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If I don't see tomorrow
What would be left to say
So many precious moments
Got lost along the way

If love is all that matters
It's all we leave behind
Hold on to each other
While we st ...

Ронни Ван Зант

At Least I'm Free

Look into the mirror
Are you scared of what you see?
Tell me how can you stand yourself
When you've been lyin' and cheatin' me?
You took the last of all my money
Took the shirt right off my ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Baby Get Blue


Let me tell ya baby!

You've got me in a mood
So take me to your school
Say bye-bye to the rules
Bye-bye baby

Your body's givin' me
Too much for my eyes to see
I want a taste ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Been There Done That

I've seen the devil,
Stared him straight in the eyes.
Danced in his fire on my darkest nights.
Laid in his garden an' I drank his wine.
Slept with temptation to laugh at salvation:
It almos ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Black Bottom Road

In the part of town
You don't wanna be found
Everybody knows better when the sun goes down
As the fog rolls in
You never know where you've been
Cross that line to another world

Black Bot ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Brother To Brother

We might disagree
Sometimes it's just you
Sometimes it's just me
We can't break the chain
So we must bare each other's pain

It's the livin', the dyin'
The life and the cryin'
That brin ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Can't Say It Loud Enough

Some people think that a lie ain't a lie
If you find enough fools to believe it
My daddy said that the truth is the truth
And there just ain't no space in between it

We're all searchin'
Fo ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Downright And Dangerous

See him ridin' around with his pickup truck
And a rebel flag in the back
He's got a wad of chew stuck in his mouth
And a shotgun in the rack

He's gonna head on down to the Forrest Inn
Wher ...

Ронни Ван Зант


Friend, since I can’t remember when
Seems like forever we’ve been together
Hey, how long has it been?
Friend, I hope you know that you’re my hero
Never once thought of yourself
Always there ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Get What You Got Comin'

Trouble and pain are one and the same
When luck runs out, well it's all about, yeah
When hard times are hard at the end of the day, yeah
You'll get what you got comin'

There's a whole lotta ...

Ронни Ван Зант

I Can't Help Myself

I've been lost in the darkness for so long
I can't see the light
I've been strung out, burned, left out, and hung out to dry.
So I say to myself that I wanna get better
Hidin' from the truth, ...

Ронни Ван Зант

I Know My History

I was a freckle-faced kid with a buck tooth grin.
I was cuttin' her grass when she asked me in.
Learned everything that I needed to learn,
When I was sixteen, know what I mean.
Whoo, ooh, ooh, ...

Ронни Ван Зант

I'm A Want You Kinda Man

Hey Baby - whats this world coming to
Hey Hey Baby - what about me and you

Oh uh hey lover - say about makin plans
Hey hey hey Baby - how does this story end

Hey yes I am
I'm a want you ...

Ронни Ван Зант


She tied me up with conversation
I never shoulda let her in
I guess I must've been too friendly
Now she's out to do me in
Do me in

Is it all Imagination?
Yeah it's all imagination

I ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Is It For Real

Look back what do you see?
Heroes, down on their knees we've deserted
Somewhere we lost the flock
Now just look what we've got
Was it worth it?

So you're a movie star
A billion dollar de ...

Ронни Ван Зант

It's All About You

I see it in your face
I know you’re working hard
Kid’s screaming, phone ringing
Twenty five hours a day
Doing what you do

You drive the kids to school
Try to go to work
Cars stopped, g ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Livin' A Lie

You get high everyday
Chisled out of the marked man on your grave
Throwing blood, you're half dead
If you don't hear those voices, they're gonna get you yet
You don't care, man what you do
D ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Lovin' You

I've tried Tequiila, tried Mary-Jane.
It got me no-where, it just drove me insane.
Single dumb an' stupid, baby, wasn't I a fool?
Ain't nothin' better than lovin' you.

I've meditated ...

Ронни Ван Зант

My Friend

Since I can remember when
Seems like forever
We've been together
Hey how long has it been?

I hope you know that you're my hero
Never once thought of yourself
Always the ...

Ронни Ван Зант

My Kind Of Country

I like to speak my mind, say grace at supper time
I’m just a dot on the map
Ain’t scared to take a stand for this little piece of land
Don’t make me take you out back
Tattoos, sweet tea, NASCA ...

Ронни Ван Зант



Wind spins like the devil
Wraps around your home
Tears you from the roots out
Throws you like a stone
Well it...
May not be the first time
May not be the last

Standing in the ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Plain Jane

Ah, tell 'em about it Donnie.
Here we go.

She's a waitress at her corner,
Always dancin' nine-to-five.
Well, she ain't no supermodel,
But I'm here to tell you, she's fine, (Ha, ha.)
She ...

Ронни Ван Зант


Let me loose
Set me free
I've been burning
There's no way back
Where I come from

Bottled up
Shaken out
No eyes of shadow
On the ground
Time's run out
Luck's ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Right Side Up

It was a bad day in the mirror
There I stood the livin' dead
When I saw the face so familiar
Hoverin' like a voice over my head
It took me back to that October
I was playing to the crowd
I ...

Ронни Ван Зант

She's Out With A Gun

Cold steel, tucked out of sight,
Bullets speak louder than words.
No tears, fallin' tonight,
Oh this time she's gonna be heard.

She's done, closin' her eyes,
To a stranger that he's become ...

Ронни Ван Зант

Show Me

I've been burned
I've been hurt
I've been kicked to the curb
'Cause I'm more than a little hard on this world

Feeling more peace for me
Then I like what I see
Say you ain't just a danger ...

Ронни Ван Зант

That Was Yesterday


You said it, but didn't really mean it
One too many times
If I'd been looking
I would have seen it comin'
Could have saved myself some time

You say this time it's different
But ...

Ронни Ван Зант

These Colors Don't Run

I got Ol' Glory hanging out in my garage
And one on the chrome post flying in my yard
I got a patch on my jacket - says 101st
And a sticker on my bumper says don't mess with her


Ронни Ван Зант

Things I Miss The Most

I swear I gave up drinkin
Sometimes I have no choice
After singin' hard six nights straight
A little sip sure helps my voice
Dont get me wrong, I love these songs
And I know I've got it made ...

Ронни Ван Зант

We Can't Do It Alone

I wear this cross ‘cause I believe
He shed His precious blood so I’d be saved
And daddy had a gold one just like me
And when he died he wore it to his grave
He said don’t you cry son ‘cause in ...

Ронни Ван Зант

What's This World Coming To

If I died
God knows why
Anyone should hurt this much inside
Gone so deep
Gone so far
Every breathe we break now just leaves scars


What's the world coming to
Without me? Without ...

Ронни Ван Зант


I'm the kind of man that loves all the girls
From debutantes to honky-tonk queens
I've tasted every brand all around the world
But all I see are peaches in my dreams
I'm talkin' 'bout, I'm tal ...

Ронни Ван Зант

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