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All My Life

I didn't know just where to find it but I knew what I was missing,
I didn't know just what it felt like but I knew that I would want it,
Love that would love me in spite of myself and know my hear ...

Mad at the World

All The Lonely Sheep

It's you, and you're caught up
In a vicious, endless game
Some people call it love
Some people call it pain
And so you walk and wonder
In a mind of hope and dreams
And the love that you ad ...

Mad at the World

All These Questions

Is the light of Heaven shining bright or slightly fading?
Say it to me once again; I can't hear what you're saying,
Jesus, can you hear me when I'm on my knees and praying?

And the pain from t ...

Mad at the World


Sorrow's in your eyes tonight,
Pain in the skies tonight,
Love and peace moved next door,
Joy and God gone forevermore,

She has left me for another man,
Something that I can't und ...

Mad at the World

Always Be My Love

I had an empty place, and you were there with your smile and with your care,
And I had a broken heart from long ago; you understood and wouldn't let me go.

And love was only pain that left me dr ...

Mad at the World

Another One Is Fooled Again

She closed her eyes and then she listened, just like the way she used to do,
Pulled that shell up to her ear, but the only thing she hears: a little voice that says she's nothing, (a voice that neve ...

Mad at the World

Back To You

There once was an ugly old man,
And in the way of love he'd stand,
And he wouldn't be a friend to anyone except himself,
And in the days of the ugly man's need nobody ever even heard his plead, ...

Mad at the World

Bad Motives

Is it going to last forever?
Our vicious need for vanity
We applaud and cheer as others bleed
Because they were our enemies
Smiling as they die

If I hold a gun or own a mob
Have I become ...

Mad at the World

Ballad Of Adam And Eve

Long ago when the world was young and nobody understood the way a man and a woman could be in love, the way they should,
He was sad, he knew that something was missing, but soon Adam would see a wom ...

Mad at the World

Chance Of Luck

(No luck there)
(Go an make some money)
(Make some money)

Mystery game, is that what we play?
You get a new turn every day
Nobody loses, nobody wins
You're taking your chances just to be ...

Mad at the World

City Of Anger

There is a place inside where we shouldn't go, it's where the anger lives 'til it overflows,
It's like being someplace when you can't get out,
It's like no one hears you even when you shout,
It' ...

Mad at the World

Dancing On Your Grave

God has created you & set you in this place
& left you with a choice to make
But how long will you wait?
Inside you know it's true
But is it getting thru?
If only you knew where you' ...

Mad at the World

Don't End Your Dreams

When you were young, and didn't know the way to be so cynical, it didn't hurt to think about tomorrow,
But as the day go on and on, the lack of nothing seems so strong,
But a little faith can take ...

Mad at the World

Don't Give Up

Don't give up, soldiers, you're almost there,
Don't give up, believers, you're almost there.

'Cause you're in a land where no one seems to care,
Jesus cares, and he wants to hold your hand.


Mad at the World

Draggin' The Chains

I'm a running man hiding in the streets, but I've got no plan, no promises to keep,
So here I am: spinning 'round in every direction,
I hear that voice calling from above, but I've made my choice: ...

Mad at the World

Eyes Of Heaven

'Round and around and 'round we go,
Life is a Ferris Wheel,
I love the ups, I'll take the downs - it shows me what is real,
And then I hear you say you'll never go away, you gotta know that mean ...

Mad at the World

Faith Is A Perfect Road

Turn to the left. & you might cry
Or turn to the right & maybe you'll die
Life's a game of win or loose
But don't complain, it's up to you to choose

The winds of the world, are blowi ...

Mad at the World

I Don't Want To Go There

Show me that you love me, and show me that you care,
Give me the right to say, today, that I don't wanna go there.

No, I don't wanna go there.

Hold me...hold me closely; I'm lonely for a fri ...

Mad at the World

I Want To See Heaven


I am torn between two kingdoms
I am fighting with my soul
I want to live, I want to love
And Heaven is my goal

Still I'm cursed with being human
Trapped inside this sin and hate
I ...

Mad at the World

If I Can Dream

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere,
Got to be birds flying higher, in a sky more blue,
If I can dream of a better land where all my brothers walk hand in hand, tell me: why, oh, why, ...

Mad at the World

If I Lose My Way

Where is that Heaven I was heading for?
Once I could see the path, I can't no more.

But if I lose my way I can call on your name, and then you bring the light of day and you shine it down on me ...

Mad at the World

If You Listen

Sorrow in their eyes,
Chasing anyone,
Burning like the blazing sun.

The demons are calling to the souls of millions and the demons come back if you listen.

They want your innocence,
The ...

Mad at the World

Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing?

Three-letter word, it rules the Earth I've heard,
No, it's no 'Luv', that's not what I'm thinking of,
Husband and wife together all their lives, 'til he chose her instead 'cause she's eighteen, ...

Mad at the World

It Can't Rain Forever

You are here
I am here

You are here, I am here
We go on year to year with more tears
You hate life, so did I
But I can't live that again, it's a sin

I remember when
We were ...

Mad at the World

It's Not A Joke

Today I opened up an old card of mine and read the words that used to make me feel so fine,
But if you'd ask her now about the things she wrote she'd only laugh at herself.

But it's not a joke,

Mad at the World

Jesus Lead Me

Don't leave me all alone; I need you by my side,
Don't ever let it be that you're not close to me.

And when I fall down on my face, I'm weak again,
Then you love me back to grace,
You unders ...

Mad at the World

Living In The Shadows

Little one, who has lead you here, where heartache flows like a water hose?
All those colours, that once were hue, have changed to nothing but black and blue.

Living in the shadows of the emptin ...

Mad at the World

Lost In The Forest

Well, I've been wandering too far in where the trees of pleasures grow,
Deep into this forest, yeah, I feel the wind begin to blow,
I hear the voices calling me, but which way do I go?

I'm los ...

Mad at the World

Lovelight In The Midnight

How can evil control our sinful appetites?
Look at all of the souls in shipwrecked ocean night
I'm trying to make it thru a world-unholy
The valley of death has a shadow to bear
Inside of my h ...

Mad at the World

Mad At The World

All the children that we used to know
Holding knives at their wrists and their throats
'Holy Savior, can You still be found?'
Is there hope for the human race left to be found?

Human passi ...

Mad at the World

Marshmallow Land

Alright, yeah.

In a marshmallow land with plastic smiles, synthetic styles, like a guessing game,
Where there's trees and a cool breeze, but no one can please me in this place,
Where hearts do ...

Mad at the World

No Mistakes

It makes me sad when I think of you
Cause what they've told you just isn't true
You weren't included in the plans they made
And one time they said 'You're a mistake'

But it's not mother or ...

Mad at the World

No More Innocence

In your little mind you see the crime
The script is written line by line
You're so aware of everything
That's going on in there

Written down by your consent
You have control of each event

Mad at the World

No Room Left

Now, you're filled with information
Passes an educated mind
Are you a living demonstration
Of how a human can be blind?

There's no room left for God in your mind
There's no room l ...

Mad at the World

No Secrets

Something's in the closet, it scares you so,
Something that nobody else could know,
Let me tell you something you need to know...

There's no secrets, from God, you can hide.

Now you're sin ...

Mad at the World

Not The Same

I was living like a zombie, had the curse of sin upon me,
And I couldn't see the light, I was dying in the dead of the night.

But now I'm not the same,
No, I'm not the same since you called my ...

Mad at the World

On The Stage

On with the show,
Dim the lights,
Take your seats,
And, oh yes, did I mention that our shirts are in the back?
No, no more wait,
We would hate to keep you late, so everybody show the band a ...

Mad at the World

Promised Land

When the world is making me insane, I hide inside a city in my brain where flowers rain 'til we feel no pain, and fire rushes through my veins,
Follow me, I'll show you where I'm going.

Come on, ...

Mad at the World

Puppet Strings

I'm working on your mind
I'm working on your brain
It's subtle but it's true I'm controlling everything
Pulling the puppet strings
I tell you what to do
I tell you what to say
There is no ...

Mad at the World

So Insane

Don't ever put your brain on the runaway train, 'cause it won't be coming back,
It's going faster now than it ever did, because it's running on downhill tracks,
The wheels are turning on the cold, ...

Mad at the World


Sun shining bright,
Honest light glows on this day,
On this day.
Trees are green,
All is clean at this perfect park,
All is well, yet...

This day means loneliness to an ...

Mad at the World

That Lonesome Road

I'm travelling down that lonesome road,
My head is heavy and my soul's so cold,
And it feels like Satan's waiting there for me,
He lives on the end of this one-way street,
On the end of this o ...

Mad at the World

The Dreamland Cafe

Got nowhere to go, you got nothing to do - let me help you,
I can show you the way to a place you can stay, if you want to,
It's something in you heart like a tiny little seed,
Say a little pray ...

Mad at the World

The Love

Good evening, howdy do?
I'm very pleased to tell you: you don't have to be sad,
There is someone to talk to.

Some say, 'Prayer is a waste of time,' but prayer is all you need,
Some are see ...

Mad at the World

The Love That Never Fades

I am a man of hope and hopelessness,
I live between the love and bitterness,
My will is fighting against itself, and it hurts me to see,
So many times I'm weak when I should be strong,
I wanna ...

Mad at the World

The Narrow Road

I felt so cold and so afraid, I got down on my knees and prayed, 'I'm a hopeless man unless you take me back,'
'Cause I was on that road that leads to where the soul will die in deep despair,
I ...

Mad at the World



Between these walls you're thrown, between these wall you stay,
You can't eat or drink unless you hear me say.

Trapped like an animal, 'til you loose the chains,
Chains, yeah.


Mad at the World


Creator of Earth & Heaven
Why am I filled with question?
Defeated in my spirit
One empty man desiring you plan...

& so I will wait,
& though my heart aches
Nothing can cause ...

Mad at the World

When Life Has A Plan

Would you believe that I love you?
Oh, would you believe that I care?
Would you believe if I told you, oh, God really cares?
He cares.

Life is a wonderful thing when life has a plan,
Trust ...

Mad at the World

When The Wind Blows

Time's all we need, so they say,
But does love ever go away?
Will it light the darkness that falls around us?
Still, we only have one thing left we can say: 'Leave it all behind us and go our s ...

Mad at the World


There's a little boy on my street
& his name is Johnny
& all the other little boys like to tell him
That he looks funny
So they laugh at him & he cries
But what has he done that ...

Mad at the World

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