you ever seen a sun shine at night?
Have you ever seen a star in sunlight?
Do you sleep when the wolves are free?
Or do you lie awake thinking how will it be?

I?m not the kind of person ...


Death Denied

Our lives are taken too much for granted
And it seems we've lost the answers
The wheel of life, we live then we die
But now I'm trapped between the oceans
And I'm losing all emotions
The future ...


Don't Hide Your Eyes

Don't hide your eyes from the mystical lies
Don't run away when it's better to stay
Keep on your fight don't stop until it's right
Dreams never die so don't hide your eyes

Can we answer the q ...



Drifting away, to the place where I belong
I see the night transforming into dawn

Tonight I sleep beside you for the last time
Make sure that you won?t hear me leave

Slipping away, into th ...


Edge Of The World

A journey without end, it seems like forever
We have walked alone
So maybe soon will know
Whatever future adventures lies ahead

Under the rainbow, beneath the sun
Tonight I wonder will all b ...



On a storming winter's morning
When the snow was falling like diamonds so bright
They want for her, my precious angel
My heart's now dressed in darkest black
With the silence of the nightfall
I ...


End Of The Line

The winds of tomorrow, blowing hard today
I see the ruins of the world I used to know
I hear the liars, and their words of deceit
Never-ending stories of their false prophecies

One glory day ...


Far From Heaven

You have shown me the stars tonight
Yet I can still see shadows in the light
Dimensions of time are hidden in the sky
The stars are falling I'm always wondering why

The wind of ice has embrac ...


Final Requiem

Like a ship on the ocean, trying to find the wind to her sails
You are lost in confusion, trapped by the walls of hate

Turn back the hands of time
Write your own destiny

Step into the fire ...


Infernal Angel

Born from the sun in an unholy bond
Between night and the day the creator has failed
Blessed by the light and cursed by the dark
This unification will soon leave it's mark

Banished from heave ...


Inside Your Mind

A broken soul on the edge to insanity
Not knowing right from wrong or what is true or false
Making up your own rules of how to live your life
Don?t you ever ever think about anyone else?

Insi ...


King Of Tragedy

Magic rides to the future king
The Gods of war sent all their sins
While the dragons still flying
He saw his warriors dying
Forever he keeps his heart warm of desire and hope
Fighting the shado ...


New Revelations

Far away from twilight I'm searching for my soul
But still I can't find what I've journeyed for
All the distant places I've passed along my way
They seem to be fading with the remnants of the day ...


Norther Sky

I walk in the moonlight far away from the cities roaring sounds
A walk in silence underneath the starlit sky
The glorious landscape that opens up right before my eyes
The hills and the valleys th ...


Pagan Ritual

Men all dressed in black, forming a circle around me
Alone I am standing there, naked, inside the ring of fire
Caught between two different worlds, hexed by a spell
Left somewhere in time
Draine ...


Perpetual Twilight

Just as I predicted it would go
We will never see the light agaion

Is this what we all believed in?
Our future has lost it's meaning
And will be put to sleep

Now it all seems so clear
We ...


Run Or Hide

On that rainy night, when the angels tears were falling
I saw it for the first time
Coming out from the dark
With it?s evil smile and it?s wicked ways
Growing stronger as the night is falling
A ...



From the dawn of time, the strong have always ruled the weak
Like a knife in the back the promises they made
Never fullfilled you?re always betrayed

But now the time has come
For you to rise ...



Thousand miles away I see the light of day
A day that knows no tomorrow
Distant memories are buried in the past
They only bring me, pain and sorrow

A story not yet told
Facing a wall of sile ...


Seeds Of Evil

In this empty space, all alone in here, am I dead or alive
Feel the terror surround me, I wish I had never been born
Looking up to the sky above, hoping for some change
But life is never that eas ...



Four hundreds of years they have strived to be free
From oppressions of the enemy

Riding with the spirits, guiding their way
Through the magical mist that surrounds them

Living life as simpl ...


The Burning

In the darkest of all ages, there was a wondrous child
Growing up she found herself been blessed with a second sight
Skillful in the art of healing, curing sick and blind
But how could she know t ...


The Cross We Bear

Take the time to realize what we have done
We're standing on the edge of desperation
We've been blind by staring right into the burning sun
Yet pray to Heaven's might for our salvation

It see ...


The Divine

I call out to the enchantress why, why?
We have crossed the line between what's right and wrong
what's right and wrong

In the name of the one that stands alone
Through torture and pain
Comes ...


The Fallen One

He?s running out in the night, being watched by the damned
He is running from the light, as fast as he can

Watch as the sun is going down
Darkness will enter this world

Is someone in the s ...


The Hide

Another day in a life full of fear
You're screaming out your anguish
The sense of knowing the reaper is near
You captor walks beside

You are the only one for him
Until the end of time
You i ...


The Sands Of Time

In a time when the world has gone completely powermad
We find the way to paradise written in the sands of time

Waking up to another day, with a strong will to survive
Searching the past, for t ...



Once again you try, but again you fail
You feel the blood on your hands and all the tears you shed
The needle stings within seconds they're gone
A life so easily ended, but is this really right a ...


Under Black Wings

Born into fire, rise up in hell
Hunting the storm always something to tell
Innocent child who?s damned from the start
Searching a dream away from his past

But his memory was all he could see



When the sun sets the night embraces your soul
The demon in you mind comes alive
Dark shadows dancing on the walls all around you
No lack of imagination, this cannot be real

So take hold of t ...


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