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Am Pain

As for pain come to me
As for pleasure leave me
Legendary suffering you shall see
Is it not enough for you to see the torture
Must you still put your life on trial

So take a look at yourself ...


Anguished Scream (For Vengeance)

Will I ever find myself again
Will I ever feel your presence here again
Just as long as you let me try to heal
Could you show me what`s inside your mind

Is there something you should tell me ...


Beast By Design

Eyes looking at me, through my own
Will we belong will we stand, in despair
Lost in seduction we run, on our own
Winning and losing life's games, isn't it nice

Pain starts with me
Take my ha ...


Bleed Yourself

As you reach for the gun and look into my eyes
As you enter the darkness and prepare to search your mind
Could I be more specific
I need you to open your eyes
This is not the way out
You`ll hav ...


Blood On My Hands

This is your life
You`ll never wake up
It`s not a dream
Wellcome to the end of your destiny

Your last warning has reached you now
Oppose me again and I will hurt again
I don`t need to accep ...


Cage Of Remembrance

Inside your mind it dwells
the secrets of your past
Now you suffer inwardly, yet so silently
You fight the morning light
that shines in through the wall
Then it strikes you in the dark
There i ...


Cast Life Into Fire

Tension is what you look for
What you crave and what you live for, but couldn`t find
The power it will provide and give you
Is enough for a mortal man

Cast life into fire
This is the end my ...



Life as it is, is not enough
There is much to be done
And behold, twist of fate
Increasing hate

Hey mother chemistry
What have you got for me
I need a shot, a kick, a dirty flick
I'm on fi ...



In a time where chaos rules the world
We should collect and not dismiss
We just destroy ourselves with the needs we have
Why can`t we all just wake up

Man`s craving for dominance
Is what wil ...


Dead Mans World

Take a good look at me
Tell me what do you see
Can you see me at all
I push, but you don`t seem to fall

I do not cast a shadow
I feel nothing, so hollow, why?

Still you refuse to find ou ...


Devil May Care

In the midst of the madness, all hope lost
Chances of achieving no longer an option
Suddenly it all comes together
What you've been expecting
and fearing the most is finally here
You didn't thi ...


Home Sweet Hell

Do or die, is the best choise you have
Make or break, do you think it'll wait for you
Face the facts, take a shot at what you want
Make it work, it'll never come to you

Is this all, is there ...


Illusions Of Evil

From the dark pits of hell
Rises a new breed of warriors
Prepared after 2000 years of sleep
The last battle was lost and the book of lies was written

See now finally what you have created
Il ...


Journey Into Black

The wind blows the falling leaves
As we wonder where do they blow
I stand on a hill gazing to the black skies
Wishing to follow the wind where it blows
To see what`s beyond
Beyond the color of ...


Mind Apart

I never went inside my mind to see
If there was anyone else in there but me
I have feeling that there's someone there
Sucking life, taking the best of me

Emotions running high
Guess I'm soon ...


Objects Of Desire

An ancient evil centuries old has awakened in the form of the wicked
They use their beauty and their insatiable lust as a potent lifeforce
They become the objects of insane desire
But their kisse ...


Of Hate We Breed

One thought, needless to say
The action do repay
Someone out there filthyminded is digging up graves of the hated
To strike them again
Blow away the funeral dust

Souls forlorn
From darkness ...


Off The Grid

Over the top
You may belive that something's
coming after you
But it aint what it seems
Over the top
You run and think that someone's
gonna get you now
But there's no one there

Facing the ...



Come along for the ride
Don`t waste anymore time of your life
Foolin` round with your endless shit
Going crazy, going blind
Is this the way you wanna live
Looking back at worthless times
With ...


Situational Awareness

Born with tragedy in your blood
Conceived by accident, no destination

Gimme just a second to change the rules
Gimme just a moment to turn it all around
Affiliation with the likes of others
m ...



A sculpture constructed for the perfect system
Not knowing your true origin
You wander through life as instructed
Not knowing the end of it all
The entity has written your life
Showed you your ...


The Bitter Man

As you roam deep within the twilight
What do you see
No lights fortold of and definitely no peace for you
Now this is your sad story I`m about to tell

Tolerance, forgiveness
Was a lacking ab ...


The Bounty Hunter

Someday, somewhere
I`m gonna catch up with you
Someway, somehow
You`re going down

You may believe you`re gonna get away
But you can`t hide from me
I`m all around and I`ll find you
Don`t th ...


The Coming Of A Darker Time

Every given time is a gift
Use it well
Your sporadic venture (is due to loss)
Awakening pressure roams the surface
End of the line
It renders down to nothingness

Hymn to the sacred as far a ...


The Coming Past

I ride the storm
I've gotta be cool
There's something wrong with me
As I try to be everything
Never should've left my mothers womb

Step aside for the genocide I'm a lonley man who's mad
I a ...


The Hellchild

A vow to he who is the maker
The father of Candarian demons
The father of sins and sinners
Guardian of dense forests

And we as his children will obey every word
With chains around feet and h ...



Hey, what are you looking for
Who do you think you are
I can't belive my eyes
Me, is it me you want

We are sent here to operate
on your body and your soul
And then they come
with their nee ...



My time is near I will rule again
So what is your defence this time
You will try to defeat me once again
But your precious words will ricochet off of me
You`re going blind as I lurk around you



You that walk in the night
You are afraid of the light
From a glorious, fearless knight
To a shadow of a man, beaten in a fight
Once granted the power of steel
The promise you made, never to kn ...


Years Of Infinity

Have you come to deliver
a message from home
Or are you here to devour
what's left of me
have you come to deliver
a message from base
Or are you here to devour my secrecy

Taking guns away ...


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